The people of St. Catherine's seek to share in the love that Jesus Christ has for us and the world by welcoming, accepting, nurturing, and serving all people through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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September 6 - 19, 2010

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Wheel Schedule


9/6 – Labor Day Holiday - office closed

9/8, 15, 22, 29 – WNL

9/9 – EfM begins;
Men’s Bible Study begins

9/12 – Worship times change;
Ministry Fair;
Foyers Kickoff;
YF pool party

9/13, 20, 27 – Caregiver Support Group

9/18 – Planting Party

9/19 – Church School begins;
Praying For Pars;
Turkey Pilgrimage meeting

9/28 – Elizabeth Inn laundry and dinner


An Invitation to The Journey

By Amma Susan+

Christian formation for initiation is a congregation’s work of teaching the Christian faith and life. The Greek word for this task and process is catechesis. St. Catherine’s is familiar with The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, our process of teaching the Christian faith and life to our children. The Journey, St. Catherine’s catechumenal (cat-eh-q-men-al) process, is simply an adult version of this period of formation in which we prepare adults for baptism, confirmation or being received into the Episcopal Church from another denomination.

The model for The Journey comes from the ancient church. There, the community and its leaders walked with people who were being drawn by the Spirit into the church and its way of life. Now as then, people seeking a deeper relationship with God in Christ need time to progress through a series of stages on their spiritual journey in order to decide if they are ready to receive the sacraments of baptism, confirmation or renewing their baptismal vows by being received into the Episcopal Church.

The Journey has four stages, each building on the stage that precedes it: Inquiry, Formation in Christ, Candidacy and Formation in Ministry. The Inquiry stage is the only one required for those who wish to be baptized, confirmed or received, but participants are encouraged to continue on to the following stages of Christian formation.

During the inquiry stage, St. Catherine’s invites seekers, just as they are, to come with their questions and stories and meet with others who are seeking a deeper relationship with God in Jesus Christ. In this stage the focus will be on the search for belonging, love and meaning. Through hospitality, friendship, listening, and telling about faith in daily life, members of the congregation will join inquirers in sharing their own life-stories, reflecting on their stories in the light of the stories of the Bible, learning more about the Christian faith and practice and helping inquirers to discern the answers to their questions.

The inquiry stage of The Journey will meet 7 times, beginning on September 26th through November 14th . Sessions are on Sundays from 1-3 pm with one Saturday “retreat” at the church on October 9th from 9 am – 4 pm. Childcare will be provided if needed.

You are invited to participate in The Journey. Space is limited to the first 20 who sign up, so register soon by checking The Journey box in the opportunities for ministry or by calling the office. The last day to sign-up will be September 12th at the Ministry Fair. If you would like more information, please speak with Amma Susan+ or Father Jim+.


More Books!

I've noticed recently that I have no more room in my bookcase for new books. So, inspired by Father Jim+, I too have books to offer to anyone who would like them. They are available on the small tables in the parish library. — Amma Susan+

Sunday, September 12: Worship schedule change and Ministry Fair

  • Service times change to fall schedule:
    Worship at
    7:30, 8:45, 11:15 am
  • Ministry Fair at 10:00 - 11:00 am — Join us in the Parish Hall to learn about all the many ministries of St. Catherine's, including Church School and other Christian education offerings this fall.
  • Church School begins the following Sunday, Sept. 19 at 10 am

Wednesday Night Live Dinner & Programs for everyone

Beginning September 8

Wednesday Night Live ( WNL) is coming back for the fall! Beginning September 8 St. Catherine’s will begin our Wednesday programs. Our adult program “Discovering God’s Vision” begins Sept. 15. We hope you can join us for WNL, it is a great break to the middle of a busy and stressful week! We will continue the schedule used last year:

  • 5:00-5:45 pm – Family program particularly designed for our families with young children. Adults will join Father Jim for a program. There will be nursery available for children up to kindergarten or age 4, and children’s activity for grades 1-5
  • 5:45-6:30 pm – Dinner for all ages in the Parish Hall. Remember, always make your dinner reservation by the Tuesday before each date you will eat with us, by filling out the Opportunities For Ministry in your bulletin, or call the church office (770-971-2839).
  • 6:30-7:30 pm – Adult, Youth, and children’s programs

EfM begins September 9

Education for Ministry (EfM) is a 4-year program by the University of the South which provides people with the education to discover how to respond to the call to Christian service. A new class begins at St. Catherine’s on September 9. We meet on Thursday evenings, 6:30 to 9 every week through the school year. A fee is involved, partial scholarships are available for those in need.

