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March 31 - April 20, 2012

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Holy Week & Easter calendar

3/31 – Stephen Minstry seminar

4/6 & 9 – Office closed

4/7 – Church Gardens workday

4/11 – No WNL; Outreach Garden meeting

4/18 – WNL resumes

4/20 – Wine tasting @ Gales’

4/21 – Cats On Wheels @ Atlanta Botanical Garden

4/24 – Elizabeth Inn laundry

4/28 – YF @ Chattahoochee Nature Center;
Elizabeth Inn dinner



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An Easter Celtic Pilgrimage

By Amma Susan+

Seven years ago, just a few weeks after Easter, I made my first pilgrimage to Ireland. The journey took me from the warm, robustly flowering spring of the mountains of north Georgia to damp, chilly weather and skies full of gray, scurrying clouds. My first impression was that it was still winter. The land still seemed asleep. The cold seeped into my bones. How could it be Eastertide?

Then fields of solid yellow began to appear. Gorse bushes in full bloom, covering the rolling hills of County Wicklow in a blanket of gold. As rays of sun began to play “hide and seek” among the blossoms, the radiance of light was particularly stunning—golden yellow illumined, as if from within. At Glendalough, the first stop on our journey, Mary, our bed and breakfast host, welcomed us with cups of tea and scones, and the chill began to loose its grip on my body and soul. We visited the parish church of St. Kevin, and found it festooned with wildflowers and a sign saying, “Welcome. Christ is risen!” Thus we were welcomed to Ireland.

Roy and I had come to Ireland on pilgrimage together. I was weighed down by that leaden sense that nothing could be made new. It was two weeks past Easter, and I had no sense of the new creation. Not in me. Not in the world. In the six months prior to this trip, Roy’s dementia was gradually no longer responding to medication retarding the progress of his disease, and I was deeply aware that this would be our last pilgrimage together.

And so the yellow gorse blossoms and the Irish welcome were a gift. The genuine hospitality of our Irish hosts began to kindle the first sparks of new life; little signs of Easter fire began to run through my veins. I began to experience in my renewed spirit the emphatic proclamation that Christ is alive, and that God always brings life out of death. Jesus delivers us from our own tombs again and again, hallowing our sufferings by his presence, indwelling every harrowed nook of our lives.

We were on pilgrimage to Celtic Christianity’s holy wells and ancient stones of holy sites. These holy wells spring up in the most unexpected places. At each I would dip my hand in that living water, make the sign of the cross on my forehead where the oil of chrism had been traced at my baptism, and recall the words of the Celtic midwife’s blessing as she sprinkles three drops of water upon a newborn: “The little drop of the Father on thy little forehead, beloved one. The little drop of the Son on thy forehead, beloved one. The little drop of the Spirit on thy forehead beloved one. To keep thee for the Three, to shield thee, to surround thee; to save the for the Three, to fill thee with the graces; The little drop of the Three to lave thee with the graces.” And with that water dripping down my face, the joy and wonder of the reality of my baptism into Christ was renewed and I reclaimed that new creation.

At the Easter vigil, we kindle the Easter fire and prepare to baptize new Christians. We speak of Christ as “he who gives his light to all creation.” The Celtic Church understood that this all-encompassing, uncreated Light of Christ, the Light that breaks into the tombs of our hearts and the graves of our bodies, is eternally present in all times and all places.

After visiting countless holy wells and ancient stones, and being embraced by the Irish people as if we were kith and kin, we made our way to Iona in the Western Hebrides of Scotland. The tradition there holds that on Easter morning the sun dances in celebration. In a 19 th Century account recorded by Alexander Carmichael in his Carmina Gadelica, a woman tells of climbing the highest hill on Easter morn and seeing the sun dancing in delight: “The glorious gold-bright sun was rising on the crests of the great hills, and it was changing color—green, purple, red, blood-red, intense white, and gold-white, like the glory of the God of the elements to the children of men. It was dancing up and down in exultation at the joyous resurrection of the beloved Savior of victory.” Fanciful though this may seem, the story gives us a sense of the Celtic awareness of creation and resurrection held together in Christ.

As our pilgrimage came to an end, I realized that the power of Christ’s resurrection had been made tangible to me. The poetry, the people, the walks to holy sites, and the vital sense of the living Christ offering risen life here and now had quickened my grieving spirit. These words by a Welsh poet, Saunders Lewis, accompanied me homeward:

Cherish the dark’s obscurity
Look for the diamonds in debris,
Thank God for all His mystery

He is Risen! We are Risen! Easter Blessings,

Amma Susan+

Holy Week 2012

  • There will be no Children’s Chapel, and no Church School on Palm Sunday, April 1, and Easter Day, April 8. Activities will resume on Sunday, April 15.
  • Rice Bowls Ingathering is Easter Day -- Remember, you can help make a difference in the lives of millions of kids worldwide! Use your plastic "rice" bowl to collect your spare change throughout Lent. Filled bowls are due back to the church by Easter Day, April 8. Information about Rice Bowls is available on the website at
  • Office schedule -- The church office will be closed on Good Friday, April 6, and Easter Monday, April 9.
  • Reflections through Easter Day -- Remember to read your Reflection of the Day on our website now through Easter Day at from our collection of Lenten reflections written by our own St. Catherine's parishioners.


