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Dec. 2 through Jan. 6

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Activity calendar for
Advent & Christmas

St. Catherine's home

Advent & Christmas Reflections
by the Parish of
St. Catherine's Episcopal Church, Marietta, Georgia

Prayers and best wishes for a blessed Advent and a merry Christmas
to you and your loved ones from the people of St. Catherine’s!

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Dec. 2
First Sunday
of Advent
Dec. 3
Dec. 4

Dec. 5

Dec. 6
Dec. 7
Dec. 8
Dec. 9
Second Sunday
of Advent
Dec. 10
Dec. 11
Dec. 12
Dec. 13
Dec. 14
Dec. 15
Dec. 16
Third Sunday
of Advent
Dec. 17
Dec. 18
Dec. 19
Dec. 20
Dec. 21
Dec. 22
Dec. 23
Fourth Sunday
of Advent
Dec. 24
Christmas Eve

Dec. 25
Christmas Eve
Dec. 26 Dec. 27
Dec. 28
Dec. 29

Dec. 30
First Sunday of

Dec. 31
New Year's Eve

Jan. 1
New Year's Day
Jan. 2 Jan. 3

Jan. 4
Jan. 5

Jan. 6
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Thank you to all who contributed to this collection, especially:

Becky Beal, Sally Benton, Martha Bowden, Mandy Brady, Carl Bright, Swiss Britt, John Brooks, Keith Dumke, Sandy Fantz, Sarah Fisher, Jason Gardiner, Elizabeth Garrett, Jim Greene, Joe Greene, Alison Harris, Jeff Harris, Tom Hunter, Bill Ivey, Lisa Johnston, Karen Kraeger, Karen Manno, Marcia Markette, Katja Michael, Pat Pepper, Chris Potter, Jan Potter, Harriett Pyburn, Randy Satterfield, Margaret Shaw, Anne Willcocks, Stephanie Yucius

Calendar of Activities at St. Catherine's in Advent & Christmas

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  • Advent marks the beginning of the Church Year. It begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends at sundown on Christmas Eve.
  • This Advent we enter into Liturgical Year C, which emphasizes the Gospel of Luke.
  • Advent is the season of waiting for Christ to be born again. It is also the season of longing for the Messiah to come again at the end of the age.
  • The Advent wreath is lit during the four weeks prior to Christmas to represent the light of God coming into the world. Four outer candles represent the four weeks before Christmas, as well as the four centuries of waiting between the Old Testament prophet Malachi and the birth of Christ. The inner candle is lit on Christmas Day and represents Christ as the Light of the World.
  • The word “advent” comes from the Latin word “adventus,” which means “arrival” or “coming.” During the liturgical season of Advent we prepare ourselves for the arrival of Christ into our lives by remembering his humble birth and by looking to the future when Christ will come again at the end of time.
  • The word “Christmas” means "The Christ Mass," where we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Incarnation of God. The first recorded observance of Christmas occurred in Rome in 360 AD.
  • The Christmas season begins at sundown on December 24 and lasts through sundown on January 5, which correlate to the Twelve Days of Christmas.
  • The liturgical color for the season of Advent is blue, to symbolize anticipation and expectancy.
  • The liturgical color of the days of Christmas is white, to symbolize the joy and celebration of Christ's presence in the world.
  • On January 6, the twelfth day after Christmas, we celebrate Epiphany, when we remember the visit of the Wise Men who recognized Jesus as the Messiah. "Epiphany" means “manifestation” or “revelation.”