The people of St. Catherine's seek to share in the love that Jesus Christ has for us and the world by welcoming, accepting, nurturing, and serving all people through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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The Newsletter of
St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church, Marietta, Georgia
May 10-23, 2010

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Wheel Schedule


5/12, 19 – WNL

5/15 – Cats on Wheels @ Piccadilly Cafeteria

5/16 – Last day of Sunday School; Graduates recognized; Praying For Pars golf; Pilgrimage information meeting

5/20 – CRAVE Your Goals

5/23 – Pentecost; Bishop’s visitation

5/30 – Summer worship schedule begins; Parish Picnic


What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This quotation from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet often comes to mind when people ask me, “What would you like to called?” The answer to that question is one I have been wrestling with for all of my ordained ministry. My usual reply is, “You may call me Susan” It is my baptismal name and the one that God knows me by.” However, many people wish to use a name that is not so familiar. If I were a man, there would be no quandary. We are accustomed to calling a male priest Father. The logical corollary for a woman priest is Mother, but Mother Susan has never felt right to me. That is what the nun in charge of a convent is called, and that is certainly not my vocation. I have suggested that people could call me Father Susan, but I am aware that this can be confusing, especially for children.

Last week at the Women’s Retreat I was in conversation with Liz Rea, who told me their associate rector has asked people to call her Amma. (The early Desert Fathers and Mothers were called Abba and Amma.) “That’s it!” I cried. “That’s the name I’ve been looking for all these years.” So, if you wish to use a name less familiar than my given name, please call me Amma Susan.

Amma Susan+

Time & Talent Pledge – your input requested by June 4!

Who has Time? Who has Talent?

By Mark Blythe

Welcome to St Catherine’s 2010 Time and Talent Season! We welcome all… we urge all of our gifted congregation to explore the many ministries that St Catherine’s has to offer. Below you will find a link to St Catherine’s 2010 Time and Talent Pledge Card. Upon entering the password you will be invited to prayerfully consider your precious volunteer time and varied talents you can offer to our parish as you view the many, many opportunities our church has to offer. For some this is an individual pursuit, for others a family endeavor. There is something for all no matter the circumstance. As you review these offerings, remember that some are part of our church spiritually and some physically. We acolyte, we sing in choirs, we read lessens…we also cut our grass, mend our roofs, and weed our gardens. Some choose one activity, some two or even more. We look forward to your varied participation!

For the 2010 Time and Talent Pledge form go to this secure webpage:
and enter the password: stcats2010

If you prefer to fill out a printed copy simply call the office at 770-971-2839 or pick one up in the foyer near our resource table in the atrium. We suggest you complete the form referring to your copy of the 2009 Ministries Directory (distributed at the Ministry Fair or available at church) for information about each of the ministries.

WNL through May 19

Wednesday Night Live dinner and programs continue each week. We will conclude for the school year on May 19 with a cookout evening including worship in our outdoor worship space. Our schedule is Early Program for young families 5:00-5:45 / Evening Program for all ages 6:30-7:30 pm. Dinner is 5:45-6:30 — be sure to make meal reservations weekly in the Opportunities For Ministry in your bulletin or contact the church office by Tuesday.

Summer’s coming –

Sunday, May 16

  • Last Day of Church School
  • Graduates recognized at all services -- names due by Sunday, May 9
    We will recognize all graduates, preschool through graduate school, at services this day. Please fill out the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin or contact Rose Wolfe at with the graduate’s name, grade & institution, and if a high school graduate what their post-graduation plans are.


Pentecost, May 23 – WEAR RED!

  • Readers needed for Pentecost

Pentecost this year is Sunday, May 23. Our custom during worship this day is to have people read one of the lessons in as many languages as possible. If you speak any foreign language or sign language, and are interested in participating, please check the Opportunities for Ministry form in your bulletin or contact Rose Wolfe in the church office, We will provide you the translation by mail or email ahead of time.