For information, sign up now on the Opportunities For Ministry in your bulletin or contact Jan Potter, 404-444-8627, or Chris Potter, 404-376-7430,

Men’s Weekly Bible Study begins Sept. 9

The men’s weekly evening Bible study begins Thursday, September 9. Our fall study will be on the Gospel of Luke. The group will meet every Thursday except Thanksgiving through December 9, 7:00 to 8:30 pm in the Conference Room. All men are welcome to join us. The only needs are: an openness to God speaking to you in the words of Scripture, companions to join us on the way, and a Bible. We use a Study Guide (cost $8.00, please read the first chapter before our first meeting). This study will be coordinated by Tom Snead and Jim Mattox. Please sign up the Opportunities For Ministry in your bulletin or contact Tom,

Planting Party – Donations of azaleas needed

Saturday, September 18, 9 am to noon

Join us for a morning of planting azaleas at the front entranceway. Please bring the small $1.88 size of any color azalea and we will plant them along the bank by the street near the Preschool sign. Then for years to come, the azaleas will be beautiful when they bloom in the spring. Along with the azalea, bring a shovel or a garden spade. For any questions, please contact Gail McGill.

Foods needed for MUST Pantry

MUST Ministries’ food pantry for the needy in our Cobb, Douglas and Cherokee communities is at its lowest food level in years and they need help. Their demands in the last month are over 200% from last year’s numbers and they are finding it extremely hard to keep up. St. Catherine’s Outreach will collect these foods all during the month of September, please bring donations to the Outreach Corner in the foyer:

canned chicken

canned ham


canned salmon

protein of any kind





dry milk


instant potatoes


tomato sauce

canned or dry beans


spaghetti sauce

canned spaghetti meals


boxed dinners

mac & cheese dinners


Young Families Pool Party

By Molly Banko and Suzanne McGhee

Summer isn’t over yet! Grab your towels, drinks and snacks and join us for one last splash on Sunday, September 12, 2 to 5 pm at the home of Cy and Courtney Cardona, 2701 Burtz Drive, Marietta, GA 30068. Please RSVP to Molly Banko at Hope to see you there!

Foyers Dinner Groups Kick Off Dinner September 12

By Maureen Donoghue

Mark your calendars! The Kick Off for a new year of Foyers will be Sunday Sept 12, 6 pm at the Donoghue's home. Foyers is a wonderful dinner group open to all adults who want to get to know others better than just a “hello” on Sunday morning. We meet in groups of 6-8 once a month from September to June. The host rotates each month with everyone bringing part of the meal. It’s a fun, inexpensive evening out with adult conversation and delicious food. Sign up on the Opportunities For Ministry in your bulletin or contact Maureen Donoghue,

Church School Offerings for Fall

Church School begins for all ages at 10 AM on Sunday, September 19



  • Infants

Nursery care is available for infants through age four. The nursery area is located downstairs in the Education building and is open at 8:30 AM on Sunday mornings. It remains open through the 11:15 AM service. Nursery care is provided by Stephanie Whitten, Amy Hunkler and Candy Jansen, two paid and experienced childcare workers. On occasion, additional assistance is needed and anyone interested in providing help is welcome.

  • Children’s Chapel

This program provides a time for children to hear and respond to the Gospel of the day in a “child friendly” setting. The children leave the 8:45 am Sunday Service during the Sequence Hymn and return at the Peace. Children’s Chapel is for all children who are interested and able to “still” themselves so they can hear God’s Word. The age range is usually from three to nine years old.
Adults and Young Adults are needed to assist with this group each Sunday, a schedule is provided once volunteers are identified. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the youngest members of our Community in Christ. Coordinator: Mary Lou Shannonhouse

  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: A Vision for Children

Register children now for Catechesis! --
If you have a child that is 2½ - 3½ years of age, we would welcome them into the Young Lambs. Please email Stephanie Yucius to register. Call with questions: 678-560-0456.
If you have children from the ages 3½ to 12 AND are NEW to St. Catherine’s, please contact Ana Martin to register your child,

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd at St. Catherine's offers Christian formation for children ages 2½ through 12. The Catechesis is grounded in scriptural and liturgical study framed by Montessori's principles of education. This allows children to hear the Gospel and absorb its message through the use of sensory-rich materials and the work of their hands. Our mission is to help our children form an authentic, loving, faithful relationship with God.

Schedule: Young Lambs at 10-11:00 am ; Level I, II, III at 10-11:15 am
We ask that children attend as consistently as possible. One presentation builds upon the last. Any less than three sessions a month and the child can lose the richness offered in this work.

Young Lambs Atrium – children 2½ to 3½ years old. The children will hear the Good Shepherd parable, learn about the Eucharist, work with Infancy Narratives, and enjoy Kingdom parables. The Young Lambs formation is based on the most essential elements of Level I formation with the addition of handwork that hones concentration, encourages contemplative silence, and prepares the child for prayer.

Level I Atrium – children 3½ years old through Kindergarten. Children continue on their journey of faith as they get to know Jesus through geography, parables, Infancy Narratives, Paschal Narratives, Eucharist work, and as they work with the liturgy materials. The credo of this child is "help me do it myself." Children select their own work and are given the time and space to work independently and without interruption.

