Remember that you have greeter responsibilities both before and after each service.



If you can’t serve, please contact another greeter to arrange a swap or fill-in (see ministry schedule at Contact Ginney in the church office and Ben Frost ASAP with details of your change. If you cannot find a replacement, contact Bettye Harris for assistance.

Try to be in place and ready to greet 15 minutes before the service starts. Wear a greeter badge (found in middle top drawer of greeter’s credenza) and wear your nametag. (Return the greeter badge to the credenza drawer after the service.)

Identify the Shepherd on duty at the visitor’s table when you arrive, introduce yourself, work together as a team, and back each other up if needed. [Note: There should be two greeters assigned to each main service. If you’re missing your greeting partner when you arrive, try to locate and recruit another greeter who might be able to assist. When present, Bettye Harris and Jay Hendricks are always happy to help].

Stand close to either side of the front doors while greeting (rather than further into the foyer); don’t turn your back to the entrance. When the weather is pleasant, consider standing just outside the front doors. Please be very intentional about speaking to and welcoming each person who enters, making a special effort to spot visitors and newcomers. This requires that you keep your “third eye” open for guests and not get distracted or engaged in lengthy conversations with friends while you’re greeting. Try not to let anyone “get by you”.

Invite visitors to sign our guest book and walk them to the Shepherd at the visitors table. Although Shepherds will field most inquiries, be prepared to direct folks to restrooms, nursery, Sunday school classes, water fountains, parish hall, coffee, and to assist anyone who needs to use the lift.

At the start of the service, one or both greeters should remain in the foyer for an additional 5 - 10 minutes to greet late-arriving visitors.

Look for visitors during the service, when the Peace is passed, and when the service ends. Check with Ushers about new faces they may have spotted.


At the end of the service (but before the dismissal), the Clergy need both greeters to exit the sanctuary and stand in the narthex, one next to each priest (i.e. shoulder-to-shoulder). Make your presence known to the Clergy; help greet worshippers as they exit; point out to the Clergy any visitors you have identified; be ready for the Clergy to “handoff” any newcomers to you to escort to the visitors table.

Thank you so much for all you do!

Feedback, questions, and suggestions are always welcome.