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April 20 - May 3
, 2013

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4/24, 5/1 – WNL

4/21 – Safeguarding Children class

4/23 – Blood drive; Elizabeth Inn Laundry Team

4/23, 24 – Catechesis discovery

4/26 – Wine Tasting @ Gales’

4/27 – Day of Service; Rite 13 Dinner

4/28 – Rite 13 Ceremony; Elizabeth Inn Dinner Team

5/4 – Atlanta Sacred Chorale Concert

5/5 – Fashion show/auction for CCYA

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Boston, 2013

By Father Jim

Another senseless act in which innocent victims are caught in the middle of competing truth claims. Who knows what those claims are—it is too early to tell, if we ever know. What we know is that (at this writing) 3 people have lost their lives and more than 100 are injured, some critically. And what will have been accomplished through this senseless act? Nothing! It is the only conclusion I can come to, although I’m sure others will disagree.

I have no interest in participating in the pointing of fingers, the Facebook frenzy or the drawing of lines between us and them. I can only think about those people who began yesterday participating in a great American tradition and really just wanted to enjoy the day, stretch their souls and bodies and rejoice with friends at a finish line. My prayer is not just for their healing—even those who escaped injury will carry the scars of those explosions in heart and mind—but for us as we move forward from this tragedy.

I can only wonder what I have done over my lifetime to sabotage the joy and wonder in God’s Kingdom that is always and ever God’s gracious gift to us. Where have my words and deeds exploded into someone’s life and stolen their great dreams or robbed them of an accomplishment? I hope my actions can not be compared to bombs set off amongst crowds of innocent people—but then, do I have the right to judge the magnitude of my act if it’s hurt someone?

It’s at times like these that the difference between me and the person or persons who perpetrated this great tragedy is measured at best in degrees of magnitude. In that sense I can find in my heart the faith to pray not just for those who are victims but for the one(s) who has/have done this terrible thing. We are all in need of forgiveness and mercy as we stand before God—the God who weeps with us today but never fails to love us unconditionally.

Greece Pilgrimage presentation

Wednesday, May 8

By Father Jim

Join us Wednesday evening, May 8 at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall for a recap of this year’s Lenten pilgrimage to Greece, “In the Footsteps of Paul: Holy and Classical Sites of Greece.” You’re invited to join us first for Wednesday Night Live supper at 6:00 if possible. Starting at 7:00 we’ll tell many stories which mark the pilgrim way and see the pictures that document the way. If you’ve ever wondered what a pilgrimage is all about or thought you’d like to join one, this is a great opportunity to get up and personal with the travels of your fellow parishioners. A nursery will be available and we’ll finish at 8:00 pm.

Confirmation at St. Catherine’s

Wednesday, May 15, 7:00 pm

By Amma Susan

Bishop Robert C. Wright will join us at St. Catherine’s on May 15 at 7 pm for confirmation. We have been preparing our Adult and Youth confirmation classes throughout the fall and spring to participate. It will be a glorious day of celebration as these members of the body of Christ make a mature commitment of faith through confirmation, are received into the Episcopal Church, or reaffirm their baptismal vows. The music offered to the glory of God by the Chancel Choir will enhance our worship and a wonderful reception in the Parish Hall will follow the service.

We hope that each and every one of you will circle this date on your calendar, and plan to be in attendance to support those who will give themselves to the ministry of Jesus Christ through the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church.

Got wisdom?

Your advice wanted by April 21 for Rite13 Book of Wisdom

By Mary Lou Shannonhouse

In the spirit of such books as “Life’s Little Instruction book,” we are compiling advice from St. Catherine’s parishioners for a Book Of Wisdom for our Rite 13 teens. Please submit a small bit of advice (one sentence of less) to our Rite 13ers who will be celebrating an important rite of passage on Sunday, April 28. Your advice can be something practical (“Don’t go to bed with gum in your mouth”) or something more profound (“Be content to be who you really are”). Both are important to know!

Use the special form in your Sunday bulletin or download a copy now at . Please identify yourself by your first name and age or stage in life (for example, “Bob, age 41” or “Susan, mother of 3”). You may put your completed form in the Words of Wisdom Box in the church foyer or return it to Mary Lou Shannonhouse by Sunday, April 21. Thank you!

“Safeguarding God's Children”

Sunday, April 21, 3-6 pm

"Safeguarding God's Children" training workshop will be held at St. Catherine's on Sunday, April 21 (taught by our own Lisa Cook and Mike Peterson). The class will be from 3 to 6 pm in the Board Room. Safeguarding God's Children is our training program in conjunction with the Diocese of Atlanta for preventing sexual abuse of children and youth. All volunteers and staff who work with children and youth at St. Catherine's are required to have this training every three years.