April 1 - Palm Sunday Holy Eucharist at 7:30
Breakfast, 8 am
Family Liturgy of the Palms + Holy Eucharist at 8:45 am *
(No Church School)
Choral Liturgy of the Palms + Holy Eucharist at 11:15 am *
April 3 - Tuesday in Holy Week Holy Eucharist + Study, 7-8 am
Children’s Stations of the Cross, 6:30 pm
April 4 - Wednesday in Holy Week Holy Eucharist + Healing Service, 7:30 pm *
April 5 - Maundy Thursday Proper Liturgy, 7:30 pm *
Prayer Vigil, 9 pm to 9 am
April 6 - Good Friday Morning Prayer, 9 am
Stations of the Cross (outdoor), 12 pm
Stations of the Cross (indoor), 6:30 pm
Proper Liturgy, 7:30 pm *
Monastic Supper, 9 pm
April 7 - Holy Saturday Proper Liturgy, 10 am
Easter Vigil + Baptisms, 7:30 pm *

      * - Nursery available

  • Rites of Reconciliation – Our clergy offer the opportunity for private confession during Holy Week. Holy Week is a great time to explore areas in our lives where forgiveness would be appropriate. Confessions are not restricted to times of sickness. They may be heard any time and anywhere. The Reconciliation of a Penitent, (Book of Common Prayer, pg. 446-452) is available for all. The Anglican tradition has always been that all people can avail themselves of this sacrament, some should, but none must. If you want to explore this sacrament or simply inquire about it, please contact Father Jim or Amma Susan by noon on Good Friday, April 6.
  • Stations of the Cross April 3 and 6 The Stations of the Cross is a popular devotion used by individuals or groups who wish through prayer and reflection to follow Jesus Christ on his way to Calvary. It is one of the most important devotions honoring the passion of Jesus. A Way of the Cross for Children ages 7-12 will be held Tuesday, April 3, 6:30 pm, an interactive Stations designed to stimulate imaginations and help our children experience the walk through Holy Week. Guided Stations of the Cross will be held on Good Friday, April 6, with Outdoor Stations at 12:00 pm, and Indoor Stations at 6:30 pm.
  • Wednesday Healing Service April 4, 7:30 pmThe mystery of the anointing with holy oil (holy unction) provides both physical and spiritual healing. The sacrament is most commonly celebrated during Holy Week on Holy Wednesday evening. Everyone in the parish may be anointed with the holy oil for the healing of spiritual and bodily ills. The oil carries God's grace both to renew the body and to cleanse the spirit. Holy unction is a mystery of great comfort to the faithful and integral to our journey through Holy Week to the new life of resurrection.
  • Maundy Thursday Service April 5, 7:30 pmIn this celebration, Jesus sacramentally anticipates the gift he makes of himself on the cross. His command to serve others is dramatically recalled in the ceremony of the washing of the feet, which he performed for his disciples. This year our Stephen Ministers and Youth will join us in this ancient tradition of washing feet.
  • Maundy Thursday Prayer Vigil –Our custom is to keep vigil with our Lord through the night from immediately following the liturgy until Morning Prayer on Good Friday at 9:00 AM. Security is in the building through the night. The sign up poster is in the foyer and there is no limit on the number who may come per time period. Please find a half-hour or hour period you can sit in prayer. Won't you spend one hour with our Lord?
  • Good Friday service April 6, 7:30 pm –These liturgies retell the story of that last day with a simple dignity and drama not seen at other times in the church. During this time we pray for the entire world asking that this powerful paschal mystery bring blessings to the world. According to ancient tradition, the cross is venerated this day, and the sacrament of Christ's love for his church is received. It is one of two days the Episcopal Church asks us to fast—the other is Ash Wednesday, therefore a fitting beginning and end to our Lenten journey.
  • Good Friday Monastic Dinner – We will gather after our Good Friday service for an adult monastic dinner in the Parish Hall immediately following the liturgy. We break our Good Friday fast as we come together in silence and candlelight to enjoy fish stew, bread, and a little wine or other beverage. Please RSVP by contacting the church office by Thursday, April 5 (770-971-2839).
  • Great Vigil of Easter service (April 7) is the high point celebrating the passion and resurrection of Jesus. It is the most beautiful of all liturgies! With a rich display of symbol, liturgy and readings, the church expresses her faith in the mystery that brings her into being. Remember - Bring your favorite and loudest bells to ring at this service.

Holy Week & Easter 2011 and more - photos above and below by Jan Potter and Connie Bergeron

Easter Day – Sunday, April 8


6:30 am - Outdoor Sunrise Eucharist
7:30 am - Breakfast
8:45 am - Festival Family Eucharist
10 am - Reception + Easter Egg Hunt
     No Church School
11:15 am - Festival Choral Eucharist
12:45 pm - Reception