  • Visitation from Bishop Whitmore

Have you ever wondered about the Bishop’s hat (the mitre)? Some people say the pointed hat is symbolic of the tongues of flame that descend on the heads of the apostles on Pentecost (probably not) but it sure does make a great story for the day of Pentecost, May 23, when the Assisting Bishop of the Diocese of Atlanta, the Right Reverend Keith Whitmore makes his visitation to St. Catherine’s. The mitre is the liturgical headgear and part of the insignia of a bishop: a shield-shaped hat made of satin with two fringed ribbons (lappets) hanging down from the back. Bishops wear their mitres in procession and when pronouncing episcopal blessings.

Bishop Whitmore will don his mitre in procession at the 8:45 and 11:15 am services. We are planning a special intergenerational event (at 10:15 am) between the two services to experience together with Bishop Whitmore the giving of spiritual gifts which we celebrate on Pentecost. Amidst balloons and windsocks we’ll hear a story, build a representation of our gifts and reflect on how God calls us forth into the world to use the gifts He’s given us. It should be a time of joy and celebration – we hope everyone will plan to be with us no matter the worship service you choose that morning.

Later that morning, following the 11:15 am worship, we will have a reception honoring Bishop Whitmore to which everyone is invited. Following the reception, the Bishop will meet with the Vestry and Clergy to discuss the state of St. Catherine’s. It will be a glorious day! So dress up in your Pentecost red outfits and join us to celebrate the conclusion of the Great Fifty Days of Easter and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

See photo of Bishop Keith below in this newsletter, attending the "Discovering Sacred Space" conference here on April 24

Sunday, May 30

  • Summer worship time change
    - 8:00 AM Family Holy Eucharist
    - 10:30 AM Choral Holy Eucharist
  • Parish Picnic at noon, following 10:30 AM worship

"Praying for Pars" golf

Are you the kind of golfer that "prays for pars"? If you are like most of us "hackers" then we invite you to join us one Sunday per month through October. Let's go to the early church service together and eat breakfast in the Parish Hall, before heading out for a 10:00 am tee time. Please confirm your participation by the Sunday one week before each outing. Each person is responsible for their own greens fees on that day. To get started, please sign up on the Opportunities For Ministry in your bulletin or contact Walt McGill,, 770-971-8890.

Golf date

Reserve by

May 16

May 9

June 13

June 6

July 11

July 4

August 15

August 8

September 19

September 12

October 10

October 3

Cats On Wheels activities coming up

By Alan Certain

Cats on Wheels is St. Catherine’s social networking group for the young-at-heart who are old enough to join AARP (although AARP membership is not required). Contact Alan Certain (as below) to get on the mailing list for all our activities.

Luncheon Saturday, May 15

May is another odd-numbered month, so we will have our usual Dutch-treat luncheon the third Saturday, May 15. The private dining room at Piccadilly (536 Cobb Parkway, Marietta, GA 30060, south of the Big Chicken) is reserved for us from 11:30 until 1:00. Just go through the line and join our friends (or be the first!). No reservation required. Just be there!

Booth Museum Saturday, June 19

Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 19. That day, we’ll leave the church at 10:00am and travel to historic downtown Cartersville, the home of the Booth Western Art Museum. Admission is $8.00 for people born before World War II ended, $10.00 for Baby Boomers. There is a café inside the museum and a couple of nice restaurants in the neighborhood. The museum closes at 5:00pm, but we’ll head home sooner if a majority get worn out earlier. At 120,000 square feet, the Booth is the second largest museum in Georgia (after the High). With an emphasis on modern Western art, you will experience the western USA through the eyes of artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. In the Enduring Traditions Gallery, however, you will find works by early masters such as George Catlin, Charles M. Russell and Frederic Remington. Other permanent exhibitions include Western Art, Civil War Art, and Presidential Art. Visit to learn more about the museum and its exhibits.

So we can plan for transportation, please RSVP by checking the Opportunities for Ministry form in your bulletin, or contact Alan Certain,, 404-661-2200.