Level II Atrium – First through Third Grades. The older child's thinking becomes more global, conscionable, and moral. Our focus therefore broadens. We begin to explore the History of the Kingdom of God , its unity and vastness, and see how God has made God's self known since the beginning of time. Through reflection on a variety of scripture texts and presentations of moments from our liturgies of Eucharist and Baptism, the children have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their faith through handwork with the materials and utilizing their developing skills in reading and writing.

Level III Atrium – Fourth through Sixth Grades. The children continue to explore themes of the History of the Kingdom of God with an added emphasis on the Plan of God and the gifts of discovery and inventions by human civilizations which help this Plan to be realized. This leads to a focus on the kind of work that God calls each person to do. Scripturally this exploration takes us into a deeper study of the prophets, Jesus' ministry, parables, and the virtues. In addition children deepen their understanding of the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Confirmation, and Anointing of the Sick.



St. Catherine’s uses the Journey to Adulthood curriculum for its youth program, in 2010-2011 for grades seven through twelve. The program falls into three distinct phases, each of which is two years in length: Rite-13, J2A (Journey To Adulthood), and YA (Young Adults). It is a program of spiritual formation for young people that provides a liturgical framework for their experience in our modern culture, celebrates their individuality and their creative potential, and instructs them in skills needed for successful adult participation in church and society. The program is based on two key concepts: (1) manhood and womanhood are gifts from God, and (2) adulthood must be earned. It includes in-depth exploration of self, spirituality, sexuality, and society. The Journey to Adulthood balances Bible study, prayer, and both serious and playful activities to nurture the whole person during the challenges of the journey from childhood to adulthood.

Rite-13 (Seventh and Eighth Grades) – The Rite-13 program assists young people as they take the first steps of passage away from their families and into their own lives. The liturgical celebration of the gift of womanhood and manhood is an integral part of this group’s curriculum.

J2A (Ninth and Tenth Grades) – J2A blends action and contemplation in teaching young people faithful living. To prepare them for adulthood, they learn six basic skills: active listening, negotiation, assertion, research and information management, partnership, and leadership. This program also helps them understand and affirm Christian living. At the end of this level, each young adult is given an opportunity to be confirmed and is acknowledged in the community as equipped for new levels of responsibility.

YA (Eleventh and Twelfth Grades) – The YA class takes a deeper look into the issues of self, society, spirituality and sexuality, as well as works to strengthen the bonds that have been formed over the previous four years. They are recognized as young adults, rather than children, and are invited to make a holy pilgrimage at the end of their first year. In addition to work in the classroom, the class plans a mission trip for the summer after their second year, with the help of their leaders and the youth director.



“Bible Study Class: The Sunday Lectionary”– Facilitators: Tom Snead and Jim Mattox. This class will cover the scripture readings for the service each Sunday. This is usually the Revised Common Lectionary readings. The class starts with prayer for our concerns and then reading the lessons of the day with discussions about the lesson and learnings gained from the discussion. Hope we'll see you there!

“Christian Caregiving—A Way of Life” Facilitator Juan Sandoval. Do you ever feel uncomfortable talking about your faith, praying with others, or trying to comfort a friend? There is a deep need in today’s world for the distinctive care of those who follow Christ in that way. However, Christian caregiving is often unrecognized and unarticulated and as a result, not actualized. Through dealing with real-life issues in caring and relating and reading the text, Christian Caregiving—A Way of Life by Kenneth C. Haugk, this course will challenge and equip you to care for others in a distinctively Christian way. Cost for book $15. The class will be led by some of St. Catherine’s experienced Stephen Ministers.

“Rector’s Forum”– Facilitator: Father Jim. This class is designed to cover a broad variety of topics we experience in the Church, the world and our local community including but not limited to the Book of Common Prayer, Anglicanism, church history, Scripture, spirituality, sin and forgiveness, prayer, and issues of church and society. We’ll address issues of national importance as the fall elections approach. Then in Advent we move to Unplugging the Christmas Tree. Some Sundays will be devoted to Rob Bell and his NOOMA series which will help us experience topics through the lens of Rob’s creative and fast paced teaching.

“Song of the Spirit—Art, Music and Literature That Moves Us” – Facilitator: Jan Potter. Come and share the talents of our St. Cat’s folks as we talk about the music, art, and literature that give deeper meaning to our Christian faith. Each week we will follow a theme and talk about the way words, art or music can help us to understand what matters most to us. Expect some dynamite performances!

“2,000 Years of Christianity from a Jet Plane: The Reformation On” Facilitator: Ginny Acocella. This class will take an entertaining and enlightening journey through the key stages of Christian history. We will enjoy seeing our great religion grow from the words and deeds of the Carpenter of Nazareth to the worldwide multi-faceted faith system of today. We will cover the events, the movements, the controversies, and the renewals of our Church as well as the famous, the infamous, the influential, and even the obscure individuals who together make up our past. Who we were might help us to know who we are as members of the Body of Christ. As always, each Sunday's class will be complete on its own and presented in anectotal format by Ginny Acocella, storyteller.