  • Easter receptions - food needed – The Parish Life and Fellowship Ministry Team will sponsor Gala Receptions following 8:45 and 11:15 services on Easter morning. Donations of finger foods are requested. Please bring items (prepared and ready to serve) to the kitchen prior to the service you attend. These receptions are possible because of your generous contributions. Thanks so much.
  • Easter parking helpers – Help provide all our members, newcomers and guests with that important initial welcome — we need three people before the 8:45 and the 11:15 services on Easter Sunday to direct traffic in our parking lot and people into the building. If you are able to arrive 30 minutes before either service to help, please contact Al Jones or the church office.
  • Flowering of the Cross – We invite all children to bring cut flowers to the 8:45 AM Easter morning worship service. It is our custom to flower the cross in front of the sanctuary just as the glorious worship service begins. Be sure to bring flowers for each child, and we always appreciate some extras for children who are visiting or simply forgot theirs in the rush of dressing in their Easter finery.
  • Easter Egg Hunt – The Easter Egg Hunt will be on Easter Day for children through 5th grade immediately after 8:45 service (about 10:00 am). We ask that parents be present and supervise their own children during the hunt. Young children (toddlers-2nd grade) meet under the Great Oak and older children (3rd-5th grade) meet in the downstairs atrium. Youth 6th grade and older may be helpers, please contact Mike Peterson,
  • Easter Communions – We invite you to let us know if you will not be able to be in church on Easter due to illness. The Church's tradition is to bring the communion of Sunday of the Resurrection to those unable to celebrate in the midst of the community of faith. Simply contact the office and we'll have one of our Eucharistic Visitors call to arrange a visit.

“Assisting the Families of Substance Abusers”

Saturday, March 31

Stephen Ministers of St. Catherine's are sponsoring a continuing education opportunity featuring a local counselor and an attorney who will present valuable information for families needing help. Joins us 8:30-11:30 AM in the Parish Hall. The program is free and open to the public and all are welcome.

Stake Your Claim

By Beverly Fambrough

Wanted: St. Cat’s families, couples, singles and youth who will care for a section of the shrubbery beds at the church for planting and routine maintenance. The initial plan is to sub-divide these areas into small, manageable plots which you will plant and do ongoing maintenance. It is estimated that once planted, maintenance will not require more than an hour a month during the blooming season. Contact Beverly or Bill Fambrough if interested. Telephone 770-993-5444 or Beverly email or Bill email at

First meeting Saturday, April 7

Let’s meet under the great oak Saturday, April 7 at 8:30AM. Please bring gloves, leaf rakes, trash bags, and 2 - 3 bags of light cypress mulch from Home Depot. This first gathering is mainly for pre Easter service cleanup. We will bring coffee and donuts.

Community Outreach Garden

By Blake Sherry

This spring, Ellis Kilgore & I will be creating The St. Cat’s Community Outreach Garden on the grounds on the north side of the church. This garden will provide produce that will be donated to local ministries, such as MUST, and also offered to the St. Cat’s family during the summer months. We have worked diligently over the past few months to make this dream a reality and put our plan into action.

Meeting Wednesday, April 11

We are asking for volunteers who would like to help in any way! We will have our first Community Garden meeting on Wednesday, April 11, at 6:30 pm (note: no WNL this date). We would like to plant a wide variety of vegetables and can use any type of assistance. This project is being funded totally by donations. All types of donations such as seeds, mulch, tools, fertilizer, plants seedlings, etc are greatly appreciated! And of course, we need lots of volunteers to help with preparation, planting and maintenance.

Please join us on Wednesday, April 11. If you have any questions, please contact me at or 770-861-6094. Thank your in advance for your support!

Cats on Wheels visits the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Saturday, April 21 – RSVP by Easter Day!

Join Cats On Wheels for a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The special exhibit at the garden now is “Garden Gates: An Exhibition of Works by Andrew T. Crawford.” These iron works of art are presented among hundreds of thousands of tulips and daffodils in full bloom. If you plan to join your Cats on Wheels friends for this outing, please reply by Sunday, April 8 (Easter Day) to Alan Certain at or 404-661-2200. Admission is $18.95 (if 10 or more come a group rate is available). Times for departure from and return to the church will be announced later. Please tell us what are your preferred times and whether you would prefer to buy lunch at the Garden Café or have a picnic in Piedmont Park.

Cats on Wheels is St. Catherine’s “social networking group” for the young-at-heart who are old enough to join AARP (although AARP membership is not needed!). Contact Alan Certain to get on the mailing list for all our activities.

Nets For Life campaign underway

By Steve Diffley

I would like to thank the congregation for its acceptance of the “Nets for Life” outreach program. I believe we will meet our goal and maybe exceed it during the next few months. The campaign does last until this November at the Annual Council meeting.

Our goal of 900 nets for St. Catherine’s was derived by looking at our membership numbers. That is, Father Jim and I saw that number as the people who call St. Cat’s their church home. No one assigned us that figure, we just believed it was a doable one. The Diocese has an overall goal of 35,000 nets; again, a doable number. Each parish sets its own figure.

If buying more than one net at a time is difficult you can spread your purchases out over the next several months. Whatever you and your family can do will be greatly appreciated. Do not forget neighbors and extended family as potential donors as well as any groups you might belong to.

If you wish to contribute by check you may either:

  1. Send directly to Episcopal Relief and Development: please make check payable to Episcopal Relief and Development and mail to: Nets for Life Inspiration Fund, P.O. Box 7058, Merrifield , Va.22116-7058 (pre-addressed envelopes are available at church). In the memo line of the check please write “Nets for Life - St. Catherine’s Marietta, GA.” This ensures we get credit toward our church’s goal for your contribution.
  2. Place your check in the plate on any Sunday or send to the church office — be sure to write “Nets for Life - St. Catherine’s Marietta, GA” on the memo line and we will take care to get to the proper people.