"CRAVE Your Goals"

Thursday, May 20 7-9 pm

Five steps to reduce stress and be more positive, focused and productive— We are living in a time of intense change and transition. We might be looking for a new job, learning new skills, developing healthy habits or shifting into retirement. It's easy to be stressed and lose focus. Tricia Molloy, a professional speaker, mentor and author of "Divine Wisdom at Work: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs," will show us how to capitalize on the power of our subconscious mind and life-changing principles to achieve our goals. You'll learn simple strategies for success by following the five-step CRAVE system:

  • Clean Out the Clutter to create the clarity and space you need
  • Raise Your Vibrations (your feelings and emotions) to maintain a positive attitude
  • Affirm Success to remind you what you know to be true and counter negative messages
  • Visualize your goals through a three-step process
  • Express Thanks to focus on what’s going right and show appreciation to others for supporting your success

Please join us in the Parish Hall. The program is open to all including the community, no charge, so bring friends and neighbors. For information about our speaker visit This is a special presentation to the community by St. Catherine’s Career Ministry.No charge and no RSVP, so see you there!

Pilgrimage 2011

Information meeting May 16

Come to the information meeting in Parish Hall on Sunday, May 16, 4-6 pm, to learn about all our plans for this exciting opportunity. St. Catherine's 2011 pilgrimage to Turkey, "The Second Holy Land—Paul’s Missionary Journeys" will be March 26 - April 8, led by Father Jim. Here are a few of the trip’s highlights:

We arrive in Kayseri, Turkey in the heart of Cappadocia to view the fairy chimneys formed through years of erosion. We’ll visit Selime, Goreme and Zelve. There will be an opportunity for an optional hot air balloon ride over this magnificent landscape. We will enjoy a performance of the world famous Whirling Dervishes.

We travel to Konya. Saint Paul and Saint Barnabas delivered sermons here. We will continue to Pamukkale to see the ruins of the Roman baths. St. Phillip was martyred here in 80 AD. We drive to Aphrodiasis. The archaeological site is huge and the ruins are breathtaking. We visit Selcuk and see the ruins of the Basilica of St. John. The grave of St. John the Divine is located here. We will visit Mary’s House, thought to be the last home of the Virgin Mary, Ephesus, and the Double Church of Mary where we will celebrate Holy Eucharist. We’ll take a free day at a resort to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

On our journey to Istanbul we visit Bergama ( Pergamum), Acropolis, Asklepieion, and the ruins of the ancient library. We continue to Nicaea and Iznik. In Istanbul we will visit Topkapi palace, Kariye Museum, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia. And of course we will enjoy some unique shopping experience in the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market.

Estimated pricing for this trip is $2,999 from Atlanta per person double occupancy ($599 single supplement), plus estimated $400 air taxes and fuel surcharges. For the complete itinerary, cost details and reservation form visit the web page at

Quarterly Ministry Teams Meeting

Tuesday, June 1, 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall

All committees and ministry teams – be sure to have a representative of your group at this very important meeting, as we develop the plans for St. Catherine’s 50th Anniversary year-long celebration beginning this fall. Ideas are needed both for what has been accomplished during the past 50 years and also what we hope to do in the future—who we are and who we will become. All are welcome to join us and learn about ministry at St. Cat’s.

Foyers Finale Party

Sunday, June 6

If you are part of a Foyers group or would like to know more about being part of a dinner group for next year, please join us for the Foyers Finale Party on Sunday June 6, 5:00 pm at home of Tom and Maureen Donoghue. Please bring a side or a dessert to share. RSVP by checking the Opportunities for Ministry form in your bulletin, or contact the Donoghues at 770-973-9776.

"Foyers" is a long-standing St. Catherine's tradition of dinner groups of 6-8 people which meet one a month during the school year on a rotating basis at members' homes. It is a wonderful night out for couples and singles of all ages, and a great way to get to know fellow parishioners better than just a friendly hello in church.

The Catechumenate… Cat-e-What?

By Amma Susan

In the fall, the Catechumenate, a.k.a. Inquirer’s 501, will be offered for people new or old to St. Catherine’s who may be interested in adult Baptism or reaffirming their Baptismal vows through the sacraments of Confirmation, Reception, or Reaffirmation. Like the more familiar word, catechism, catechumenate (pronounced: cat-eh-que-men-at) comes from the Greek word meaning to "sound in the ear." Through the catechumenate the church tells the story of our faith to the ears of those new to Christ. The catechumenate is not a new process. Its roots go back to the early church.

