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June 23 - July 6, 2012

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6/23 – Parish Cleanup Day;
Great Oak Society

6/24, 7/8, 15 – General Convention Forum

6/25-28 – VBS

6/26 – Blood Drive;
Elizabeth Inn laundry

6/28 – Family Promise;
Elizabeth Inn dinner

6/29-7/1 – Rite 13 Beach Trip

6/30 – Workshop by Stephen Ministry

7/1 – Patriotic Potluck Brunch

7/4 – Independence Day (office closed)



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By Father Jim

I know I’ve said it many times since returning, but what a privilege it was to travel with our Young Adults on pilgrimage in Costa Rica. They were simply amazing in their capacity and eager desire to encounter the living God. Pilgrimage is that act by which we go in search of God in places where God has been found. And find Him we did — in the abundance of creation, in the hospitality of the people of Costa Rica, and in one another.

I listened over the time I was with them to Mike’s question each evening. “Where did you find God today?” And each evening I was so impressed with these young people’s ability to articulate their faith; their faith struggles; their joys; their sorrows; and their delight and wonder in God’s creation. It didn’t end there either. Each day a young person began the day with a meditation. They day ended in the same fashion. One of the gifts I have always found joy in at St. Catherine’s is this congregation’s ability to reflect in writing about their faith. And these young people are no exception.

I also delighted in their willingness to confess their struggles; their pain; their disappointments; and their delight in one another. I was brought to tears as I heard them reflect on the meaning of life; the power of water to cleanse and renews; the struggles they have in knowing God and Jesus Christ. Indeed, the trip became a redemptive experience for me helping me to remember what I value and enjoy about my ministry.

Each year we gather around Valentine’s Day to dance and eat and raise money for these trips. It is a lot of work and we spend a lot of money. I want you to know how much that work and money is shaping the lives of our young people as they seek God where God wills to be found.

Thank you for supporting them in doing so.

Here are a few of the photos from the pilgrimage -- see lots more in the photo album at


Parish Cleanup Day Saturday, June 23 – for everyone!

By Father Jim

Do you come to St. Catherine's to worship, sing, pray, meditate, contemplate, study, learn, grow, be fed (spiritually and physically), be challenged, make friends, laugh, smile, cry...? If you answered YES to any of these questions you are wanted, and needed at the Parish Clean Up Day!

Starting at 9 am we'll meet in the Parish Hall for area assignments – we’ll be working inside the buildings this day. Morning coffee will be available. Staff and ministry team leaders will guide everyone in organizing storage and sprucing-up all around. We’ll conclude at noon with lunch served by the Parish Life and Fellowship Ministry Team. With many hands, it will be light work, and fun, too!

Blood Drive Tuesday, June 26

The Red Cross has an urgent need right now for all blood types, and especially for types O negative and positive, B negative and A negative. Every two seconds, someone in the US needs blood—in Georgia we must collect 1,300 units of blood daily to meet the needs of our patients and hospitals!

Our June blood drive will be held 3:00 to 8:00 PM in the Youth House (due to Vacation Bible School using the Parish Hall this date). Appointment times are available (although not required) – go to and enter the sponsor code: HOLTRC. Help is also need for greeting donors, setup and clean up, please contact Jennifer Massey, / 404.375.8327.

Important note: Anyone who has been to Costa Rica cannot give blood for one year after travel. For information about travel and donating blood please contact the Red Cross.

Pictorial Directory news

For all who are interested in our new 2012 Pictorial Directory, we are expecting delivery in July. Watch for announcement of pick up dates and times.

Forums about General Convention begin June 24

By Father Jim

In anticipation of 77 th General Convention, the governing body of the Episcopal Church, Fr. Jim will offer three Sunday morning forums to discuss many of the likely actions of the Convention. Meeting at 9:15 am on three Sunday mornings, June 24, July 8 and July 15 in the Board Room, we will be able to anticipate the workings of the Convention before, during and immediately after the meetings. These will be opportunities not just to present the business of the Convention but for us to discuss and ask questions concerning some of the more potentially controversial actions likely to be reported on by local and national media.