Want to get involved?

Fall is the time! St. Catherine’s has so many ministries and opportunities for involvement in parish life. Your volunteer participation is one of the most important factors in keeping our community of faith alive and growing.

What are our opportunities?

On September 12 at 10 am we will have the annual Ministry Fair with information booths for every one of our ministries so you can get details face-to-face. There you'll be able to pick up our Ministry Directory booklet with definitions of all our ministries, and also our Christian Nurture & Development brochure with all our offerings for adults, children and youth for the fall.

This newsletter and our weekly Parish Announcements email news are our principal means of communicating to you about the activities of our parish. If you miss the Ministry Fair you can pick up copies of our Ministry Directory and Christian Nurture & Development brochure in the foyer any time. As part of our year-round Stewardship we conduct Time and Talent surveys to gather your volunteer interests online for your convenience. And all information is constantly available on our website at

“Opportunities For Ministry” — check it every Sunday

Every Sunday in the service bulletin is a folded insert with a section we call the “Opportunities For Ministry” form. Here you can find activities coming soon that ask for your sign-up or RSVP, and those that need volunteer assistance. Please take a few minutes before or after every service to look over and check off the ones that interest you. You may return it in the collection plate or drop it off at the church office.

So, how do you get involved?

When you find the ministry you might want to learn more about, simply make the first step to communicate your interest to us. All of our publications aim to include the details of how to get in touch with the right person — whether signing up on the “Opportunities For Ministry” form found in your Sunday bulletin each week or calling or emailing the activity leader. If you have any question of who to contact or how, please call the church office, 770-971-2839.

Serving one another is a way we truly come to know Christ. Please reach out that first time to contact that contact person, sign up on the Opportunities For Ministry form, respond to the Time & Talent Survey, come to that meeting or event, or call the church office. Please bring us your energy and your ideas, so your gifts in service can enrich us all.

Caregiver Support Group

September 13, 20, 27

If you are caring for an aging or seriously ill parent or spouse, “Caring for the Caregiver” is for you. Our study will be based on Passages in Caregiving by Gail Sheehy. This book describes the journey of caregiving from a personal point of view. We will meet Mondays, September 13, 20, 27, at 6:30 to 8 PM in the Parlor. For information, contact Gail McGill, 770-971-8890.

Seen around St. Cat's

At the concert by the Cobb Summer Singers on August 8, and other dates during August.

Cats On Wheels Luncheon

Saturday, September 25 at Mary Mac’s

Note this date! Cats on Wheels will meet for their next bi-monthly Dutch treat luncheon at 11:30 am at Mary Mac’s Tea Room, 224 Ponce de Leon Ave, Atlanta, GA 30308, phone 404-876-1800 (for menu and directions visit Stay tuned for transportation details. Cats on Wheels is St. Catherine’s “social networking” group for adults young at heart and old enough to join AARP (although AARP membership is not required!). Come on along!

Elizabeth Inn

Next Date: Dinner AND Laundry teams Tues., Sept. 24

Heartfelt thanks to these groups for doing dinner for the guests at the MUST Ministries Elizabeth Inn homeless shelter in July and August:

Altar Guild and Flower Guild on July 28: Volunteers included servers Carol Starr, Bunny Starr, Sumner Starr, Karen Manno, Emily Gale and Pam Phillips, and food contributions Molly Frost, Pat Pepper, Nadine Pope, Carol Starr and Marlene Stewart, Pam Phillips, Linda Smith, Emily Gale, Susan Heuke, Linda Smith, Susan Heuke, Karen Manno, Kristin Hester

Daughters of the King on August 28: Food contributions: Linda Carter, Linda Snape, Mary Lou Shannonhouse, Tracy & Rick Buckalew & Michael Paris, Nadine Pope, Ann Snead, Barb Selby, Lisa Cook, Nancy Denton, Tracy Buckalew, Sally Powers and servers Delicia Reily, Linda Snape, Ann Snead, Sally Powers, Sybil Coote and Nancy Denton.

St. Catherine's covers dinner service the 28th of every month at the Elizabeth Inn. Providing a nutritious and delicious dinner for 55-65 guests is a joyous experience. How about your group for September 28th? Individuals and families of course are welcome as well, minimum age 10 years old. Please contact Connie Bergeron,; 404-819-0891; or Tracy Buckalew at

We also provide a team to do laundry at the Inn on the fourth Tuesday every month, and the fifth Wednesday when there is one. This service is always greatly appreciated and very rewarding. Contact Fred Massey, 404.731.4466 or

Below -- Dinner at the Inn on August 28 by members of Daughters of the King

Men's Retreat – Just one month away!!

The Men's Retreat will be October 1-3 at Montara Farm in the north Georgia mountains. Join us to make new friendships and renew old ones, explore your spirituality, have great food and enjoy some relaxing activities. Only 40 slots available, a $100 deposit will hold your place. Final cost will be around $300. Check the Opportunities For Ministry in your bulletin or contact Rod Pope, or 404.917.3610.