During Christianity's first centuries, the church had to stand its ground in the religious marketplace alongside many other religious and philosophical traditions vying to be heard and to attract adherents. The church had no choice but to grow Christians from scratch. When Christianity became an established and favored faith, the catechumenal process faded away. During the long era when Christianity was the official religion of the Roman Empire, the lines between church and state became blurred and baptism became as much a sign of social status as of Christian discipleship. This rush to be baptized caused the church to shorten the time of preparation (once three years long) until baptism could be had almost on demand. As the generations of those raised as believers grew, nurturing the children of Christian families, rather than conversion, became the primary means by which congregations grew. Adult conversion and baptism were eventually replaced by infant initiation. Until recently, this approach worked well for the European and American church. But now many people are brought up with no Christian background at all. The modern secular state and culture neither support nor favor religious faith of any kind. Once again, the church is one among many competing voices in the religious marketplace. The church again has the task of making Christians from scratch as those seeking a deeper faith enter our midst.

Adults need time to learn, to discern, and to count the costs before making a decision to seek Christian initiation. The catechumenal process provides the time needed for seeking and inquiry which may go on to conversion, faith formation and baptism. In the catechumenate, adult seekers are invited to join the Christian venture of encountering scripture; praying; worshiping; growing in faith; engaging in ministry; and discerning the call to baptism. The process is also open to those already baptized, who may be seeking to reaffirm their baptismal vows through Confirmation, Reception or Reaffirmation.

“Food For The Poor” speaker coming

Sunday, June 13

Please join us on June 13 to hear The Very Rev. Thomas C. Chesterman speak at both services (8:00 and 10:30 am) about a ministry providing direct relief to the poor throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Father Chesterman will share what he has witnessed about Food For The Poor’s mission to care for the destitute as a means of living out the Gospel mandate to love one another.

Father Chesterman was ordained for the Diocese of California in 1957. Before preaching on behalf of Food For The Poor, Fr. Tom served as pastor in parishes in California and as Dean of the Cathedral of St. Michael in Mexico. For information about Food For The Poor please visit

VBS – afternoons June 21-25

Register now!

Our Vacation Bible School will be roaring with fun June 21-25, 1:00 – 4:00 pm as we go on safari exploring the Lord's Prayer with songs, games, crafts, and snacks. VBS is open to children ages 4 (by July 1) through rising 5th graders.

The cost is $25 per child if paid by June 11, $35 if paid after this date. Registration forms are available in the foyer or download a form now from our website at

Youth & adult volunteers needed! Want to join a fun and once a year ministry? If you have interest in one of the areas like crafts, games, music, Bible themes, snack or decorations please sign up now on the Opportunities for Ministry form in your bulletin or email

Country Fair returns & volunteers are needed

By Kristin Blackstock and Molly Banco

For the past two summers, St. Cat’s has hosted the Country Fair (not to be confused with Rally Day Fair). This event will take place every Sunday this August between the 8 am and 10:30 am services It is meant to be fun for all ages (intergenerational). The County Fair offers three to four centers/activities focused on a specific parable each Sunday.

This is where volunteers come in. A committee will involve individuals choosing a parable or Sunday to focus on. Two to three volunteers work on a Sunday together. The group brainstorms about the 3-4 activities that will fit the parable. You do not need to be in town to attend the Sunday you assist with. The activities are not elaborate, this is meant to be light-hearted fun. This committee generally meets 2 times and some work is done on your own time. The committee tries to determine center activities during their two meetings. Work done on your own time may include finding activities, purchasing supplies (with money from the church budget) and preparing supplies. This is an easy short-term event to volunteer for and helps you meet a lot of people. If you are willing to check out this committee please heck the Opportunities For Ministry in your bulletin or contact Kristin Blackstock,, 770-971-2649.

Flowers & Candles – dates available

Thank you to all who have signed up to provide flowers and candles to adorn our sanctuary during 2010. There are still dates available to sign up in thanksgiving for or in memory of a person or occasion. Please check the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin which lists the next open dates coming up, or the complete year chart available in the office. And when you've signed up, please remember to submit a check for flowers ($60/ vase) and candles ($20) on or before your scheduled date. Your donations are the only funding for these ministries and we appreciate your contributions.