77th General Convention to meet

The 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church will meet in Indianapolis July 5-12. The General Convention is the governing body of the Episcopal Church. The Convention is a bicameral legislature that includes the House of Deputies, which has more than 800 members, and the House of Bishops, which is comprised of nearly 300 active and retired bishops. The Convention meets every three years and has the authority to amend the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church; adopt the budget for the church for the next three years; authorize liturgical texts and amend the Book of Common Prayer; adopt communions and covenants with other churches; set qualifications for orders of ministry and office-holders; elect officers of the General Convention, the Executive Council, and members of boards; and delegate responsibilities to the committees, commissions, agencies, and boards of the Episcopal Church.

The 77th General Convention will address many issues that affect our life together. However there are four that you will want to be aware of: the possible restructuring of the Episcopal Church office in New York, the approval of a trial liturgy to be used in blessing same-gender relationships; the Episcopal Church’s response to the proposed Anglican Covenant; a re-addressing of the Denominational Health Plan resolution passed at the 76Th General Convention in 2009. In addition our Bishop-elect Robert Wright’s election will be approved sometime during the Convention. You read all about Convention and follow it online at . The Diocese of Atlanta’s deputation can be found at .

Workshop by Stephen Ministry Saturday, June 30

By Chris Potter

All are invited to a free workshop hosted by Stephen Ministry in the Parish Hall on Saturday, June 30. Our topic will be “Do we expect more from technology and less from each other? — Technology in our Relationships.” Breakfast snacks will be available starting at 8:30 am, and the workshop will be from 9:00 to 11:30 am. For questions please contact Chris Potter, 404-376-7430.

Conversation is now Connection: In Stephen Ministry we teach compassionate listening. Emotions rise, clarity and wisdom spring forth – not from the listener (a Stephen Minister), but from the speaker (a Care Receiver). People long to communicate, but few people know how to listen without input, judgment, and advice. If we truly knew how to listen, more people would actually want to talk to each other.

“Praying for Pars” golf outings

By Walt McGill

Are you the kind of golfer who prays for pars when you get out on the golf course? If you are like most of us "hackers" then we invite you to come join your fellow parishioners to play golf on Sunday. We want to encourage fellowship by going to the early church service together, then eat breakfast, before heading out for a 10:00am tee time. Each person will be responsible for paying for their own greens fees on the day of the outing. We just need for you to confirm your participation by the Sunday one week before each golf outing. We will make reservations for enough foursomes to cover who has registered.

We are planning to have these "Praying for Pars" golf outings on the following Sunday dates in 2012:

  • July 15
  • August 5
  • October 7

To sign up, please check the Opportunities For Ministry form in your bulletin or contact Walt McGill,, 770-971-8890. We will use e-mail to communicate the logistics for each golf outing. If you cannot make it for some of these outings, then just plan to come on the dates that you can. If you were on the distribution list from last year, please look for an e-mail from Walt to confirm your participation this year.

We look forward to some great fellowship together playing golf, regardless of whether you are "praying for pars" or "begging for bogies" or "delighted with doubles"… See you there!

Youth Choir: meeting & plans

By Father Jim

We met this past Sunday to discuss the Youth Choir as we look forward to the fall. One thing I want to be clear about from the outset of this conversation: There will be a Youth Choir in the fall – that is assuming there are young people who wish to be a part of that experience. The meeting focused on these questions:

  • If you’ve been in the youth choir – what do you want to see continue in our program? What would you change?
  • If you’ve been in the youth choir and stopped attending – why?
  • What would make the youth choir a ministry you would want to commit to?
  • What are the best times for rehearsal?

While those who attended the meeting gave us good feedback and I thank them for their time and willingness to share, I was nonetheless disappointed in the number of households represented. I think this made the conversation about bit more about the past and not as focused on the future as I would have preferred.

We did, however, confirm some things that we already knew.

  • Solving the conflict between youth choir and youth group on Wednesday night would eliminate the need for some to choose between the two events.
  • There is a desire for a mix of music across the spectrum from traditional to contemporary but in each case focused on the child’s ability to practice and present such music.
  • While there are exceptions, it is not likely that 9th-12th graders want to sing with 2nd-4th graders.
  • Jubilate Choir is providing a needed outlet for our young people who want to experience a completely different genre and experience of music in church.