You may contribute online at with credit or debit card. Be sure to indicate St. Catherine’s Marietta, Georgia as your church/parish name so we get credit toward our church’s goal for your contribution.

Thank you for your support and do not hesitate to ask me if you have questions.

Seen around St. Cat's - Sunday, March 25

Our children use sign language to help out Jubilate Choir music at the 8:45 service.


At the Newcomer Welcoming Coffee

Photos by Jan Potter, see lots more at ChurchNewcomers032512#

Vestry Notes

By Sally Powers

Here’s what happened at the Vestry meeting on Tuesday, March 20:

  • We welcomed Jennifer Massey who gave an update on Holy Conversations progress since the Vestry retreat;
  • Heard a report from Al Jones on the need to re-roof the 5 flat areas of our roof and voted to approve the bid of Chip Faucette;
  • Saw the breakdown of the Outreach Committee’s budget presented by Hale Sanders;
  • Steve Pyburn explained the plan for our investment into the diocesan common fund;
  • Wrote thank you notes to parishioners who made extra contributions to our St. Catherine’s family last month;
  • Reviewed options for St. Catherine’s day(s) of service. Tanya Bowers-Dean volunteered to find a coordinator for this project;
  • Bill Lee reported on his meeting with representatives from the diocese regarding upcoming mandated changes to the health care plans for our four full-time employees;
  • Fr. Jim reported on the process of the purchase of our new piano in memory of Larraine Nichols and learned that there will soon be a dedication of this important gift which will make a major contribution to the life of St. Catherine’s for years to come;
  • Adjourned at 10:45.

Wednesday Night Live (WNL) schedule

WNL will not meet April 4 or 11, then resumes on April 18. Come for WNL with dinner 5:45-6:30 pm and programs for all ages 6:30-7:30 pm. Please make your dinner reservation on the Opportunities For Ministry form in your bulletin, or by calling the office at 770-971-2839 by 5:00 pm on Tuesday before each date you'll dine with us. Dinner prices are $3 children, $7 adults, $20 family maximum.

New Adult Church School Class begins April 15: “FAQs for Newcomers”

By Amma Susan+

Beginning on Sunday, April 15, a new Church School class will be offered for adults: FAQs for Newcomers. This class will explore the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Episcopal Church and other information about who we are at St. Catherine's. Designed for newcomers, this class will be enjoyed by “old-timers” at St. Cat’s as well. Class will meet in the Conference Room during the Church School hour on Sundays.

Events coming soon

  • Friday, April 20 - Wine Tasting at the home of Nelson and Emily Gale. Hosted by Young Families ministry, this annual event is open to all St. Catherine’s adults. Save the date!
  • Saturday, April 28 - Young Families outing to Chattahoochee Nature Center, late morning. Details coming soon.

Spring Memorial Service

Sunday, April 22, 5:00 PM

Our semi-annual Memorial Service will be held to celebrate the lives of those we have lost since our fall observance. Everyone is invited to join us at this beautiful service and support our parish members who have lost loved ones. The nursery will be available. A reception follows the service. If you have someone to be remembered at this service, please send information to Karen Manno, by Sunday, April 15 to be included in the service bulletin.

We greatly appreciate donations of finger foods for the reception — please bring them (prepared and ready to serve) to the kitchen prior to the service — as well as help with set up, serving and clean up.

Hunger Walk 2012

Thanks to the great team from St. Cat's that turned out for the annual Hunger Walk at Turner Field on March 11. We had lots of fun and raised lots of money for a great cause!

Photos by Bill Monk for the Diocese of Atlanta, see more at HungerWalk2012

SKY Vacation Bible School 2012

June 25–28, 1:00–4:00 pm

This year, we'll take to the SKY and discover that by trusting God, everything is possible! Sky VBS helps kids realize that God is active in our lives and with us every single day. At Sky VBS, we’ll encourage kids to look for evidence of God in things like a sunset, a rainstorm, a laugh, a kind word, or a tasty snack. Our day will be filled with music, games, stories, and imagination!

The program is open to ages 4 by July 1st through rising 5th graders. We welcome volunteers for one or two days, or the whole week. Registration forms are available at church in the foyer or preschool, or you can download a form from our website at The cost is $25 per child. After June 10th cost is $35 per child.

Thank you and we look forward to sharing our Sky theme with your children this summer! Please note our VBS is 4 days (Monday through Thursday) in anticipation of July 4th week. Email questions or to volunteer –

MUST building progress report

Thank you to all the St. Catherine’s volunteers who provided breakfast and lunch for the crew on March 24. We have good news—the scaffolding will be coming down this Saturday, March 31! We’ve worked to hang lights, paint interior walls and ceilings, and install sockets, switches and lights on the deck. We are getting close! Looking forward to another successful day this Saturday.

See current news & photos on the website at St Catherine's is at work now with other Cobb County churches to construct a new building for MUST Ministries. Plenty of building help is needed, contact Fred Massey/ 404.731.4466 / Must be 18 years old or older to be on the build site.