Right – a campfire evening on the 2009 Men's Retreat

Finance Update

Keeping up with pledges

By Tom Blackstock

These are financially difficult times for many of us and unfortunately, St. Catherine's is feeling the effects. The pledges received during five of the seven months of this fiscal year have been less than the budgeted amounts. In July, pledges significantly lagged the budgeted amount. Each year, the finance committee builds the budget based on pledges and then develops monthly amounts that we expect to receive based on the history of pledging over a three year period. As you know, we have fixed expenses like building mortgage, utilities, salaries and benefits that we must pay every month. The only expenses that we can potentially reduce are ministry team budgets. We don’t intend to alarm you with this information, but we do want to make you aware of the decreasing pledges and the impact on the wonderful work that our ministry teams accomplish every day. If you have questions, please contact Tom Blackstock at


The Mission continues

By Tom Hunter

Several years ago, as we finished building our new Sanctuary and Parish Hall, we engaged in an effort to pool our resources to bring the costs of the new construction within our budget. We called this fund raising effort “Faithful Mission.” Officially, the pledge commitments made to Faithful Mission ran out at the end of 2009. The need continues, however, but with a difference. Due to the faithful giving of the people of St, Catherine’s and due to some really good negotiating, we have a much lower debt than we had anticipated and a very good interest rate of 3.5%. The payments fit into our budget, but they take a big part of it.

Anything we can do to reduce those payments directly effects the funding for our Ministries. Shortly, our interest rate and payment amount will be reviewed by the bank. We do not expect our rate to change, but we can reduce our payments by paying off some of the principal of the loan. The funds in Faithful Mission are the funds we will use to reduce our debt and our payments. Any giving to Faithful Mission, including from anyone who has joined St. Catherine’s in the last few years and who were not involved in pledging to Faithful Mission, will help.

Faithful Mission is no longer about building a building; it is about supporting our Ministries. The Mission continues. Please help if you can.

Join Choir for fall

Rehearsals for Youth Choir and Adult Choir have begun but we still welcome new members for the fall:

  • Adult Choir rehearses Wednesdays, 7:30 - 8:45 p.m., and meets at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays to prepare to lead in the 11:15 a.m. service. Our fall program includes classic and contemporary choral works each Sunday, plus preparation of our special music for Advent Lessons and Carols (December 5) and Christmas Eve. You are guaranteed at each rehearsal to learn something, laugh heartily and experience God’s presence through beautiful music. Sight-reading ability, while helpful, is not required. Please contact director Brian Williams at 678.461.9656 or talk to any choir member if you have questions.
  • Youth Choir rehearses 6:30-7:30 pm; Training Choir at 6:15-7:00 pm. We sing most Sundays through the school year at the 8:45 am service. No training or experience is required, just enthusiasm! Any questions? Please contact Martha Bowden,

Praying for Pars

Next golf date: September 19

RSVP by Sept. 12! If you are like most of us hackers “praying for pars” please join us to go to the early church service and eat breakfast together, then head out for a 10:00 am tee time. Please RSVP by the Sunday one week before. Sign up on the Opportunities For Ministry in your bulletin or contact Walt McGill,, 770-971-8890. Final golf date this year will be October 10.

Musings from MacMahan

Father Jim has sent us updates throughout his summer chaplaincy at St. Cuthbert's, MacMahon Island , Maine . See all his photos and read his final blog entry from the island:

"...This year I’ve asked three questions of everyone who has visited the Island.  At first they felt like insignificant questions – indeed some might say not intelligent – but over time they’ve grown in some significance as I’ve listened to others answer them and my own answers.  I thought I would leave them with you this week so that you, too, might ponder them.  Next week I’ll offer some reflections on my own answers and on what I heard others add..."

... See the rest now on our website at

Fiftieth Anniversary Year of Celebration begins this fall

Number of weeks
until the start of the
Year of Celebration for our 50th Anniversary

Do you have a story or fact about the history of our parish? Send it to Wheel editor Karen Manno,!

Turkey 2011 Pilgrimage update & meeting

Sunday, September 19 at 3:30 pm

All interested in this trip, please join us onSeptember 19 at 3:30 pm in the Parish Hall. “The Second Holy Land – St. Paul’s Missionary Journeys” pilgrimage will be March 26 to April 8, 2011, led by Father Jim. Brochures with complete information are available on the information table at church.

Grounds Chairman Making Outrageous Claims… Again!

Remember last year’s series from Ron Brannock and those funny guys on our Grounds Team? Here they are again, looking to recruit more volunteers for this fall:

The Wheel’s occasional contributor (unnamed) recently interviewed Grounds Team chairman, Ron Brannock.

Wheel: You don't look so good.
RB: Thank you.

Wheel: I mean in addition to not being a good-looking man, last time we talked you were ailing.
RB: No wonder there are few other interviews in The Wheel. Can we move on?

