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Activity calendar for
Lent through Easter Day

St. Catherine's home

Lent Reflections complete booklet

“Seeking God In Darkness and In Light”

Reflections on the Season of Lent 2018
by the Parish of
St. Catherine's Episcopal Church, Marietta, Georgia


Blessings for a holy Lent and a joyous Easter to you and your loved ones from the people of St. Catherine's!

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Introduction by Mother Sarah Feb. 14
Day 1
Ash Wednesday
Feb. 15
Day 2
Feb. 16
Day 3
Feb. 17
Day 4
Feb. 18
First Sunday
 in Lent
Feb. 19
Day 5
Feb. 20
Day 6
Feb. 21
Day 7
Feb. 22
Day 8
Feb. 23
Day 9
Feb. 24
Day 10
Feb. 25
Second Sunday
 in Lent
Feb. 26
Day 11
Feb. 27
Day 12
Feb. 28
Day 13
Mar. 1
Day 14
Mar. 2
Day 15
Mar. 3
Day 16
Mar. 4
Third Sunday
 in Lent
Mar. 5
Day 17
Mar. 6
Day 18
Mar. 7
Day 19
Mar. 8
Day 20
Mar. 9
Day 21
Mar. 10
Day 22
Mar. 11
Fourth Sunday
 in Lent
Mar. 12
Day 23
Mar. 13
Day 24
Mar. 14
Day 25
Mar. 15
Day 26
Mar. 16
Day 27
Mar. 17
Day 28
Mar. 18
Fifth Sunday
 in Lent
Mar. 19
Day 29
Mar. 20
Day 30
Mar. 21
Day 31
Mar. 22
Day 32
Mar. 23
Day 33
Mar. 24
Day 34
Mar. 25
Palm Sunday
(Sunday of the

Mar. 26
Day 35
Mar. 27
Day 36
Mar. 28
Day 37
Mar. 29
Day 38
Maundy Thursday
Mar. 30
Day 39
Good Friday
Mar. 31
Day 40
Holy Saturday
April 1 - Easter Day
Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

Thank you to all who contributed to this collection, especially:

Frances Bowden, Martha Bowden, Carl Bright, Swiss Britt, John Brooks, Rebeccah Devault, Keith Dumke, Sandra Fantz, Sarah Fisher, Jason Gardiner, Jim Greene, Alison Harris, Jeff Harris, Tom Hunter, Bill Ivey, Elizabeth Ivey, Lisa Johnston, Tina Kerr, Ellis Kilgore, Bill Krupp, Elizabeth Lopez, Karen Manno, Marcia Markette, Katja Michael, Daniel Mikkelsen, David Moore, Sally Paris, Jenna Parker, Pat Pepper, Chris Potter, Jan Potter, Harriett Pyburn, Randy Satterfield, Margaret Shaw, Linda Smith, Jason Snape, Phil Spessard, John Thompson-Quartey, Anne Willcocks, Stephanie Yucius

Calendar of Activities at St. Catherine's
We Welcome You

* - nursery available

During Lent

  • Ash Wednesday, February 14 -- Holy Eucharist (H.E.) and Imposition of Ashes, 7 am, 12 noon, 7:30 pm*
  • Sunday regular worship schedule -- H.E. at 7:45 am; H.E. at 8:45 am *; Christian Formation, 10 am *; H.E. at 11:15 am *; Breakfast at 8:30 am on 1st & 3rd Sundays
  • Wednesday Night Live Youth Program Feb. 28, Mar. 7, 14, 21 -- fellowship 6:30 pm and program 7:00-8:00 pm
  • Sundays, Feb. 18 - Mar. 25, 10-11 am ... Adult Formation series: “Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John”
    The Gospel of John attests to the fact that God is love. His love for us is boundless, grace-filled, and eternal. Using conversation and journals, our journey together in Lent will explore this love.
  • Saturday, Mar. 3, 11 am - 3 pm … Workshop: “Planning for the Future: A Preparation Day”
    Advance directives; Funeral planning. Featuring Metta Johnson, RN BSN, Certified Aging Life Care Manager, and CEO of Metta Johnson and Associates. Suggested $12 donation for lunch and snacks. Registration required, contact Becky Adams in the church office, 770-971-2839, by February 27. Need not be a St. Catherine’s member to attend.
  • Wednesdays, Mar. 14 & 21, 7:00-8:30 pm … Workshop: “Faith, Money and God: Writing Your Money Autobiography”
    Mother Sarah and the Stewardship 365 Committee invite us to explore the often-complicated relationship we have with our money. This two-week session will invite you to reflect both alone and in a small group on your money history and will help you write your money autobiography.
  • Saturday, Mar. 24, 9 am - 1 pm … Lenten Quiet Day: “Embodying Stillness as We Prepare to Walk Holy Week with Jesus”
    Worship, yoga, clay, the labyrinth, simple chants and silence. Suggested $12 donation for lunch and snacks. Registration required, contact Becky Adams in the church office, 770-971-2839, by March 16. Need not be a St. Catherine’s member to attend.
  • Special outreach opportunities: Rice Bowls collection (ingathering Easter Day); Atlanta Hunger Walk/Run Sunday, February 25