Photos by Tom Hargis from February 27 and March 18 work days:

Cathedral Book Store sale a big success

By Sally Powers

Sincere thanks to all of you who shopped on March 11 at the Traveling Cathedral Book Store. Sue Davy, the coordinator, reports that we purchased more than $1,400 in books and merchandise which means that Emmaus House will get a check for 1/10 of our sales, or more than $140.00.

Additional good news is that we will have another visit on October 28 when there will advent calendars, meditations, Christmas gifts, nativity displays, etc. As that date draws nearer, we will ask you for the names of books, CDs, and any other gifts you might like to purchase. Again, thank you for your generous support of our Diocesan Book Store and the ministries of the Diocese of Atlanta.

Holy Conversations: A Long-Term Plan for our Parish

Thanks to all who attended the two Parish-wide opportunities to comment on the long-term goals and objectives developed over the last year by the Holy Conversations team. Your feedback was important and has been incorporated into our report to the Vestry.

The work of Holy Conversations is now winding down and the Vestry will begin the implementation of the plan. Led by Tanya Bowers-Dean, Bill Lee and Elizabeth Lopez, the Vestry will take the plan and direct specific tasks and actions to the various ministry teams and committees. Not everything will be done at once, of course. This is a long journey we will take together. As the goals and objectives take the form of actions and an implementation plan, there will be work in the stewardship of our existing buildings and grounds – planning those steps necessary to properly maintain and enhance the church. We will explore the human resources needed to continue the great ministries we have made together and how we support our people in the work they do. Outreach was a big subject in the survey and hence in our planning. The congregation will continue to grow in the ways we look beyond our front door to serve our neighbors, both here and abroad. Comments and ideas for communication had a great start at the forums. We look forward to seeing that energy continue. And we’ll do all this in “St. Catherine’s style,” as we enjoy the fellowship of being with each other.

Be part of the work!

The Vestry will begin its work for bringing the goals and objectives into the culture of St. Catherine's. You are invited to sign up to be a part of this launching of the next 50 years! Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board by the name tags. Please read the 6 goals and 18 objectives on our website at If you have comments or questions, please contact any vestry member.


Feedback comments from March meetings

Communication Goal: We will create messages that are clearly heard over the noise and distractions of everyday life.

  • Maintain diversity in the forms for the communication.
    Don’t exclude a particular segment because of their computer access or knowledge.
  • Have a public network and computer at church that can be accessed.
  • Tailor the volume of the communications; less stuff - more targeted information
  • Vestry announcements on Sunday are helpful
  • Have ways to communicate back to St. Catherine’s. Web forms with links to sign up.
  • Create “channels” that people can subscribe to: young families might have a “channel",“Cats on Wheels” would have a channel, etc.
  • Be clear in the description of the roles & opportunity. Be clear with the amount of time requested and work required in the sign up description.
  • Maybe there is a way to have “Profiles” for parishioners. “ChurchBook” (like Facebook, only more private) or something similar must already exist… we just need to find it.
  • Publish interviews in the Wheel or weekly emails about what activities and ministries someone is involved in, let them tell their story about how it effected them.
  • Continuing committee of people to help Ron, Karen, Ginney, Rose with communications
  • Quotes on webpage from “Why I love St Catherine’s” document
  • Our outside signage needs to be seen better

Community Service & Outreach Goal: We will encourage and empower each person to joyfully serve our community.

  • Create a webpage that lists service opportunities. Opportunities may be through St. Catherine’s or may be a passion of a member that is involved in a service or outreach opportunity outside our immediate reach.
  • Point person and calendar of events for service & outreach
  • Clearing House resource already in place at Hands on Atlanta; how do we use this to help us?
  • Donations of food and clothing could be organized into specific requests that the organization is in need of at that time: Example: Pasta week, Peanut Butter & Jelly week, Canned fruits & veggies week, baby products week, flour, sugar, mixes week, rice, beans, soup week. This simplifies the message and has a specific call to the parishioners
  • Be more effective for the organizations. Will need a point person to ask what we can do or bring.
  • Website that may be helpful is, Scheduler programs to help organize.
  • Example of effectiveness of human resources was the MUST Sandwich day. Central organizer – many hands to carry out the work.
  • Invite people to join (including youth); share stories of results on website, Wheel, etc.“ChurchBook” type profile program could help in knowing people that are interested in participating in the community service and outreach

Building, Grounds & Technology Goal: We will develop an understanding of our building, grounds and technology requirements and set priorities for our current and future needs.

  • Recommend more ownership of the upkeep of our building.
    Adults need to become more aware of general tidiness when using space. Make sure the space you use is returned to like it was before your meeting or event; If trash needs to be removed, take it out. Resource priorities: develop a calendar of replacement & repair items. Ask for volunteers to help with the work.
  • “Spring Cleaning Day” at the church is being scheduled for June.
  • Be aware that we need to take care of and update heavily used spaces before we build more. Example: Parlor is in need of a makeover, new furnishings; Parish Hall needs paint.
  • Update our entryway sign
  • Refurbish bathrooms; determine funding source for this project
  • We are limited with space for Catechesis and for parking on Sundays. Hire an engineer to explore the addition of parking spaces – determine funding source. Current parking lot is in need of repaving soon.
  • Some voiced concerns about the parish growing too big

Ministry Goal: We will challenge our clergy, staff and ministry teams to lead us into a deeper relationship with Christ through worship, education and caring.