There is no cost to attend this date, but be sure to RSVP so we can have the materials available for you. Please register by contacting Harriett Pyburn,, 770-509-3552. You may check the status of your training by contacting Harriett also. If you cannot attend this date there are more opportunities around the diocese, view times and locations at

Blood drive - next date Tuesday, April 23

Our next Red Cross blood drive will be April 23 from 3:00 to 8:00 PM in the Parish Hall. You can reserve your time now by going to and enter the sponsor code: STCATS. Reservations are helpful to get you in and out in the shortest time but are not required, all donors are always welcome on the day of the event.

Extra help needed

Help is particularly needed for this date for set up, take down, and host / greet – please sign up on the Opportunities for Ministry form in your bulletin or contact Jennifer Massey,, 404.375.8327.

A Silent Journey and Discovery – the Atrium

Tuesday, April 23/Wednesday, April 24

By Lisa Cook

Please join us for a unique opportunity to explore and experience the atrium of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, our children’s Christian education program. Each session is open to parents, grandparents and any parishioner of St. Catherine’s interested in knowing more about the child’s special relationship with God, how it is different than the adult’s and how the atrium is a wonderfully sacred space for the child’s encounter with God. All three atrium levels (Level I for three to five year old children, Level II for 6 to 8 year old children, and Level III for 9-12 year old children) will be available part of this special journey.

Two session options are available: Tuesday morning, April 23, 9:45-11:45 am OR Wednesday evening, April 24, 6:30-8:30 pm (both sessions will begin in the Parlor). Please RSVP as quickly as possible to Lisa Cook, or Karen Maxwell, as each session is limited to 25 participants.

Financial update

By Steve Pyburn, Treasurer

As many of you recall, we ended 2012 with a sizable deficit to budget, and the most common question I was asked in December/January was “Why did we not see this coming?” The short answer to this question is that we relied on historical trends a little too much last year – trends that predicted increased income in Q4 that simply didn’t happen. Thus, we are going to be much more analytical in our approach this year, and I will be much more open and transparent with all of you regarding where we stand financially.

Traditionally, our Ministry Teams do a fantastic job spending at or below their budget each year, and so I will not focus much time or energy on the expense side of our income statement unless something happens that warrants a different approach. Instead, I will focus your attention on the following chart that summarizes our 2013 pledge revenue.
[Click chart to enlarge]

We have grouped all pledging units into one of five categories, ranging from units that have already paid their entire 2013 pledge this year to ones that have paid nothing so far this year. For each category, we then show the following statistics:

  • Number of pledging units
  • 2013 Pledge Budget – if you recall from our Annual Meeting, we set the budget in January at $721k based on 217 pledging units
  • 2013 “Expected” Revenue through March 2013 – this amount is 100% of the pledge amount for people that pay their entire pledge in January and 25% (3 months worth of pledge revenue) for everyone else
  • 2013 Actual Revenue – what we have actually received through March
  • Difference – difference between “Expected” revenue and Actual revenue
  • Average 2012 Collection Rate – this is the average collection rate we experienced in 2012 for each of the 5 groups (e.g., the 102 pledge units that are on or ahead of pace in 2013 contributed 99% of their total pledge budget in 2012)
  • 2013 Projected Revenue – our best guess for 2013 full-year revenue based on historical giving percentages for each of the five groups above

As you can see at the bottom of the chart, we are currently projecting 2013 revenue to be ~$22k short of our 2013 budget. And as you can see by the red circle, this deficit is primarily driven by 79 pledging units that are significantly behind on their 2013 pledge.

As I stressed in the annual meeting, we completely understand that everyone’s financial situation changes throughout the year—sometimes to the good, and sometimes to the bad. We know that parishioners have the best of intentions to fulfill their 2013 pledge, but unfortunately the economy and/or some bad luck will simply not allow some to do so. If this has happened to you, all we ask is that you notify someone on the Vestry concerning your situation so that we can adjust our expense levels accordingly. We should not plan on spending 100% of our expense budget if we think that we will not receive 100% of our pledge revenue budget. But it is difficult to curtail our Ministry Team spending if we don’t realize revenue is under budget until November/December.

Thank you for taking the time to read this financial update, and please let me or anyone on the Vestry know if you have any questions about the numbers above.