We would like to remind those who might not yet have signed up but are interested, that we invite you to go together with friends or family to sponsor a vase of flowers. The sponsorship for candles or vases of flowers for any date is NOT limited to one or two persons or families.

Stewardship writers wanted

The Stewardship Committee is looking for a few good "pens." If you’re a writer with a passion for stewardship, consider becoming part of a rotation for our Year Round Stewardship. Themes are Stewardship of Self, Environment, Resources and Relationships. To find out more please check the Opportunities For Ministry in your bulletin or contact Alison Harris, 770-998- 2953, or Juan Sandoval, 678-355-0722.

Holy Week and Easter 2010

Your generous offierings

Thank you to everyone for your very generous giving during Holy Week and Easter this year. The offerings for the Holy Week services totaled $762.58 which will go to American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem for support of Saviour’s School, Zarka which integrates blind and low-vision students. The Easter offering of $4,493.63 will be divided among these funds as was announced in the Easter bulletins: 45% to MUST Ministries serving families and individuals in need in Marietta, Smyna and Canton/Cherokeee County; 45% to Episcopal Relief and Development for Haiti relief work; and 10% to St. Catherine’s Fund for Thanks Giving to serve those of our own parish in need of financial support.

At the Great Vigil of Easter, April 3

Photos by Connie Bergeron

Above & below: Gathering for start of the Great Vigil
All move to the Memorial Garden for the kindling of the new fire Bringing the light into the sanctuary
Baptizing as Christ's own forever! Deacon Kathy lights the candle for the newly baptized
Our acolytes Christ is risen!

Your photos wanted!

Your pictures are wanted of people & activities of St. Cat’s... receptions, trips, meetings, parties, at work or at play, any time! We’d like to use them in The Wheel, on the TV announcements in the foyer, on our website and more. Names of the people in the pictures are appreciated (last names of children are never released with photos). This is an ongoing need, so remember to copy us whenever you take a photo or two at any of our activities.

Please send digital files or links to online albums to Newsletter Editor Karen Manno,, or copy them to electronic media (dvds, usb drives, etc.) and place in her mailbox at church.

May Ministry Focus: Parish Life & Fellowship

This month we celebrate the life and work of our Parish Life & Fellowship Ministry Team. This Ministry Team is affectionately known as the “Fun and Games Department.” It is on the front line whenever food is part of the event—and very few events at St Cat’s don’t have food as a component of it! Whether it’s organizing receptions, WNL dinners, the Low Country Boil, Foyer’s Groups, picnics, the (infamous?) St. Cat’s sheet cake for baptism celebrations, or just coffee between services—some part of PL&F is there. The Fellowship Committee is an integral part of our group. We also maintain the supplies and organization of the Parish Hall and kitchen.

Photo, right: A little line dancing at last fall's Low Country Boil

We’re also involved in other areas of Parish Life: Cats on Wheels – for those who are eligible (or almost eligible) to apply for an AARP card (but it’s not a requirement); Young Families – those folks with younger children who want to get together socially, with and without their children; Foyers – groups of all ages who meet monthly for dinner and to enjoy each other’s company; men’s and women’s groups, Praying for Pars golf outings, and countless other activities which involve people who share common interests are all part of our “fun and games."

We’re always looking for more folks (men and women) to share the good times. We do like having fun! If you like to plan and /or participate in socially oriented events, we are the group for you. Check the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin or contact Joan Nixon – Ministry Team convener or any member of our team. We would love to have you join us!


"Discovering Sacred Space" conference successful

St. Catherine's was proud to host the "Discovering Sacred Space" conference at our facility on April 24, featuring speakers of national prominence. Thank you to Deacon Kathy for helping coordinate the conference, and thank you to all those who made sure our church and grounds were in tip-top condition for this event.

Br. Randy Greve, OHC and Bishop Keith Whitmore Lisa Persons speaks on "Sacred Space in the Home"


Cursillo Weekend May 13-16

Atlanta Episcopal Cursillo Weekend #64 will be at Camp Fortson in Hampton, Georgia (near Atlanta Motor Speedway). For an application to attend go to Questions? Contact Tanya Bowers-Dean, 404-943-1688 or, or speak to one of our clergy.