Holy Week - March 25-31

Watch for announcement of additional special observances for this week:

  • Mar. 25 -- Palm Sunday -- Liturgy of the Palms + H.E. 7:45 am, 8:45 am*, 11:15 am*; Christian Formation 10 am*
  • Mar. 29 -- Maundy Thursday --
    6:30 pm - Children & Families Maundy Thursday Experience
    7:30 pm
    - Maundy Thursday Liturgy, Holy Eucharist, Foot Washing, Agape Meal, Stripping of the Altar
    9:00 pm to 9:00 am - All-night Sacred Watch prayer vigil at the Altar of Repose
  • Mar. 30 -- Good Friday --
    9:00 am - Morning Prayer to end the Sacred Watch
    12:00 pm - Outdoor Stations of the Cross
    7:30 pm - Good Friday Liturgy
  • Mar. 31 -- Holy Saturday --
    10:00 am -
    Holy Saturday Liturgy
    7:30 pm - Great Vigil of Easter

Easter Day - April 1

  • 7:00 am - Sunrise Outdoor Eucharist with Jubilate Choir (rain or shine)
  • 8:00 am - Breakfast
  • 8:45 am - Festival Eucharist with Choristers Choir *
  • Reception + Children's Easter Egg Hunt immediately following 8:45 am service, approximately 10 am (no Formation)
  • 11:15 am - Festival Eucharist with Chancel Choir and brass ensemble *
  • Reception immediately following 11:15 service

© 2018 St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church, a parish in the Diocese of Atlanta
Cover artwork ©Martha Kelly


  • Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends at sundown on Holy Saturday. The season of Lent spans forty days excluding Sundays, since Sundays are considered Days of the Resurrection.
  • On Ash Wednesday, ashes are placed in the sign of the cross on our foreheads as a sign of our mortality and acknowledges our belief in Jesus as our Savior. At St. Catherine's the ashes are made each year by burning the palm fronds saved from Palm Sunday the previous year.
  • The word Lent comes from the translation which means “spring,” or from the Old English word “lencten,” which means “lengthen” because at this time of the year in the northern hemisphere the amount of sunlight is lengthening during the day.
  • Among the early Christians, the time of Lent was the forty days of preparation for Baptism which was held during the Great Easter Vigil.
  • The number forty is significant in Scripture and usually symbolizes discipline, fasting, testing and separation prior to a new beginning:
    • In the story of Noah it rains for forty days and nights during the Great Flood.
    • Moses communed with God on Mount Sinai for forty days before receiving the Ten Commandments.
    • The people of Israel wandered in the desert for forty years.
    • Elijah journeyed for forty days before he reached the cave and had a vision of God.
    • Jesus fasted for forty days in the wilderness.
    • There are forty days between Easter Sunday and the Feast of the Ascension, when Jesus ascends to heaven.
  • The colors of the seasons:
    • Purple is the traditional liturgical color of Lent which symbolizes repentance, royalty and self discipline.
    • Black is the color of mourning and is used on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
    • Red is used on Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday which signifies Christ's passionate love for humanity.
    • White is the color of Easter, symbolizing joy and celebration of Christ’s resurrection.