Get tickets now for Atlanta Sacred Chorale: “Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs”

Saturday, May 4, 8 pm at St. Catherine’s

Join us for the final program in St. Catherine’s 2012-2013 Concert Series. The Atlanta Sacred Chorale is a nationally ranked ensemble of auditioned singers known for unparalleled choral artistry. Whether at Piccolo Spoleto, Spivey Hall or with the Atlanta Symphony, ASC’s rich repertoire — from the Renaissance to folk spirituals to contemporary — seeks to touch both the human heart and the Divine. Directed by Dr. Eric Nelson of Emory University, the chorale and its popular CDs are regularly broadcast on NPR and across the U.S. and Canada. You can listen to them on their website at Don’t miss this opportunity to experience ASC live in a small setting. You will be transported.

Tickets are $20 if purchased before the concert (by Thursday, May 2) or $25 at the door. To order tickets please see the form in your Sunday bulletin or get one now at Seating will be limited. In addition, you are invited to become a “Friend Of Music At St. Catherine’s” by supporting this and our future concert series with your donation (Friends of Music details are included on the order form).

Parish Retreat - registration needed by April 28

Our 2013 Parish Retreat is for everyone: adults, youth, children, singles, couples and families! Join us on Labor Day weekend, August 30 - Sept. 2. at beautiful Lake Logan Episcopal Center in the western North Carolina mountains. Please register soon with your deposit, registration deadline is April 28. Final payments will be due by July 21.

For information about retreat accommodations, activities and cost please pick up our registration form at church or get it now at You can see photos and get details about Lake Logan at If you have any questions about our retreat please contact Ginny Lummus,, 770-845-1742.

Photos below - Fun at the last Parish Retreat

Looking ahead

Mark your calendar for these activities and schedule changes for the end of the school year:

  • Sunday, May 12
    - Youth Sunday at 8:45 service
  • Sunday, May 19
    - Two worship times ONLY – 7:30 AM and 10:30 AM
    - Day of Pentecost - WEAR RED!
    - Parish Picnic immediately following 10:30 service
    - Last day of Church School
    - Graduates recognized at all services (see below)
  • Sunday, May 26
    - Change to summer worship times schedule -- Two services: 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM

Graduates Recognition Sunday— submit names by May 12

We will recognize all graduates, preschool through graduate school, at all services on May 19. Please send us names to be recognized by Sunday, May 12 by filling out the Opportunities for Ministry form in your bulletin or contact Rose Wolfe at with the graduate’s name, grade & institution, and if a high school graduate what their post-graduation plans are.

2013-2014 calendars needed by May 17

Attention all ministries, groups and committees: Make sure rooms, resources and publicity will be available for you! Your St. Catherine’s staff is having a calendaring day in late May to plan out the coming year from June 2013 through May 2014. We need to know of all meetings and events for your group—tentative and confirmed, one time or on-going. Please send information to Rose Wolfe,, no later than Friday, May 17.

RFP for Great Oak Endowment Fund inaugural grants

Reply by June 1

The Great Oak Endowment Fund of St. Catherine’s was established to assist the parish in fulfilling its mission beyond ministries supported through annual operating funds. The Endowment Fund Board allocates a percentage of the endowment each year to fund proposals in one of three areas.

  • Capital needs of the parish
  • Outreach ministries and grants
  • Initiation of new ministries or special one-time projects

For 2013, the inaugural year for funding, $1,000 is available to fulfill one or more project requests from the parish in these areas. Any parishioner wishing to make a proposal should first contact the convener of the ministry team most closely aligned with the proposed project. The deadline for proposals for the 2013 cycle is June 1, 2013. For complete details of requirements please pick up a copy of the RFP document at church or download one now at For more information about the fund or the proposal process, please contact Senior Warden Bill Lee or Junior Warden Elizabeth Lopez.

Time to register for Vacation Bible School

Mornings, July 29 - August 1

By Harriett Pyburn

Our theme for this summer's Vacation Bible School is “Kingdom Rock,” where our kids will develop a rock-solid faith as they discover how to stand strong for God in every part of their lives! Kingdom Rock VBS is an epic adventure which shows kids that God’s love and power are not just fairytales. Our days will be filled with music, games, stories, and imagination.