I intend to meet with Jana Williams, Brian Williams, Mike Peterson, and Jeff Harris in the next two weeks to review the comments and make some decisions about schedule and next steps. But rest assured – we will have a youth choir starting in the fall.

BrickWalk addition - let us know if you're interested

Many parishioners have inquired if there will be more bricks available for the BrickWalk under the Big Oak Tree in front of the church. We can expand the BrickWalk if we get orders for another 50 bricks. We don't need your order at this time, we just wish to know how many parishioners would like to participate. Each engraved brick is 8”x8” and costs $50. Please let us know by checking the Opportunities For Ministry form in your bulletin or contact Jennifer Massey at The BrickWalk addition will be installed in the fall if there is sufficient interest.

Rally round the Parish Hall for a Patriotic Potluck Brunch

Sunday, July 1

By Margaret Shaw

If you were at church on New Year’s Day 2012, you know what a great time we have at a potluck! We decided to do it again (6 months later, to the day!), and invite you to a Patriotic Potluck Brunch between services on Sunday, July 1. Bring a summer brunch dish to share between services. Think fruits, muffins, coffee cakes, deviled eggs—yummm! Coffee, juice, milk and cereal will be provided. No sign up is needed and all invited. Bring your dish and your appetite to the Parish Hall, 9:15-10:15 am on Sunday, July 1.

EFM — New class begins in September

By Jan Potter

Photo - Congratulations to 2012 EFM graduate Robbie Roy, with her class

On a recent Sunday, Father Jim built his sermon around the question that God asked Adam and Eve in the garden: “Where are you?” As Father Jim said, it wasn’t a geography quiz.

On a day-to-day basis, many people struggle with trying to figure out how to answer that question. Most probably know what the answer should be, or at least what someone has told them the answer should be. Few of us know the real answer. We listen to the stories, we admire people of faith, but many of us are still seeking and searching for the right combination of knowledge and belief. I don’t know about you, but I’m generally convinced that the majority of people I meet in church are either far holier than I am, or far more knowledgeable about the Bible than I could ever be. Many people, though, sit quietly and question those stories and what they mean in the world we live in.

EFM—Education for Ministry—is a 4-year program out of the University of the South (Sewanee) that helps us to sort out what we believe and why. More importantly, it helps us to take that hard-won knowledge and move out into the world and truly live our faith.

EFM meets on Thursday nights in the church library each week through the school year (we begin the first Thursday after Labor Day, September 6). You sign up one year at a time. There is a fee involved and there is scholarship help to defray some of the cost. The first year covers the Old Testament, the second covers the New Testament, the third year covers church history, and the fourth year covers church philosophy.

Someone told me once that they did not want to do the EFM program because they weren’t smart enough or “religious” enough. It’s not about being smart or about being religious. It’s about knowing where you are and where you are going.

We would be honored if you would join us. For more information or to sign up please check the Opportunities For Ministry form in your bulletin or contact Jan Potter, 404-444-8627, or Chris Potter, 404-376-7430,

Sign up your act: Parish Talent Show July 21

By Mike Peterson

The St. Catherine’s Talent and Variety Show will be Saturday, July 21, hosted by Parish Life & Fellowship Committee and the Youth Program. The evening will begin with a potluck dinner for the parish at 6 PM in the Parish Hall, followed by the show in the sanctuary at 7 PM. Admission is free and all are welcome and encouraged to come.

Do you have a talent you would like to share? Whether you have the voice of Luciano Pavarotti, can dance like Michael Jackson, just learned your first three chords on the ukulele, or you simply have a really great story to tell, performers of all ages are encouraged to participate! Whether you plan on performing or not, go ahead and mark July 21 on your calendar and prepare to be entertained.

If you have an act that you would like to share, please contact Mike Peterson at For further information on this event contact Mike, or Pat Pepper at

Did you know about: The Journey

In our Parish Cycle of Ministries, for the week of June 18-24, we celebrate the life and work of The Journey, our "inquirers" program for adults.