Wheel: Sure. Go on, why don't you?
RB: I just want the parishioners to understand the Grounds Team's impact goes way beyond maintaining the grounds. If you closely examine our roster you'll note many have had leadership positions and/or have served the church in numerous important capacities. This is not a coincidence but a direct result of their experience on the Grounds Team. The skills and work ethic required to be on the Grounds Team develop qualities that transfer nicely to many other needs of the church. Why, we have former senior wardens, vestry members, Stephen Ministers, stewardship campaign chairs, etc., and while some may say this is a case of 20% doing 80%, I strongly believe they owe much of their success to their Grounds Team experience. The correlation noted above speaks volumes.

Wheel: Goodness. Is there anything else?
RB: Just to encourage folks to join the Grounds Team to not only help maintain the church grounds but also to develop skills they will need to serve the church in other areas. Also, we will be having our first ever meeting of the Grounds Executive Committee late this fall to finalize our mission statement and prioritize projects for 2011. Anyone attending automatically becomes a member of the Executive Committee and thereby moves into a higher bonus category when any unused budget $ are distributed at year-end. Last year we only had 58 cents to disburse but hope to do better this year.

Wheel: Are you finally done with this nonsense?
RB: Yes. God bless and have a good life.

  Sign up for Grounds Team at the Ministry Fair, September 12!


Cursillo applications due Sept. 11

Atlanta Episcopal Cursillo Weekend #65 will be September 16-19 at Camp Fortson in Hampton, GA (near Atlanta Motor Speedway). For information and an application, go to Questions? Contact any of our clergy, or Tanya Bowers-Dean, 404-943-1688,

What is Cursillo? Cursillo is a movement of the church. Its purpose is to help those in the church understand their individual callings to be Christian Leaders. The leadership may be exercised in work situations, in the family and social life, in leisure activities, and within the Church environment. Leadership, in Cursillo, does not mean power over others, but influence on others; all of us need to be aware that we can exert a positive influence on those around us. What is the Goal of Cursillo? The goal of Cursillo is the goal of the Church: to bring all to Christ. This is done when informed, trained leaders set out with the support of others having a similar commitment. What does Cursillo do? It helps to renew and deepen Christian commitment. Cursillo is one of many renewal movements. Many people have said Cursillo provides an important learning experience that causes many to feel like newly made Christians with a purpose and with support.


Be a literacy tutor with Communities In Schools

Are you looking for something to “take on” now that the kids are back in school? Why not volunteer for one hour a week to help a child improve their reading skills. There is flexible scheduling and training provided. What a wonderful way to allow God’s love to shine through you. For more information, please contact Carol Fey at 678-503-0901. These opportunities are offered through The Georgia Literacy Connection, a program of Communities in Schools of Marietta/Cobb County, Inc.


The Coracle

"The Coracle" offerings at St. Catherine’s for fall -- Contact Deacon Kathy Holman,, 770-973-6362, or sign up on the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin:

  • “Bridges to Contemplative Living” begins September 12 — Intended toward guiding the participants into a deeper awareness of God in ordinary living. "Understanding Christian Spirituality" is a pre-requisite. Sundays, Sept. 12 - Oct. 31, 7 - 9 pm. Program fee $175.00, includes booklets. Facilitated by Kathy Holman and Keith Dumke.
  • “Understanding Christian Spirituality” begins October 9 — An overview of Christian Spirituality introduces participants to Christian spiritual thought through study, lectures, group discussion and reflection. An 8-month program, second Saturdays from October through May, 9 am to 2 pm. Program fee $175.00 plus cost of books. Facilitated by Kathy Holman.

September Ministry Focus: Invitation

This month we celebrate the life and work of our Invitation Ministry Team. This team includes committees for Bread Makers, Getting To Know You, Greeters, Newcomer Coffees, Porch Visitors, Shepherds and more. To find out more about their activities please check the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin or contact convener Maureen Donoghue.


My dear parish family,

Thank you so much for doing what you do so well – showing God’s love to those who need it. I really appreciate the good food, the flowers, the communion, the cards, the prayers, and, of course, Father Jim who showed up way too early in the morning to pray before my surgery. Special thanks to my altar team and breakfast team, and those who covered for me on those teams.

My surgeon took the hardware out of my shoulder on the 30th of August. So I still need your prayers! Again, thank you so much!

In Christ,
Judith Phillips

Dear St. Cat’s,

Thank you all for the book scholarship. I appreciate it a lot.

Taylor Baumann

July 1, 2010

Dear Frederick Massey,

Thank you for coordinating the Tuesday, June 22, 2010 blood drive. We were very pleased with the drive overall, and the willingness of the donors to share this life saving gift. The efforts of Holt Road Community have always been greatly appreciated and their support of the community blood program will go a long way toward replenishing blood supplies and ultimately saving lives. In addition, we very much appreciate your efforts during this crucial time. You may be interested to know that 28 donors registered, 2 donors were deferred and 24 units were collected!