The dates will be Monday through Thursday, July 29 - August 1, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Children from age 4 to rising 5th grade are welcome. Space is limited so register soon -- the cost is $30 per child and includes a t-shirt. After June 30th the cost will be $35 per child. For an additional $5, you can get an early copy of the ever-popular music CD. Registration forms are available in the foyer or preschool, or download a form from our website at

Plenty of adult and youth volunteers are needed! All adults, and youth who are interested in being Group Leaders (middle and high school) or Junior Helpers (rising 5th graders), please contact Harriett Pyburn,

“The Big Red Barn”

St. Catherine’s Preschool Summer Camp Week for ages 3 – rising 2nd grade

The St. Catherine’s Preschool Summer Camp is open to parishioners, too. Join us for a fun-filled, farm-themed week of camp in the same loving environment that our Preschool is known for. The Preschool teachers will be staffing the camp.

The camp is June 3-7, 10:00 am to 1:30 pm, for ages 3 through rising 2nd graders. Cost is $130.00 per child. Registration forms are available in the preschool or on our website at

Hearing assistance system now available

By Bill Ivey

St. Catherine’s has received a gift from a parishioner to invest in an assistive listening system in our sanctuary for the hearing impaired. Some have said they find it hard to hear in certain areas of the nave, or that some speakers are difficult to hear. This system features headsets for one ear or T-Coils that feed digital hearing aids directly; each receiver has its own volume control. It’s similar to systems you may have used in a concert hall or museum. A sign (right) is in foyer to direct those who wish to use the headsets to the usher’s stand for assistance. The earphones will be sanitized after each use.


St. Catherine's Day of Service - Saturday, April 27

The people have spoken and we are listening! Feedback from our Holy Conversations team indicated that our parishioners would like to participate in more hands-on outreach opportunities. On Saturday, April 27, we have arranged service opportunities in community plus a church clean-up day. This is a great way to spend time with others from St. Catherine's while also giving back to our community. If you are interested, RSVPs are required and space is limited. Please sign up on the Opportunities for Ministry form in your bulletin or contact Nancy Denton, 770-428-6058,

  1. MUST Distribution Center - Hours are 1:30 until 4:30 at the MUST Distribution Center near the Elizabeth Inn on Cobb Parkway. Help sort incoming items at their Donation Center. Ages 10 and up are welcome with accompanying adult. RSVP required – space is limited.
  2. St. Catherine’s Clean-up Day – Hours are 8:15 am until 12:30 pm. Help clean the church (inside the buildings). No limit on the number who can participate! School-age children are welcome with accompanying adult.
  3. Space already filled for this opportunity! United Way Shoebox Project (9:00 am – 12:00 noon at 11250 Enterprise Way Suite 12, Marietta, GA 30060).

If you are participating in the church cleanup activity, a light breakfast will be available at 8:15 am followed by prayers before we all disperse to our jobs for the morning. Please bring cleaning equipment such as buckets, rags, rubber gloves (cleaning compounds provided). Lunch will be available at 12:30 pm -- reservations are needed for the meal (sub, chips and a drink), please sign up on the Opportunities For Ministry form in your bulletin.

Fashion show, lunch & auction to benefit CCYA

Sunday, May 5, 1:00 pm

By Lee Ann Sherry

Join us for "Springtime in Paris", a preview of Spring Fashions from Cabi & Lisa Spessard, plus a Luncheon & Silent Auction with all proceeds to benefit the Center for Children & Young Adults (CCYA). Tickets are $15 and are available at church. Donations of gently used men’s and women’s career & special occasion clothing for the CCYA "Dress for Success" Closet and donations of birthday items (cake mixes, decorations, paper products) for the "Fragile Kids Birthday Bash Basket" Program will be collected. Please contact Lee Ann Sherry at 770-815-5299 or for information, or learn about CCYA on their website at

Stop Hunger Now coming May 11

By Mike Peterson

On Saturday, May 11, you are invited to help St. Catherine’s provide 10,000 meals to under-nourished school children around the world, all in the span of 2-3 hours! We will be hosting a meal-packaging event through an incredible organization called Stop Hunger Now who will bring all the necessary supplies and tools for meal packaging to St. Catherine’s, provide an orientation on world hunger and their program, and guide us in the preparation and packaging of meals containing rice, soy, vegetables, flavoring, and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. These meals are nutritionally balanced, easily transportable, and have a shelf life of up to five years.

Parishioners of all ages are invited and encouraged to take part in this event! You can sign up at the bulletin board at St. Catherine’s at the top of the stairs (next to the door to the church offices) or by emailing Mike Peterson at This event is sponsored by the St. Catherine’s Youth Program and Outreach Committee.