  • We have had several wonderful programs for deepening relationship; attendance has been low.
  • Encourage a sharing of our God stories to promote classes or offerings. Interviews in Wheel and in weekly emails.
  • Hear from people about deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ. How have you changed?
  • Calendar for events – challenge is offering a consistent day to gain a following and yet at the same time offering a varied day for those with conflict on that consistent day

Resource Development Goal: We will develop our financial and human resources to respond to God’s call.

  • Administration of Ministry teams needs to evolve to “vestry-like” three-year commitment with mentoring of next leader.
  • “Continually” assess human resources in an on-going basis, not just once every three years.
  • Champions develop Mentors who develop Trainees (3-year cycle)
  • Publish volunteer needs … opportunities for leadership development (shadows, succession planning, reduce burn-out)
  • Explore a new version of Ministry Fair – more interactive show & tell
  • Ministry teams take a turn at the Lemonade brigade to offer further information on their ministries

Fellowship Goal: We will invite each person to share in the blessings of St. Catherine’s through fellowship events.

  • Discussed how we are invited and how that personal invitation is successful.
  • Our time of fellowship is also an opportunity for the community to visit us and “check out” St. Catherine’s.


  • The Vestry will own these goals and they have appointed goal keepers for each goal.
  • Vestry determines the prioritization of goals and resource development & allocation
  • Parishioners have the opportunity to sign up for the areas that they have interest in.

Save the date: Parish Talent Show coming this summer

By Mike Peterson

St. Cat’s got talent! The St. Cat’s Youth are teaming up with the Parish Life & Fellowship Ministry Team to host the St. Catherine’s Talent Show this summer on the evening of Saturday, July 21. This event will be open to everyone of all ages and will be preceded by a parish potluck dinner. I’m telling you this far in advance so that you can go ahead and start thinking about which of your many talents you would love to share with the St. Catherine’s community! The potluck will start at 6 PM in the Parish Hall and will be followed by the Talent Show in the sanctuary. Details will come as we get closer to the event, but go ahead and brush off your unicycle, singing voice, favorite jokes, dancing shoes…

Need for Housing

By Father Jim

A young man has contacted me about the possibility of renting simple housing in the East Cobb area. I’ve met him, discussed his needs and enjoyed my visit with him. He is vision impaired and cannot drive a vehicle. He is currently working as a massage therapist with Abundant Life (Dr. Jamie) on Robinson Road across from the Kroger Shopping Center. He begins a new job as a Personal Trainer with the East Piedmont YMCA on Monday, April 2. He’d like to rent a room within walking distance (2-3 miles) of the Y. His needs are very simple and he is very willing not just to pay rent but to help around the house as needed. If you could help or know of someone who could help him, call Fr. Jim at the office or on his cell phone (678.910.4923) or email and he will get you in contact with David.

April Ministry Focus: Liturgy and Music Ministry Team

This month we celebrate the life and work of our Liturgy and Music Ministry Team. Holy Week and Easter are particularly busy times for the members of this team! Committee activities include Acolytes, Choirs (Adult, Youth, Jubilate), Altar Guild, Needlework Brigade, Flower Guild, Lay Readers and Chalice Bearers, Ushers, and Wedding and Funeral Coordinators. For information about how to get involved please contact team convener Steve Diffley.



Candidates for 10th Bishop of Atlanta

Standing Committee adds sixth candidate - The Rev. Martha N. Macgill, 54, rector of Memorial Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Md., has been nominated by petition and approved by the Diocese of Atlanta Standing Committee. The announcment was made on March 19. She becomes one of six individuals on the final slate of priests to stand for election of the 10th bishop of Atlanta June 2 at the Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta.

Schedule for bishop candidates walkabout - The Transition Committee has announced its schedule of walkabout gatherings, during which six bishop candidates will visit the diocese and become acquainted with its people and ministries. Each evening program will run from 6 to 9:30 pm. The term “walkabout” refers to what the candidates will do at each meeting during the tour; they will walk from room to room while the audience remains seated. Also planned are opportunities to meet with deacons and presbyters, along with tours of Mikell Camp and Conference Center, Holy Comforter Church, and Emmaus House. Walkabouts will be held at these churches:

  • Monday, May 14 - Grace Episcopal Church, Gainesville
  • Tuesday, May 15 – St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Atlanta
  • Wednesday, May 16 – Christ Episcopal Church, Macon
  • Thursday, May 17 – St. David’s Episcopal Church, Roswell
  • Friday, May 18 – St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Rome

Information about the candidates and details about the walkabouts and the election are available on the Bishop Search and Transition website at The election of the 10th Bishop of Atlanta will be held on June 2 at the Cathedral of St. Philip.


Episcopal News Service: Archbishop of Canterbury will step down

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams on March 16 revealed that he is to step down from his role at the end of the year. His decision comes after 10 years in the post and after accepting the position of Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge. The college said that Williams "has the capacity and vision to guide the College in a time of unprecedented change in higher education." Read more at


Lecture at TACC, St. Luke’s

Bill Bolling, founder and executive director of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, will speak at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 26, at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Atlanta. Bolling is the inaugural speaker for a new series called "Meaningful Conversations," which is offered by the Training and Counseling Center (TACC) at St. Luke's. It is designed to inform on today's issues and nourish spiritual and mental health. Tickets are $35, proceeds benefit the programs and services of TACC. Space is limited and seats must be reserved in advance. For information and registration go to or call 404.876.6266, ext. 2007.