“The Journey” (Inquirers 501) – Register now for fall

By Amma Susan+

The Journey is St. Catherine’s process designed especially for adults who want to explore their questions about God and the church, for adults interested in becoming members of the Episcopal Church and for adults seeking to be baptized or confirmed. Beginning September 16 and meeting on Sunday afternoons from 1 to 3 pm, The Journey participants will explore their faith in community with others new and old to St. Catherine’s, gain spiritual tools for their faith journey, learn about the Episcopal Church, the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, discern their gifts for ministry, all while enjoying fellowship, small group interaction and worship together. Volunteer adult catechists join with the clergy to lead this program.

Registration for The Journey has begun. If you are interested in participating or learning more about the process, please sign up on the Opportunities For Ministry form in your bulletin or call The Rev. Susan Johnson (770-971-2839).


“Family Promise” meeting Thursday, June 28 – at St. Catherine’s

We are exploring possible St. Cat’s participation with Family Promise, an organization which networks resources to provide overnight accommodations and meals for homeless families on a rotating basis. The next meeting is 7:00-8:30 pm in the Parish Hall, and we are hosting the meeting at St. Catherine’s this month. Please come to hear about ways we can consider getting involved. Information about the organization is available at

St. Cat's outreach garden produce available

Our St. Cat's community outreach vegetable garden is producing! Food has already been taken to MUST and will continue to be all season. Extra produce is available to the parish—watch for Blake Sherry's table on Sundays in the foyer when the next crop is ready. All donations are welcome, to benefit our outreach programs.

Photo - Blake handing off the second crop of the St. Cat's Community Garden to Tiffany Cooper of MUST (by Ellis Kilgore)

Building dedicated – A great day!

June 10 was the culmination of 18 months and more in building the new Daily Outreach Center for the Elizabeth Inn campus of MUST Ministries on Cobb Parkway in Marietta. St. Catherine's was very proud of its volunteers who worked with five other Cobb churches to plan, fund and construct this building—Episcopal Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, the Catholic Church of St. Ann and Kennesaw United Methodist Church.

The dedication ceremony gave thanks for all the workers involved in the project. Father Jim gave the opening prayer. Fred Massey and Roger Motter were recognized as two of the site project managers, and Fred was honored to present the key to the building to Michael Laird, Director of Elizabeth Inn. Following the ceremony was a gala reception for all hosted by Fred and Jennifer Massey at their home.

The event was publicized in several media sources including the Marietta Daily Journal, the newsletter of the Diocese of Atlanta, and We are proud of you all!

Lunches for MUST Summer Lunch Program

Next date: Wednesday, August 1, 10 am

St. Catherine’s will again make 1,000 lunches for MUST’s Summer Lunch program on Wednesday, August 1, starting at 10 am in the Parish Hall. With many hands it’s a surprisingly quick job! Volunteers will prepare and pack the lunches, no food donations are needed. If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Massey,, 404.375.8327.

The MUST Summer Lunch Program delivers free, nutritious lunches to children who are eligible to receive a free or reduced lunch during the school year, Monday through Friday all summer long in Cobb, Cherokee, Douglas, Paulding, North Fulton and Gwinnett communities. For complete information about the program visit .

Photos, below: Making 1,000 lunches on our first date, June 13 (by Bill Ivey)


Miss Georgia Pageants – June 20-23

Best wishes to Kelly Donoghue and Stephanie Burkholder as both girls are in Columbus, Georgia June 20-23, to compete in the Miss Georgia (Stephanie) and Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen (Kelly) Pageants. There was a great article with photos of Stephanie as Miss Cobb County in the June 19 issue of the Marietta Daily Journal – see it at The pageant will be streamed live online each night: go to for the link for the local tv station that is airing it.

Wedding congratulations

Congratulations to Sarah (Jordan) and Jeff Clark, married at St. Catherine’s on June 9!

“Let their love for each other be a seal upon their hearts, a mantle about their shoulders, and a crown upon their foreheads.”

Photo by Karen Manno

Thank you, Joyce Hendricks

On behalf of St. Catherine’s and the Marietta Convocation we want to thank Joyce Hendricks for representing us on the search committee for our new Bishop, the Rev. Robert Wright. Rob will be ordained the 10th Bishop of Atlanta at the Cathedral of St. Philip on Saturday, October 13 at 11 am.

Bishop search committees put in many, many hours to accomplish their task. We know that Joyce, as always, was a faith member of the committee and spend long weekend hours going through resumes, answers to questions, phone interview, discussions among the committee, visits to candidates, retreats, etc. to come to their final slate of candidates.