CIS collecting toiletries for MUST care bags

The Marietta Communities in Schools (CIS) Performance Learning Center Ambassadors are holding a drive to collect travel-size toiletries for the MUST Ministries homeless initiative. They are collecting these items in travel sizes: Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, Deodorant, Shampoo and conditioner, Disposable razors, Soap, lotion and tissue, Feminine hygiene products, One-gallon zip lock bags. Please bring items to the Outreach table by Sunday, May 5. For questions please contact Joan Nixon. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Elizabeth Inn Laundry Team help needed

By Jennifer Massey

Can you help your fellow man? Willing to do something very simple that means so much? Got about 5 hours to do some laundry on the fourth Tuesday or the fifth Wednesday of the month? Please sign up on the Opportunities for Ministry form in your bulletin or contact Fred Massey, 404.731.4466, to find out how YOU can make a difference in 22 people's lives in just one night at the Elizabeth Inn shelter on Cobb Parkway. Free training and guaranteed rewards!

Next dates coming up: Tuesday, April 23; Tuesday, May 28; Tuesday, June 25; Tuesday, July 23; Wednesday, July 31.

Bread Pickup & Delivery Ministry

By Ron Cook

One “behind the scenes” Outreach ministry at St.Catherine’s is a group of 8-9 volunteers who each week pick up “date expired” baked goods from two Publix supermarkets and deliver them to the food bank operations at MUST Ministries or the Center for Family Resources in Marietta. Sunday morning volunteers pick up at the store at East Piedmont and Roswell Road, and Thursday’s volunteers pick up at the store at Sandy Plains and Scufflegrit Roads. They box or bag the bread, pies, cakes, donuts, cookies, etc. and transport them to the organizations which then distribute them to needy area families. The market value of the baked goods is about $30,000-$40,000 per year — a significant help to the recipients.

This ministry has been going at St. Catherine’s for 20 years or more, and many parishioners have served in it. The present scheduler is Ron Cook (Ph. 770-428-4286) and he would be happy to involve you in this useful ministry if it is of interest to you.

Outreach items collections for April

  • MUST Ministries: Our April food focus is Canned Protein (e.g., tuna, chicken). Of course all non-perishable food items, baby supplies (e.g., diapers), and toiletries will be accepted.
  • Emmaus House: Playground equipment (jump ropes, playground balls, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, etc.) for the 7-week day camps provided by Emmaus House for 150 elementary students in the Peoplestown neighborhood of Atlanta.
  • Communities in Schools: New and like-new books for Cobb County students. Did you know that some homes in Cobb County do not have a single book? Please help us collect books for all reading levels and school ages so we can help distribute them to children before they go home for the summer break.
  • In addition, we collect maternity, work and professional clothing year-round.

Collection bins are located to the left of the main sanctuary doors across from the parlor. This is a great opportunity to involve younger children in family discussions about community need and ways we can all help. If you have any questions or suggestions for future seasonal collections, please contact Harriett Pyburn,


BrickWalk extension installed

By Bill Ivey

The addition to the 50th anniversary BrickWalk is now complete, thanks to our BrickWalk team and a group of volunteer laborers. Al Jones conceived and directed the project, Roger Motter helped with the engineering and installation and Allen Jablonski created the designs for the three sections. Special thanks to Al, Roger, Allen, Richard Pearson, Bill Selby, Rod Pope, Bob Pepper, Eric De La Barre, Tom Hunter, Greg Beyer, Jennifer Massey, Rose Wolfe and Bill Ivey for their hard work on the project. This is a lasting and suitable tribute to many people and groups through the messages on the bricks and it celebrates our 50 years as a parish.

Once you see the finished work, if you wish to be a part of the BrickWalk, please let Rosemary Wolfe know. There are 18 bricks remaining to be engraved. Each brick is $50 with any proceeds going to the building maintenance fund. Thanks to all who have donated to make this project happen.

Photos by Bill Ivey

Take a penny, leave a penny

By Sally Powers

Don’t you love those little “take a penny, leave a penny” dishes at convenience stores!! I think they have special meaning to us here at St. Catherine’s. For many years, I brought a finger food to receptions, memorial services, and celebrations of our life together. Then, I began to notice how much food we had that was not really needed and figured that there would always be plenty. As a result, I stopped bringing food. Seems that I am not the only one who has felt this way and, as a result, donations of finger foods have dropped to about four to six families per reception, leaving the bulk of the reception to the Parish Life and Fellowship Committee.