Cathedral Book Store gifts and resources for Easter and more

Visit the Cathedral of St. Philip Book Store for inspiring resources for Holy Week and Easter, such as Gregorian chants from the Monastic Choir of St. Peter’s Abbey; Solemes for Holy Week Devotions; Christ in Gethsemane – Maundy Thursday: The Office Of Tenebrae And The Ceremony Of foot Washing; Tenebrae Of Good Friday and He Was Placed In The Tomb – The Great Offices For Holy Saturday Vigils, Lauds And Vespers. And don’t forget other important religious events so common in spring: baptisms and confirmations. You will find a wide and exciting array of children’s and adult books, music, cards, jewelry, religious items and so much more for the perfect gift. The Cathedral of St. Philip Book Store, 2744 Peachtree Road, Atlanta GA 30305, (404) 237-7582. On their website you can sign up for their newsletter, browse their catalog, and check out their free shipping offer for online orders.


Fr. Jim,

I arrived safely in Afghanistan last week and have settled into a routine with my duties. My room is comfortable, the food is good and my work environment is relatively safe. We have a chapel near my room, so I have no excuse for missing services! ... I Skype with Kristin and Elizabeth every day…

I will find a quiet place on Maundy Thursday and do my part for the prayer vigil. I look forward to hearing all about the new vestry and the happenings at St Catherine's (I'm still receiving my parish announcements so I can stay up to speed). Take care.

Tom Blackstock

Dear [St. Catherine’s],

Thank you for your hospitality and for the opportunity to provide spiritual materials to your parishioners on March 11. A special thanks to Sally Powers for her coordination and support. As part of the Book Store’s mission of outreach, we are delighted to send a check for $147.74 which is 10% of the pretax sale for that day and is designated to Emmaus House.

We look forward to a return visit to St. Catherine’s on October 28!

Sue Davy, Offsite Coordinator, The Cathedral Book Store

Dear [St. Catherine’s],

I would like to personally thank you for your contribution for MUST in the amount of $750 [St. Catherine’s periodic outreach contribution]. Gifts like yours help MUST provide a safe place for our guests to recover from financial disaster and/or addiction, feed thousands of hungry children who normally eat reduced cost school lunches, distribute TON of food a day to those in need, and over the past year serve 44,176 meals to Elizabeth Inn Emergency Shelter guests. Your commitment will make it possible for families in crisis to break the cycle of poverty.

I know that there are many causes worthy of your financial support, and MUST is truly grateful for your conscious choice to support us as we fulfill our mission of serving our neighbors in need. We hope you take pride in the fact that you are a part of our community and that you are determined to continue supporting our mission for many years to come.

Thank you again, on behalf of the thousands who benefit from your generosity in support.

With gratitude,
Dr. Dwight “Ike” Reighard, President and CEO, MUST Ministries

Holy Baptism

Next scheduled date: Sunday, May 27 (Pentecost)

Please contact the church office for information and the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.



FOR THE SICK: Victoria Moon, James Day, Mary Ann, Jan Dennis, Joe Cochran, Crystal Herman, Olivia Martin, Brian Lee, Kent Moss, Sandy Curran, Teresa Witham, Neal Aimar, Paul Beswick, David French, Barbara, Jean Windrow, Alycen Widdon, Judy Anderson, Rusty Phillips, James Ellis, Anna Jenkins, Anne Whittle, Ron & his family, Joanne Pinkney, Katherine Sjoblom, Jennifer James, Kindness Israel, Page Loyd, Beverly, Marilyn Gradwell, Holly, Bea Tolley, Lynn McDowell, Angie Henson, Melissa & baby girl, Snow Lucchosi, Lilli, Jeanine & George, Joe Tarentino, Tammy Lange, Gloria, Kenny Denton & family, Scott Moore, Shirley Burland, Tim Denison, Sophie Polakowski, Sue Jones, Lee DeFore, Debra, Emily Harrell, Deborah, Gordon, Doris Bailey, Dianne Blackshear-Wood, Risa Maier, Caroline Brennan, Laurel Glidewell, Richard Pearson, Bill Falinski, Estelle Partin, Robert Palmer, Sue Palmer, Jim, Barry, Mike, Rebecca Weaver, Kristen Robinson, Cliff Kutzbach, Mabel, Julie Heath, Gail Bartlett, Gigi Jarvis, Wil Fambrough, Owen Christopher Nesbit, Pete Smith, Mit FitzSimons, Rod Deutscher, Abdullah Katoot, Jim Farmer, Jana Williams, Mary Heku, Ellen Brandt, Gaston DeLemos, Barbara Markette, Paul Markette, Gary Parker, Jessica Pierce

BEFORE SURGERY: Africa Martin, 4/3/2012, John Martin’s sister-in-law; Bruce Heuke, 4/11/2012

BIRTHS: Thomas Ramsey Reeves, son of Meg and Mike Reeves (3/26)