Young Adults of NW Atlanta — next gathering Wednesday, May 19

Attention all YOUNG ADULTS!! Interested in getting to know other Episcopalians your age around the northwest Atlanta area? Come spend an evening with other young adults (18-35, married & single) Wednesday, May 19 at 8:00 p.m. at Marietta Pizza Company on the Marietta Square ( 3 Whitlock Avenue SW,, Marietta , GA 30064-2321). We’d love to get to know you! Contact Sean Holder at 678-230-9214 or if you have any questions.


January 5, 2010
Dear [St. Catherine’s],

Thank you so much for your gift of $266.64. You contribution helps MUST during the recession to meet the unusual number of people who come seeking help and hope.

In the past 12 months, 29,000 people in our community have been helped by MUST’s ability to offer job training and placement, food pantries, financial assistance, summer lunch for 2,000 children, Loaves and Fishes meals (served 3 times a day), medical clinic, transitional housing, permanent sustainable housing, 6-week homeless shelter, clothing, computer lab, daily bread and sweets, classes, Toy Shop for almost 3,000 children, Thanksgiving meal for 2,000 and more…

Thank you for making Cobb and Cherokee counties stronger communities by helping your neighbors in need.

Rev. John R. Moeller, Jr., Executive Director, MUST Ministries

February 28, 2010
Dear [St. Catherine’s],

Thank you for [your] generous contribution of $2,674.70 to Episcopal Relief & Development. Your gift was designated for the Haiti Earthquake Response, which will help those suffering in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12 th…

Episcopal Relief & Development has been working in Haiti for many years to address issues of poverty and disease and repond to other disasters. We will continue to partner with the Church in Haiti as it assists people in rebuilding their lives and their country in the years to come. Please visit for more details about our response…

Please continue to pray for people impacted by the earthquake and all those we seek to serve worldwide. Your support of Episcopal Relief & Development is saving lives and transforming communities…

Robert W. Radtke, President, Episcopal Relief & Development

Holy Baptism

Next scheduled date: Sunday, November 7 (All Saints' Sunday)

Please contact the church office for information and the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.


FOR THE SICK: Sharon Parisi, Lillian Vu, Tom Carter, The Rev. Patty Roberts, Eddie Brewer; Emma, Gloria Johnson, Lavon Wiggins, Joshua, Eileen Motter, Jarrett & parents Jill & John, Miles Pearson, Betty Robinson, Beth Jordan, Greg Jordan, Tom Nichols, Lyn Nichols, Ellen Brandt, Nancy Evans, Arlyn Cook, Annabeth Hopper, Jack Hart, Karen Price, Jean Huffstetler, Bill Stephen, William Gaines, Shona Morris, Katja Michael, Marge Lowden, Mark & Cathy; Sherri Cromer, Richard Cromer, Judith Phillips, Naomi Morris, Ann Pagel, Jenny Powers, John Drives, Joe Tarentino, Suzanne Gardiner, Kim Michaux, Dick Kareken, Pat Pepper, Clifford Kutzbach, Sheila Naider, Zach Pope, Tom Herron, Bill & Barb Selby and his sister Sherry & family, Yvonne, Dianne Blackshear-Wood, Mary Hurd, Amy Taylor, Margaret Cowart

BEFORE SURGERY: Ron Brannock, 5/12/10; Beth Sandoval, 5/27/10

DECEASED: Pansy Selby, Bill Selby’s mother; A. Williams Bibbings, Vera Bibbings’ brother-in-law; David Clark, co-worker and friend of Frank Adams

PARISH CYCLE OF PRAYER: (5/9) Cary, Pam, Tate & Matthews Phillips; Judith Phillips; Vic, Paddy, Ian, Keely & Quinn Phillpotts; Ed, Tracey, Cody & Wyatt Pitts; Rod, Nadine & Zach Pope; (5/16) Chris, Jan, & Gene Potter, Arthur & Kelly Weissinger, Jessica Pierce; Sally Powers; Steve, Harriett, Connor, Bryce & Christina Pyburn; Monica, Travis & Marc Rader, Michael & Meg Reeves