Please consider, once again, a contribution of finger food—especially things like tea sandwiches, cookies, relish (veggie) trays, dips, cheese, crackers, cupcakes—to every other reception. Whatever you contribute is truly appreciated. “Take a cookie, leave a cookie.”

Seen around St. Cat's

Baptism on April 14 - sealed as Christ's own forever! (Photos by Jan Potter, see lots more, full size, at BrooksBaptism041413.)

Do you know about these ministries?

In our Parish Cycle of Ministries, we celebrate the life and work of these ministries in the upcoming weeks. Please read on to find out about each and consider if you’d like to become involved:

  • April 22-28: Foyers Groups – This week we celebrate the life and work of the Foyers Groups, adult dinner groups which meet monthly (September to May) in the home of a group member or in a restaurant or venue of the group’s choosing. The main dish is provided by the host with the rest of the group bringing dishes to complete the meal. To find out more about being part of this ministry please contact Meg and Larry Boyd, 770.977.9362,
  • April 29-May 5: Bread Makers – This week we celebrate the life and work of Bread Makers, who help in the welcome to our visitors by baking small loaves of bread. The loaves are packaged with a note to say, "Welcome to St. Catherine's, we are glad you worshiped with us this week" and taken by Porch Visitors to homes of those who visit with us for the first time. To find out more about being part of this ministry please contact Ann Snead, 678.795.9508,


Thank you to the following who have recently contributed communion wine to our parish:

  • Jason & Suzanne Gardiner


Dear Rector and members of St. Catherine's,

Thank you for your generous contribution of $250. you support helps us bring Christian, Muslim and Jewish children from Jerusalem to Camp Mikell and Atlanta again this summer. Together with their Atlanta area Peace Pals, the children from Jerusalem explore their faith traditions and cultures and discover the common heritage they share as "Children of Abraham." The Kids4Peace Atlanta program has made a difference in the lives of hundereds of children and their families in the Holy Land and here in the United States. Again, thank you for your contribution.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom

Letters have been received acknowledging the following gifts by St. Catherine’s:

  • From MUST Ministries dated March 21: $375.00 received on March 19, 2013.


Save the date for these benefit events

  • Family Promise spring event, "One Family" – Friday, May 17 from 7 to 9:30 PM at Unity North Atlanta Church, 4255 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA 30066.
  • Emmaus House Gala and Silent Auction – Sunday, April 28, 5-9 pm
  • MUST Ministries Annual Gala Dinner – May 11, 7 pm at the Georgia Aquarium


Health Tips - from our Congregational Nurses

  • “Lettuce” be clear about Iceberg —
    Many say iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value. Not so, says our Registered Dietitian. While it's true that darker-colored greens like romaine contain more nutrients, iceberg can stand on its own merits when it comes to a healthy diet. It's low in calories, fat-free and a source of potassium, folate, beta carotene, lutein and a small amount of calcium and vitamins C and K. That said, it's still best to fill your plate with a variety of lettuces and other leafy greens, including arugula, escarole, bibb, romaine, spinach, and yes, even iceberg.
  • Take breaks from sitting —
    Taking one- to two-minute breaks from sitting throughout the day could help trim waistlines and reduce levels of C-reactive protein, an important inflammatory marker for heart disease, according to a study in the European Heart Journal. This study examined the health effects of prolonged sitting in sedentary and active people. If you find yourself sitting at your desk or in front of the computer for hours at a time, try scheduling brief walking breaks into your day or even just get up for a minute or two. Source: European Heart Journal

Provided by HealthStart,


FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE ARMED SERVICES: Tom Blackstock; Josh England, Jennifer Buckalew’s cousin

FOR OUR NATION AND ITS LEADERS: Barack, our president, Nathan, our Governor, and members of Congress.

FOR THE SICK: Lee DeFore, Bill Falinski, Joan Unger, Doug Guedry, Lori Brown, Iris Phillips, Angel Graham, Theodore Larson, Elinor Burson, Eleanor Thomason, Henry, Alycen Whiddon, Sherri Vann, Kellen Williams, Wendy Caulkins, Beth Gallant, Pam Brewer, Steve Norford, Ashlee Wilson, Jennifer, Laurell Millirons, John Bowman, Colin Bowersox, Tom Prosser, Allison, Phil’s family, Andrew Woods, Ted & Tina Dyer, David Smith, Tom Thornley, Avery Bullard, Sharon, Elizabeth Horton, Carmen, Lauren Stafford, Dick Dillenbeck, Ann Mitchem, Anna, Lynette Paff, Brinda Lovvorn, Doug May, Jo Stegall, Lisa McRae, Raymond Higgins, Shelley Ransdell, Kari Nixon, Anne Whittle, Foley, Tyler James, Wendy Purdue, Jim, Delores Pope, Royce Huckeba & family, Mr. Simpson, Mark Gross, Natalie Henderson, Jane Atkins, Allen Jablonski, Fred Brannock, Katie Gleason, Linda Smith, Alec Galloway, Jennie Costa, Jean Ellis, Ellen Brandt, Wayne Jones, Brian Edges, Roberta Abstein, Gordon Hahn, Bonnie Larson, Chuck Severs, Richard Pearson, Bobbie Greene, Lynda Logan, Patti Sousa, Ian Gross, Will Pickett, Johnny Robinson