DECEASED: Ethel McLain, Shelly Taylor’s mother

FOR THOSE CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS: (3/31) Tate Phillips,(4/1) Lucas Cordona, (4/2) Tom Snead, Bart Kareken, Walt McGill, (4/3) Ralph Patrick, Steve Diffley, (4/4) Andrew Boyd, Danielle Yucius, (4/5) Monica Kraeger, Jett Mikkelsen, (4/6) Olivia Grace Smith, Karla Smolen, (4/7) Meg Reeves, Grace Adams, (4/8) Tad Selby, (4/9) Audrey Grace Greene, (4/10) Molly Frost, (4/11) Jillian Dumke, Morgan Cox, (4/12) Kelley Kilgore, Carson Heath, Emma Greene, Claire Schmitt,

FOR THOSE CELEBRATING ANNIVERSARIES: (4/4) Tim & Therese Braman; (4/10/1997) Tom & Kristin Blackstock

FOR OUR PARISH CYCLE OF PRAYER: (4/1) Toby Hopper; Roberta Hoyt-Johnson; Jim, Amy & Claire Hunkler; Tom & Marilyn Hunter; Deborah Hurd

A Prayer for the Diocese of Atlanta: O God, you lead your Church into all truth: Give the guiding presence of your Holy Spirit to those who have dedicated themselves to your service in our search for the 10th Bishop of the Diocese of Atlanta. May our prayers and discernment be in accord with the mission you have given us to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. May our next bishop be a person of prayer who is present to us as pastor and teacher while prophetically calling us to the ministry of justice, peace, and love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

St. Catherine's Calendar

Hold These Future Dates:

  • April 29 – Confirmation service at Cathedral of St. Philip
  • May 20 – Youth Sunday; Graduates recognized; Last day of Church School
  • May 25-June 3 –Youth Pilgrimage
  • May 27 – Pentecost; Summer worship times begin, 7:30 & 10:30 am; Parish Picnic
  • June 2 – Election for 10th Bishop of Atlanta at Cathedral of St. Philip

Two-Week Look Ahead

Below is the next two weeks of events and activities and is correct as of publication date. For the entire up-to-the-minute parish calendar, go to Calendar.

Saturday, 3/31 Saturday, 4/7


Stephen Ministry
Flower Guild


Acolyte Practice
Proper Liturgy
Easter Vigil

Sunday, 4/1 Sunday, 4/8


Palm Sunday
Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
No Church School
Choral Holy Eucharist
Stephen Ministry


Easter Day
Outdoor Sunrise Service
Festive Family Eucharist
No Church School
Easter Egg Hunt
Festive Choral Eucharist

Monday, 4/2 Monday, 4/9


Susan’s day off
Cobb Schools & Preschool
  Spring Break

Theater Group
Boy Scout Troop 713


Susan’s day off
Church Office Closed
CGS Catholic
Men’s Book Study
Theater Group
Women’s Bible Study
Boy Scout Troop 713

Tuesday, 4/3 Tuesday, 4/10


Eucharist/Lenten Study
Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting
Children’s Stations of Cross

Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting
Holy Conversations
Youth Ministry
Wednesday, 4/4 Wednesday, 4/11


Bible Study
CN & D
Holy Eucharist &
    Healing Service


Bible Study
Youth Choir
Adult Choir

Thursday, 4/5 Thursday, 4/12
Stewardship Meeting
Theater Group
Proper Liturgy
Prayer Vigil
Finance Meeting
Men’s Bible Study
Theater Group
Friday, 4/6 Friday, 3/30
Jim's day off
Church Office Closed
Morning Prayer
Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross
Proper Liturgy
Monastic Supper

Jim's day off
Women’s Bible Study


By Mike Peterson

Elizabeth Inn 03|28|12

Thanks to everyone who came out to serve dinner at Elizabeth Inn on March 28! We had a great time and fed a lot of people!


Church School on vacation

There will be no church school on the Sundays of April 1 and April 8 due to Spring Break and Easter. However, we will be having the…


Easter Egg Hunt

Annual St. Catherine’s Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, April 8. Stay tuned for further announcements on ways you can be involved. I have two lovely Easter Bunny costumes in my office that are more than ready to host a couple of enthusiastic youth volunteers!


What’s up with Youth?

  • About a year ago, Blake Sherry came to me, Father Jim, and several other interested parishioners with a vision to start a St. Catherine’s Community Garden [see his article in this newsletter, above]. Since that time, Blake has worked tirelessly and selflessly to make this vision into a reality. Despite a ludicrous number of bureaucratic hoops that he has had (and continues) to jump through, Blake continues to make progress toward creating a garden that we as a parish can tend while its harvest can be used to feed the hungry of our wider community. If you’d like to be a part of this project, talk to Blake or Ellis Kilgore and they’ll fill you in. Great work, Blake!
  • Katie Barrington appeared in “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” at The Art Place in March
  • Thad Barrington was in “Treasure Island” at Simpson Middle School on March 24.
  • Claire Hunkler has been really active lately making her community a better place! Claire has been volunteering at Emmaus House on Saturday mornings since the beginning of 2012. She is working in the food pantry helping with taking in new donations, inventory and organization, and putting together bags for the people of the community. Before the first of the year, she had a food drive in our neighborhood and collected over 130 items that went to Emmaus House. This is all part of her Girl Scouts Silver Award work. She also joined St. Catherine’s in the Hunger Walk to support Episcopal Charities, which helps Emmaus House. Way to go, Claire!

If you would like your event, happening, or awesome accomplishments to be included in the youth announcements in the future, just contact me at

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