BIRTHDAYS: (5/10) Ryan O’Neill, Elizabeth Blackstock; (5/11) M.E. Schnorf, Alan Carter, Karen Henderson, Jodi Gammon; (5/12) Chris Selby, Ken Minzenberger, Mary Lou Shannonhouse, Scott DeLaBarre; (5/13) Ginny Lummus, David Frank, Kristina Higgins, Mackenzie Ward, Brianna Ward; (5/14) Michelle Zimmerman, James Tanner, Suzanne Gardiner; (5/15) Dani Dickson, Ryan Olliffe, Maelin Alexander; (5/16) Hans Kraeger; (5/17) Alexander Ordway, Don Clark; (5/18) Rachel Bottoms, Luke Daniel; (5/21) Gordon O’Neill, Joan Thurston; (5/22) John Fulcher; (5/23) Alistair Seneviratne, Kathy Holman, Sarah Fulton

ANNIVERSARIES: ( 5/17) Emily & Nelson Gale; (5/21) Joe & Devon Parker; (5/21) Peter & Colleen Morich; (5/22) Norma & George Alexander; (5/22) Joan & Jim Nixon; (5/22) Bill & Beverly Fambrough; (5/23) Kevin & Robin Keith; (5/23) Melanie & Harrison Long

SPECIAL PRAYERS: Please pray for Pat and Suzanne as they open themselves to find a child to adopt.


Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

St. Catherine's Calendar

 Below is the next two weeks of events and activities. For the complete up-to-the-minute parish calendar, go to Calendar.

Monday, 5/10 Monday, 5/17

Susan’s day off
Men’s Book Study
B.S. Troop 713


Susan’s day off
Kneeler Project
B.S. Troop 713

Tuesday, 5/11 Tuesday, 5/18


Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting
PA&F Team
Mothers & More
PL&F Team

Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting
Wednesday, 5/12 Wednesday, 5/19


Bible Study
Preschool Board Meeting
WNL Program
WNL Dinner
Youth Choir
Daughters of the King
WNL Program
Adult Choir


Bible Study
Preschool Graduation
WNL Program
WNL Dinner
Youth Choir
WNL Program
Adult Choir

Thursday, 5/13 Thursday, 5/20
5: 00PM
Cursillo @ Camp Fortson
Preschool Staff Party
Men’s Bible Study
Men’s Bible Study
Crave Your Goals
Friday, 5/14 Friday, 5/21
Jim's day off
Women’s Bible Study
Jim's day off
Stephen Ministry Retreat
Saturday, 5/15 Saturday, 5/22

Stephen Ministry
Kitchen/Parish Hall
Cats on Wheels @ Piccadilly

Sunday, 5/16 Sunday, 5/23


Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
Church School - last day
Praying for Pars
Choral Holy Eucharist
Youth Leaders
Country Fair planning


Bishop Whitmore visit

Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
Intergenerational event
Choral Holy Eucharist


Youth Sunday May 9

Join us at 8:45 service this date to celebrate Mother's Day and Youth Sunday. The youth will be assisting with all functions including readers, ushers, greeters, music leaders and more. A special Gospel play will be a feature of the service. Thank you to everyone involved for their hard work in preparation!

Rite-13 Beach Trip to Panama City Beach

The Rite-13 Beach Trip will be June 4-6 to Panama City Beach, Florida. The weekend is designed to allow the Rite-13 class to get to know each other better by providing a fun, safe, weekend with lots of time for fellowship. All youth in the Rite-13 class are invited and encouraged to attend! This first weekend of travel helps prepare the Rite-13 class for upcoming events in J2A, the Urban Plunge, Urban Adventure, and Pilgrimage.

Don't miss this important first bonding weekend! The cost of the weekend is $175 and includes transportation, lodging, and all meals. Permission forms are available at church and were sent to the Rite-13 parents via email. Chaperones are the Rite-13 leaders and Youth Director Amelia Arthur. If you have any questions please contact Amelia at 404-273-9779.

Upcoming Events and Activities

  • May 16 — Last Sunday of Church School and Honoring our Graduates
  • May 23 — Pentecost and Bishop Whitmore's Visit
  • June 4-6 — Rite-13 Beach Trip
  • June 11-20 — YA Pilgrimage to Costa Rica

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