Again, thank you for your contribution and ongoing support of this important community program. I look forward to working with you again on an upcoming blood drive.

Alicia Doherty, Donor Recruitment Representative, American Red Cross


Holy Baptism

Next scheduled date: Sunday, November 7 (All Saints' Sunday)

Please contact the church office for information and the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.


FOR THE SICK: Lillian Vu, Tom Carter, The Rev. Patty Roberts, Eileen Motter, Vi Pratt, Joe Tarentino, Linda Smith, Trish, Barbara, Susan, Hillary, Jean, Ryan, Irene, Peggy, Ray Cole, Marilyn & Tom Bradbury, Jean Wintrow, Beatrice Ackenbom-Kelly, Stephanie Shaw, Ingrid Carmines, Sharon Parisi, Sally Kopp, Joyce & Terry Vaughn, Alan Sampson, Ansley Arnette, Joyce Bramlett, Randall Hayes, Dallas Jones, Terry, Mike & Leah Gailliot, Alexandra Pepper, Marion Cook, Sean, Sally Acker, Bernie, Lloyd Byars, Laura Hartman, Bill Ivey, Miriam, Mandi, Joan, Jarrett & his parents Jill & John, Thelma Anderson, Caroline Leigh & Brady Rose Wilson and their parents, Ben & Kate Wilson, Madison Cox, Lamar Floyd, Susan Jenkins, Carol Childs, Margaret White, Lynn Schmid, Ellen Black, Rob Black, Larry, Laura & Beth Panatera, Rujeania Woods, Helen Zimmerman, Jeremy Starkey, Kimberly Blythe, Britany McGheen, John Maddox, Ron Brannock, Judith Phillips, Lynn Schmid, Ellen Brandt, Ethel Jane Blaske, Lem Hines, Michael Garacia, Sylvia Nash, Alycen, Ann McBrayer, Sheryl Cromer, David Madison

BEFORE SURGERY: Barbara Cordery, 9/17/2010; Julie Brannock, 9/20/10

DECEASED: George T. Smith, friend of Barbara Cordery; Frank Rios, friend & neighbor of Marion Cook; Faith Cline, daughter of friend of Amanda Jones

(9/5) Tom, Kristen & Elizabeth Blackstock; Paul & Karen Blakey; Mark, Kimberly, Justin & Stephenie Blythe; David & Rachel Bottoms/Kelly Beard; Bill, Martha & Frances Bowden;
(9/12) Richard, Tanya, Alysia & Celia Bowers-Dean; Sallie Bowes; David & Eve Bowman; Larry, Meg, Andrew & Catherine Boyd; Tim, Therese & Amanda Braman

BIRTHDAYS: (9/6) Vincent Bagby, Mandy Maier; (9/7) Trip Sheehan, Dana Rawls; (9/8) Tyler Wolfe, Nick Wolfe, (9/9) Dick Kareken, Hale Sanders, Connor Pyburn; (9/10) Paul Partus, Jerilyn Gardner, Sally Moore, Jim Snape; (9/11) Erin Hurley, Tegan Hurley, David Bottoms, Michael Dirksen; (9/12) Doris Samples, Bill Holman; (9/13) Garrett Brogdon, Charlene Wyatt, David Goldman, Jamie Harding; (9/14) Becky Smith, Laurie Smith, Phil Spessard, Will McGhee; (9/15) Emma Markette, Maddie Zimmerman, Mark Blythe; (9/16) Stephanie Gardiner; (9/17) David Bowden, Elizabeth Carswell; (9/18) Kyleigh Paris, Malcolm Haymes, Molly Banko; (9/19) Austin Miller, Ryan Nienaber, Jennifer Gale

ANNIVERSARIES: ( 9/6) Ash & Jennifer Gale

For the birth of Canaan Glenn Smith on August 17 to the parents of Michael & Jessica Smith (Jane Smith’s son and daughter-in-law).
For the birth of Zoey Elizabeth Hutton on August 30 to Rachel & Matt Hutton. Grandparents are Eric & Deana LaBaBarre.


Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

St. Catherine's Calendar

Hold These Future Dates:

  • October 2 – Blessing of the Animals
  • October 16 & 17 – Rite 13 Celebration
  • November 6 & 7 – Rally Day/Start of St. Catherine’s 50 th Anniversary Year of Celebration
  • November 7 – Fall Memorial Service
  • November 12-13 – Diocesan Council


Two-Week Look Ahead

Below is the next two weeks of events and activities. For the complete up-to-the-minute parish calendar, go to Calendar.