DECEASED: Wayne Jones, Pat Pepper’s brother; Susie Bishop, wife of scoutmaster at St. Catherine’s Boy Scout Troop 713

FOR THOSE CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS: (4/20) Scott Burkholder, (4/23) Jan Severs, Nancy Sandlin, (4/24) Kayla Dickerson, (4/25) Jim Nixon, Brian Williams, Mary Catherine Schmitt, Gavin Parisi, Knox Gale, (4/26) Katrina Castelli, (4/27) Brianna Dickson, Karoline Fendley, Lindsey Paris, (4/28) Susan Partus, Caitlyn Nichols, Will Rouleau, Eric Scott, Matt Nixon, Therese Braman, Sarah Sherwood, (4/29) Frank Brent, Cody Pitts,(4/30) Marilyn Cain, (5/1) Steve Wolfe, Ashley Kareken, Scott Parisi, Doug Carswell, Bryce Thompson, Mike Peterson, (5/3) Nancy Denton, Cindy Sheehan, Preston Parker, Declan Walls, Susan Vavra, (5/4) Mark Taylor, Jay Starr, Beth Thomas, Erin Rawls, (5/5) Bill Selby, Laura Moore, Beau Parish, (5/6) Bettye Harris, Shepherd Smith, Marlene Stuart, (5/7) Scott Harwell

ANNIVERSARIES: (4/20) Richard & Tanya Bowers-Dean; (4/21) Kelly & Jeff Ely; (4/22) Bob & Karolyn Olliffe; (4/23) Bob & Pat Pepper; (4/25) Tom & Kathryn Burgher; (4/28) Doug & Susan Jenkins; (5/2) Julie & John Fulcher; (5/3) Mary Catherine & Bob Schmitt

(4/21) Wayne & Jodi Gammon; Jason, Suzanne, Jennifer, Stephanie & Julian Gardiner; Art, Anita, Geoffrey, Stuart & Caroline Gardner; Lynne Gates; Barri Gehrand
(4/28) Sonny & Gwen Gillespie; Elizabeth, Daniel, Megan, Ian & David Goldman; Michael, Alyson, Benjamin & Nicholas Goodstone; Cam & Marti Graham; Jim & Bobbie Greene

TRANSFERS IN: Christy Luttrell from Christ Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA


Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.

St. Catherine's Calendar

Hold These Future Dates:

  • Saturday, May 11: Stop Hunger Now event
  • Sunday, May 12: Youth Sunday
  • Wednesday, May 15: Confirmation at St. Catherine’s with Bishop Wright, 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, May 19: Pentecost - Worship times 7:30 & 10:30 am; Parish Picnic; last day of Church School; Graduates recognized
  • Sunday, May 26: Summer worship schedule begins - 8:00 am and 10:30 am
  • June 3-7: Preschool Summer Camp
  • July 19-August 1: Vacation Bible School 9 am - 12 noon
  • Saturday, August 10: (tentative) Opening ceremony for 2013 Habitat House build - workday signups coming in July
  • August 30 – Sept. 2: Parish Retreat at Lake Logan Episcopal Center, North Carolina

Holy Baptism: next scheduled date - Sunday, May 19 (Pentecost)

Please contact the church office for information and the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.

Two-Week Look Ahead

Below are the next two weeks of events and activities and is correct as of publication date. For the entire up-to-the-minute parish calendar, go to Calendar.