Thank you, Joyce, for your faithful and loving care for our church.

The Great Oak Fund Society gathers

By Father Jim

A dedicated Fund Board led by Bill Bowden established the Great Oak Endowment Fund several years ago. The founding documents were written, reviewed and approved by the Vestry to create a Fund that would support the future growth of St. Catherine’s in three principle areas: 1) outreach, 2) capital improvement, and 3) seed money for new ministries. Information about the Fund’s policies and procedures, including the Vestry motion establishing the Fund, is available on St. Catherine’s website at

The Fund Board, under successive leadership, has tackled the challenges of “branding” the Fund, creating publicity for it, and in the last year focused their time and energy on development work. Over this time Phil Spessard, Board Chair, and I have made many visits with parishioners to describe the Fund and to invite participation. These visits have been filled with joy as together we have shared our deep affection and care for the life and ministries of this congregation. The visits have reaffirmed for me the conviction this congregation has for providing strong ministry in the here and now and into future years. I thank every household which has welcomed Phil and me so graciously into your home.

Over this time the Fund has grown so that generous parishioner gifts of some $30,000 are invested through the Episcopal Church Foundation as the Great Oak Endowment Fund of St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church. The Vestry will make decisions concerning the first distribution (up to 5%) from the Fund in January, 2013.

The Great Oak Fund Society will gather in its inaugural event at the Massey residence on Saturday evening, June 23. Ten households of St. Catherine’s have expressed their commitment to St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church by naming the Fund as the ultimate beneficiary of a planned gift and confirmed that commitment in writing to the Church. We will gather with these families in order to give thanks for their generous commitment to the future of St. Catherine’s. Membership in the Society involves no dues or obligations, but does allow us to thank and recognize those who have made plans for the future ministry of St. Catherine’s. If you have made such plans and have not communicated them to St. Catherine’s, we invite you to do so by sending a letter or communicating with Phil Spessard or me. We’d love to have you with us at future events. The Great Oak Society celebrations will become annual events.

I cannot imagine how this Fund will influence the ministry of St. Catherine’s in 2061 as they celebrate a Centennial of ministry. I am confident, however, that it will be significant. At some special event facility in East Cobb in 2061 someone will stand and raise a glass in toast to those who had the foresight to establish this Fund and to ensure the future ministry of this wonderful congregation. For that I am grateful. And to God be the glory!

At the newcomer & visitor breakfast

At the Newcomer & Visitor breakfast on June 10: Tony, Molly, Jack and Sydney; Teri Sutton and Niki Langley; Mary & Robert with Colin & Rebecca. Say hi to all the new faces at St. Catherine's!

Photos by Bettye Harris


Dear [St. Catherine’s],

Thank you so much for supporting MUST Ministries. Sunday was a special day in MUST history with the dedication of our brand new Day Services Center in which you helped to build and fund. Many lives will be changed because of your generosity. Without the help of you and your wonderful church we could not have accomplished this milestone and our mission of “Serving Our Neighbors in Need.”

Thank you for your continued support to MUST Ministries. It is folks like you that help MUST to serve so many in our community. Thank you again, you have touched my heart.

In The Master’s Service,

Dwight “Ike” Reighard, President & CEO, MUST Ministries


Petition to keep CIS in Atlanta’s schools

In April, Communities In Schools of Atlanta learned that Atlanta Public Schools (APS) leadership was considering the elimination of CIS's forty year partnership with Atlanta Public Schools. Communities In Schools (CIS) is the only dropout prevention organization in the country proven to both increase on-time high school graduation rates and decrease dropout rates. Many St. Catherine’s members have long been involved in the CIS organization serving in Marietta and Cobb County. In 2011, 26% of students that graduated from Atlanta Public Schools were on the caseload of a CIS of Atlanta staff member because they had been identified as at-risk for dropping out. That same year, 80% of CIS of Atlanta's caseload students graduated or were promoted to the next grade level. Each year, CIS generates more than $2 million worth of volunteer support, emergency assistance grants, and in-kind donations including new books, clothing, school supplies and free health services for students in its partner schools.

CIS of Atlanta is asking for support by signing a petition to Atlanta Public Schools Leadership to keep CIS in Atlanta. For information, to sign the online petition, and/or for reports of the petition’s progress, go to .