Monday, 9/6 Monday, 9/13

Susan’s day off
Labor Day
Office closed


Susan’s day off
Caring for Caregiver
Women’s Bible Study
Boy Scout Troop 713

Tuesday, 9/7 Tuesday, 9/14


Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting
Catechesis - Catholic
Theater Group

Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting
Catechesis – Catholic
Mothers & More
Outreach Committee
PL & F
Youth Ministry
Wednesday, 9/8 Wednesday, 9/15


Bible Study
Parenting A Sacred Path
CN & D
WNL Program
WNL Dinner
Youth Choir
Teacher Orientation
Anniversary Group
Adult Choir


Bible Study
Parenting A Sacred Path
WNL Program
WNL Dinner
Youth Choir
WNL Program
Adult Choir

Thursday, 9/9 Thursday, 9/16
Theater Group
Men’s Bible Study
Website Team
Cursillo Weekend
Career Ministry
Men’s Bible Study
Friday, 9/10 Friday, 9/17
Jim's day off
Vestry Dinner
Jim's day off
Women’s Bible Study
Saturday, 9/11 Saturday, 9/18

Vestry Retreat
Theater Group


J2A Training
Planting Party
Acolyte Training

Sunday, 9/12 Sunday, 9/19


Worship times change
Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
Ministry Fair
Choral Holy Eucharist
YF Pool @ Cardona's
Foyers KickOff @
FPU (Youth)
Bridges to Contem. Living


Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist/Jubilate
Church School
Praying for Pars
Choral Holy Eucharist
Lay Reader’s Meeting
Pilgrimage Meeting
Stephen Ministry
Bridges to Contem. Living


He’s Here! New Director of Youth Ministry, Mike Peterson

To the Congregation of St. Catherine's,

Hello! My name is Mike Peterson and I am the in-coming Director of Youth Ministries. Let me say from the beginning how excited I am and how much I am looking forward to getting to Marietta and joining your parish! I have visited St. Catherine's several times and have worked with the youth group on retreats, at the Kanuga Conference Center, and in their rebuilding trip to New Orleans last spring, and I couldn't think of a more terrific group of young people and adult volunteers that I could be more fortunate to join and work with.

While I look forward to meeting each of you in person, please permit me to take a minute to tell you a small bit about myself. I have been involved in Episcopal youth ministry in one form or another since I was 11 years old. I grew up in North Carolina and also earned my undergraduate degree there in History and Religious Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduation, I worked for four years in the field of mental health and developmental disabilities. I then transitioned to working for Episcopal Community Services of the Diocese of Louisiana’s Rebuild Program for the last two years. I have also worked since 2001 as a professional musician, predominantly for the Episcopal Church. I have served as musician and/or consultant for conferences, retreats, services, and other parish/diocesan events from South Florida up to New Jersey since 2001. I have also served as a worship leader, conference coordinator, camp counselor, and in other various capacities over the years.

I can't wait to meet all of you in September. Please keep the Youth Program of St. Catherine's in your prayers as we enter a new phase of Christian development.

God’s Peace,
Mike Peterson


WNL proceeds, Church School begins soon

We are having a great turnout on Wednesday evenings for WNL, thanks to everyone for their participation.Wednesday Night Live is now every week for all ages starting September 8. Join us for Dinner from 5:45 to 6:30 pm and Program from 6:30 to 7:30. Questions: Call Keith Dumke, 770.361.8688.

The first day of Sunday School is September 19 at 10-11 am. All of the teachers are looking forward a great year!


Fall Retreat October 22-24

Deposit due ASAP! The fall youth retreat will be held at Earthshine, a retreat center in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina ( This is open to all youth in the J2A program (Rite 13, J2A, YA). Please reserve your spot ASAP, a $75.00 deposit is due by Sept. 19. The approximate cost will be $175 per person. Checks can be made out to St. Catherine’s, please designate for “Youth Retreat.”


Happening: For J2A and Young Adults

Happening Weekend is November 19-21! This renewal weekend is for youth in grades 10-12 and is held at Camp Mikell twice a year. It's a powerful encounter in which young people minister and bring Jesus Christ alive in a community of disciples. The weekend consists of talks, small group times, singing and praying. Check for registration details and register soon for team or candidates.


Calling all Babysitters

The Young Families group is compiling a babysitter directory. If you are interested in earning money while getting to know some great kids from St. Cat’s, this is the opportunity for you. Please forward your name, phone number, email address (and specify which way is best to reach you) and available times to babysit to Suzanne McGhee at We will update this list again in January and next summer, so any changes in your schedule can be noted. This information will be posted at the church and only go out to church members.

Wheel Schedule:

Next publications:

  • September 17– print edition
  • October 1 – online edition
  • October 15 – print edition

The Wheel is published two times per month. The usual schedule is as follows: The first edition is the eWheel, in electronic form (HTML) posted on our newsletter page and distributed by email to all members subscribed to the "Parish Announcements" email list. The next edition is printed and mailed to all parish families, and also posted on our newsletter page in PDF form. Copies of each newsletter are available for pickup at church.

We welcome contributions of articles of interest to the parish. Articles are due the Wednesday 2 days before the publication date. Please submit articles to the editor via email (below) or to Editor Karen Manno's mailbox at church.

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