Saturday, 4/20 Saturday, 4/27


Girl Scouts Bridging


Day of Service
Rite 13 Dinner

Sunday, 4/21 Sunday, 4/28


Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist
Church School
Holy Eucharist
Dini Private Party
The Journey
Donoghue Group
Safeguarding Children


Holy Eucharist
Rite 13 Ceremony
Church School
Holy Eucharist
The Journey
Emmaus House
Youth Confirmation Mtg
Elizabeth Inn

Monday, 4/22 Monday, 4/29

Amma Susan's day off
Concert Committee
Eagle Honor Court
Boy Scout Troop 713


Amma Susan's day off
Stephen Ministry
Boy Scout Troop 713

Tuesday, 4/23 Tuesday, 4/30


CGS Adult Event
Morning Prayer
Preschool Zoo
Staff Meeting/Lunch
Blood Drive
MUST Laundry Team
Invitation Ministry

Morning Prayer
Staff Meeting
Wednesday, 4/24 Wednesday, 5/1


MUST Breakfast
Bible Study
PANDA Workshop
WNL Dinner
CGS Adult Event
Cursillo Reunion Group
Youth WNL
Chancel Choir


Bible Study
WNL Dinner
Cursillo Reunion Group
Youth WNL
Chancel Choir

Thursday, 4/25 Thursday, 5/2
Men’s Bible Study
Men’s Bible Study
Friday, 4/26 Friday, 5/3
Fr. Jim's day off
Men’s Bible Study
Women’s Bible Study
Wine Tasting @ Gales’

Fr. Jim's day off
Men’s Bible Study
Women’s Bible Study


By Youth Director Mike Peterson,, 770-971-2839

Youth Mission Trip – reservation deadline extended

All youth are invited for the mission trip on June 1-8 to Washington DC. This trip will include hands-on service and labor, relational ministry (such as listening to someone’s life story or playing with children), eating at family owned ethnic restaurants in our volunteer area, sight-seeing, and much more! To make this incredible opportunity a reality, we still need a few more people to sign up! The registration deadline has been extended until Sunday, April 28. To reserve your spot, please turn in a deposit of $150 (or talk to Mike about confidential scholarship) by then. The total cost is $300, and confidential scholarship is available to any who need it. For more information contact Mike Peterson or browse the Center for Student Missions website at


Rite 13: Are You a “Grown-Up”?

Rehearsal Dinner – Saturday, April 27, 6:30-9:30 pm
Ceremony – Sunday, April 28, at 8:45 am service

In our society, the line between childhood and adulthood is often a fuzzy one. Unlike other cultures, we don’t have formalized rites of passage that define the points along the path to adulthood. We need ways to tell our young people they are making progress; they are growing and learning; they are becoming adults. The Journey to Adulthood program that St. Cat’s utilizes attempts to do just that.

During the regular 8:45am Family Eucharist on Sunday, April 28, we will celebrate an important Rite of Passage with some of our teens. The Liturgy is formally called “The Celebration of Manhood and Womanhood,” but is more well-known as the “Rite 13 Ceremony,” since it takes place near the celebrants 13th birthday – much like a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah.

During the ceremony, we recognize the gift of womanhood and manhood that God gives to each one of us. This is a free gift that we cannot earn and we need not prove it. This gift is the essence of who we are. As we grow and mature in the journey to adulthood, our knowledge and skills increase, but the magical core of who we are remains the same.

We will celebrate and recognize the following Rite 13ers on Sunday, April 28th. Please keep these young people in your thoughts and prayers as they prepare for this ceremony. Also, please plan to be with us to witness this important event and support these teens on their journey into adulthood:
Alison Adams, Trevor Atchison, Thaddeus Barrington, Matthew Dirksen, Stephanie Gardiner, Phillip Hutton, Olivia Lopez, Justice Mace, Eric Miner, Nicholas Muckerman, Quinn Phillpotts, Chandler Sherry, Forrest Tuemmler, Nicholas Vavra, Elisabeth Walton and Charles Zimmerman.

Youth Advisors meeting April 21

The Youth Advisors will be meeting for the first five to ten minutes of Church School this Sunday. Advisors are two representatives from each class who meet with Mike periodically to discuss the youth program, its current status, and ideas you have for it. If you have any thoughts you’d like me to know, feel free to share them with your advisor before we meet on Sunday. You current advisors are Katie Barrington, Ryan Olliffe, Erin Donoghue, Frederick Tuemmler, Phillip Hutton, and Olivia Lopez.


VBS helpers needed

It’s time to sign up to help with our annual Vacation Bible School! Many of you have helped with VBS in the past and can attest to how much fun it is to lead and play with the young children of our parish! This year, VBS will take place from Monday, July 29 until Thursday, August 1, from 8:45 AM until 12 noon each day. Sign-up sheets are available in each room of the Youth House.

Wheel schedule:

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  • May 3
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