FOR OUR NATION AND ITS LEADERS: Barack, our president, Nathan, our Governor, and members of Congress.

FOR THE SICK: James Day, Mary Ann, Joe Cochran, Crystal Herman, Olivia Martin, Brian Lee, Sandy Curran, Paul Beswick, Alycen Widdon, Rusty Phillips, James Ellis, Joanne Pinkney, Page Loyd, Beverly, Marilyn Gradwell, Holly, Bea Tolley, Lynn McDowell, Angie Henson, Snow Lucchosi, , Gloria, Shirley Burland, Lee DeFore, Debra, Emily Harrell, Gordon, Bill Falinski, Rod Deutscher, Ruth Jones, Joan Unger, Carol Viering, Linda Steiner, Denise, Mare, Audrey Brunett, Alvira Silva, Travis Thompson, Barbara Kallas, Bill Lewis, Doug Guedry, Charles Williams, Sybil Carr, Robby Perry, Katie and parents Barb & Dale Braman, Wil Fambrough, Frances Short, The Rev. Mona Goulette, Maddie Billingsley, Hector Quiles, Mick Phillips, Clara Bowen, Jim Greene, Karl Nelson, Tyler James, Doris Samples, Rosemary McIntire, Lake Bozman, Peggy Conlan, Gwen Moody & family, Penny, Kati Toft, Laurel Glidewell, Michael, Travis Thompson & family, Ann McBrayer, Jeri, Karen Patterson, Ali Kahn, Margaret White, Lane Ledford, Wendy Purdue, Jyll Pickett, Winnie Sweetman, Bill Montero, Inez Free, Edward Wilson, Barry Dillard

BEFORE SURGERY: Patti Sousa, 6/29/12; Carroll Mitchell, 7/6/2012; Bruce Heuke, 7/11/2012, Chubby Rice, 7/27/2012

DECEASED: Joe Tarentino; Philip DiPietro, Marion Cook’s former neighbor; Laurence Bailey Short, Martha Bowden’s uncle and godfather; Joan Achee, Gary Parker’s sister

FOR THOSE CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS: (6/23) Anna Rouleau, Eva Snape, Beverly Denney, (6/24) Lynn Heath, Nancy O’Neill, Michael Paris, Jack Rouleau, Bill Fambrough, Lilibet Goldman, (6/26) Karen Tindall, John Nabinger, (6/27) Kris Cook, (6/28) Anne Whittle, Ava Farmer, (6/29) Daniel Dover, (6/30) Amy Hollis, Danielle Parker, Matthew Phillips, Rachel Tomchik, Lisa Cook, Robin Kiefer, Logan Parisi, (7/1) Spencer Banko, (7/2) Ron Motter, Donna Stephens, Caroline Miner, (7/3) Melissa Wolfe, Anne Clark, (7/4) Dana Minizenberger, Margaret Wilson, Jenny Korwan, Stephanie Burkholder, (7/5) Jordan LaGardѐ

ANNIVERSARIES: (6/23) Kathy & Keith Solomon; Rick & Tracy Buckalew; (6/24) Tim & Caroline Brennan; Michael & Mel Paris; (6/25) Paul & Karen Manno; (6/26) Greg & Margaret Caudle; Amy & Chris Morris; (6/27) Bill & Barb Selby; Claire & Brian Paglia; (6/28) Hale & Diane Sanders; (7/2) Steve & Cindy Tuemmler; (7/3) Kelly Beard/David Bottoms; (7/4) Stan & Dani Dickson; Wayne & Jodi Gammon; (7/5) Ken & Nancy Denton; (7/6) Pat & Frank Brent

FOR OUR PARISH CYCLE OF PRAYER: (6/24) Martin & Katja Michael, Karoline & Michael Fendley; Daniel, Amy, Luke & Jett Mikkelsen; Bruce, Julie, Caroline, Eric & Rachel Miner; Ken, Linda & Dana Minzenberger; Andy & Carroll Mitchell; (7/1) David, Mary, Laura & Catherine Moore; Mark & Sally Moore; Peter, Colleen, Kyle & Jill Morich; Chris, Amy, Jacob, Alex & Naomi Morris; Richard Motter


Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

St. Catherine's Calendar

Hold These Future Dates:

  • July 1 – Patriotic Potluck Brunch, 9:15 am
  • July 5-12 – 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • July 21 – Parish Talent Show & Dinner, 6 pm
  • July 29 – Summer Parish Meeting, 9:15 am; College freshman sendoff at both services
  • August 7 – Quarterly Ministry Teams meeting, 7 pm
  • August 12, 19, 26 – Country Fair, 9:15 am

Holy Baptism: next scheduled dates - Sunday, July 22; Sunday, November 4 (All Saint's Sunday)

Please contact the church office for information and the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.

Two-Week Look Ahead

Below are the next two weeks of events and activities and is correct as of publication date. For the entire up-to-the-minute parish calendar, go to Calendar.

Saturday, 6/23 Saturday, 6/30


Parish Cleanup Day
Great Oak Society @ Masseys


Stephen Ministry

Sunday, 6/24 Sunday, 7/1


Coffee Time
Holy Eucharist Rite II/Jubilate
General Convention Forum
Holy Eucharist Rite II/Jubilate


Coffee Time
Holy Eucharist Rite II
Patriotic Potluck Brunch
Holy Eucharist Rite II

Monday, 6/25 Monday, 7/2

Amma Susan's day off
Vacation Bible School
Boy Scout Troop 713


Amma Susan's day off
Stephen Ministry
Boy Scout Troop 713

Tuesday, 6/26 Tuesday, 7/3


Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting
Vacation Bible School
Blood Drive
MUST Laundry Team

Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting
Wednesday, 6/27 Wednesday, 7/4


MUST Breakfast
Bible Study
Vacation Bible School
Vestry-HC Team


Independence Day,
  Office Closed

Thursday, 6/28 Thursday, 7/5
Vacation Bible School
Elizabeth Inn
Family Promise
8:30AM Stewardship
Friday, 6/29 Friday, 7/6
Fr. Jim's day off
Rite 13 Beach Trip
Men’s Bible Study
Women’s Bible Study

Fr. Jim's day off
Men’s Bible Study
Science Camp Set Up
Women’s Bible Study
CN & D


By Mike Peterson,

June 27: Thursday Night Live??

The St. Cat’s Youth will be serving dinner at Elizabeth Inn, an emergency shelter for those in need, on Thursday, June 28. This activity will replace Wednesday Night Live for that week. Make sure you mark the date on your calendar! We always have a good time grilling burgers & dogs, serving food, and meeting new people.


August 1: Visit the Atlanta Braves

Our final Summer Wednesday Night Live before we take a break for the rest of August will be a trip to see the Atlanta Braves take on Miami on Wednesday, August 1 and it will only cost $10! We have a limited number of tickets available on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can reserve your spot by getting your payment in to me. I have received limited (but enthusiastic) response so far. Accordingly, I will open up all unclaimed tickets to the congregation at large (rather than just the youth) in early July, so get your spot reserved ASAP! We will arrange for transportation to be offered from St. Catherine’s to/from Turner Field.


Pics from making summer lunches for MUST, June 13

Join us next time on August 1! Photos by Bill Ivey

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  • July 6
  • July 27
  • August 11

The Wheel is published two times per month, usually on Fridays. Beginning February 1, 2012 all editions are in electronic form (HTML) posted on our newsletter page and distributed by email to all members subscribed to the "Parish Announcements" email list. Printed copies of each newsletter are available for pickup at church in the foyer, in the wall rack near the welcome table. We welcome contributions of articles and photos of interest to the parish. Articles are due Wednesday 2 days before the publication date, by midnight. Please submit articles via email (below) or to Editor Karen Manno's mailbox at church.

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Does everyone in your family receive The Wheel, St. Catherine's newsletter? Is everyone subscribed? Email is becoming a primary means for our parish communications. You may sign up on on our Subscription page. Or you may send the names and email addresses of everyone who would like get their own copy to Karen Manno at the email address below, or note them on the Opportunities for Ministry in your bulletin, or contact the church office at 770-971-2829. You'll receive your online version via email, and you can find all current and prior issues of The Wheel on our website at

Editor: Karen Manno
Contact: or 770-973-8668

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