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The Newsletter of St. Catherine's Episcopal Church
Marietta, GA
July 5 - July 18, 2004

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Calendar Highlights

July 5 -- Office Closed

July 9-10 -- Staff Retreat

July 11 -- Ice Cream Social

July 12 -- Catechesis workshops begin

July 17-25 -- Whiterocks Companion Parish Trip

July 20 -- Election Day (Parish Hall in use)

July 28 -- Elizabeth Inn


Clergy Letter

Staff Retreat

Ice Cream Social

VBS Success

Parish Pool Pary

Parish Family Picnic

Catechesis Workshops

Building Update

Cleaning Crews Begin

Christian Ed Team meeting

Musical at the Fox

Golf Tournament

Men's Retreat


Garage Sale

Gardening Groups

Emmaus House colletion

Keep College Students

Help us serve you!

Prayers of the People

Next Baptisms



Wheel Deadlines

Clergy Letter

It's everywhere, it's everywhere!!!

Now that I have your attention, I'm sure you're wondering what I'm referring to. The Spirit of God is everywhere and in the past few weeks I've slowed down enough to notice. Following my surgery I was overwhelmed by the kindness and thoughtfulness of all you wonderful St. Catherine's folks. My house looked like a combination florist and card shop -- what a wonderful surprise! I never found the card belonging to one vase of flowers that I received while in the hospital. The arrangement brightened my recovery and I want to thank whoever sent it publicly since I couldn't do so personally.

The Spirit of God embraced me through your phone calls and visits too. There were moments when I became bored, uncomfortable, or restless but I found comfort in knowing that you were holding me in your prayers.

I encountered God in my pharmacy where the technician and pharmacist worked extra fast so I could get home quickly from the hospital. Another encounter with God's Spirit occurred when one of my regular bank tellers wanted to know how I was feeling, I could tell he was genuinely concerned. I randomly chose my physician from an HMO and she has turned out to be a real gift from God too. She was a Nurse before becoming a Physician and many of you know I was a Nurse before becoming a Priest, we had an instant connection. Her professionalism, compassion, and sense of humor kept me at ease. She is an instrument of God's peace.

The Spirit of God is everywhere! Slow down, pay attention for God's Spirit of compassion, love, and peace surrounds you.

God's peace be with you,

Sherry +

Staff on Retreat

The Church staff will be on retreat from noon Friday, July 9, through 3 PM on Saturday, July 10. The office will be closed during this time. If you have an emergency, please call the Dickson's house.

Calendar Dates Due! We will be setting the calendar for the remainder of the year. Committees & groups, get your meetings and functions on the schedule -- please send all dates to Rose at rosewolfe by Thursday, July 8.

Ice Cream Social
Ice cream

Sunday, July 11, 2-4 PM

Summertime is time to relax and enjoy with friends, and what could be cooler than to do that over ice cream? Bring your favorite ice cream (homemade or purchased) or some toppings or cookies or brownies, and enjoy a fun and delicious Sunday afternoon at church together. Please bring guests -- everyone is invited!

VBS Success!

What a great time it was at our Summer 2004 Vacation Bible School -- Construction I.N.C. (In the Name Of Christ)! We had 37 children for a week of songs, stories, games and crafts. Our all-important leaders were 12 of our youth and 15 adults. Each day featured a special speaker including Nadine Pope on MUST Ministries' Summer Lunch program, Bill Kelly talking about Habitat For Humanity, a real bee keeper to tell us all about bees and their homes, and Sherry to wrap up our theme that Jesus is the Cornerstone as we build up the church.

Our special outreach project was to make lunches for the MUST Summer Lunch program. Thanks to the generous donations and assistance of everyone, we made 300 lunches, which was 100 more than our goal!

Several of the children and youth who participated in VBS treated everyone at 8:45 service last Sunday to a performance of some songs they had learned. We all loved their enthusiastic performance of the Construction I.N.C. theme song, "Rick The Brick!"

Thank you to Barbara Barrington and her team of leaders for a wonderful experience. Thank you to everyone who helped out, whether it was one day or all week. And, thank you to our wonderful children and to their parents for bringing them to us.

Parish Pool Party

Mark your calendar and join us on Sunday, August 1, 3-8 PM at the Meadowgrove community swim & tennis club, 2850 Meadowgrove Way, near Terrill Mill Park (maps will be provided). We’ll provide burgers and dogs, and you can bring additional fixin’s for a dinner cookout. Adult beverages are welcome. Families and everyone are invited -- see you there!

Parish Family Day at Red Top

Sunday, August 22, 10 AM to 4 PM

A parish-wide Family Day is planned at Red Top Mountain State Park on Lake Allatoona. Watch for details!

Catechesis Workshops -- Mondays Beginning July 12

Catechesis materials

The Good Shepherd is calling all woodworkers, detail painters, sculptors, sewers, shoppers, bargain hunters, material gatherers, and crafty folks! This summer the adults of the parish (you) will be crafting very beautiful and sacred materials for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program which our 6, 7, and 8 year-olds will use for years to come:

  • A three-dimensional "books of the Bible" work
  • A set of cloth figures to tell the story of the flight to Egypt
  • Scripture in calligraphy mounted in mats that correspond to the liturgical time of the year
  • A model altar
  • Topographical map of the land of Israel

Come be part of this satisfying sacred work! We will meet Monday nights, 6-9 PM, starting July 12 and going until we're done. Babysitting and a light dinner will be available. Contact Ana Martin, 678-560-9177.

Building Update

The progress in the Education Building is amazing! We are starting to paint the downstairs this week. The door frames are installed. The brand new electrical system should come on line yet this week. The ceiling grid is installed on the second floor and nearing completion on the first floor. The mechanical systems are on schedule and ductwork is installed, insulated, and air distribution diffusers being located. We continue to insist on a July 30th completion date and there are strong indications that while we will be very tight we should make this date.

Playground equipment is purchased and being prepared for delivery. There will be three separate playgrounds -- a 3 & 4 year old, a 1 year old, and a 2 year old. They will be graded and ready for equipment installation, fencing, and mulch application by August 1, and complete for the opening of the preschool. We have learned that playground equipment is VERY expensive -- our cost will be $45,000. They will be first class. We give thanks for a committee who took an original $70,000 proposal and value engineered it to $45,000 but did not loose the essentials of a well-designed playground.

Rain continues to impact us both inside and outside the building. Inside it has been difficult to get drywall mud to dry in preparation for painting. Outside it has continued to delay the finishing of our roofs and the application of the exterior stucco. The subcontractors, however, have been persistent, sometimes starting work at 5:30 AM to get a jump on the afternoon thunderstorms.

Our emphasis at this time is getting the Education Building done by August 1. However, we are continuing work on the Sanctuary as the completion of the roof and the glazing in the windows will allow. For those wondering about schedule, we anticipate occupancy of the Education Building in early August. The fire department has given us clear guidelines for acquiring an occupancy permit and we are working to those guidelines. We should be in the Sanctuary by mid-October.

We continue to give thanks for your commitment to the Faith Builds! campaign. The payment of your pledges on a timely basis makes it possible for us to continue to invest our own equity in the building rather than the money from the bank. Thank you!

For those wondering about the cost of all this, we approved change orders yesterday that have now brought the cost of this project to $4,123,415 -- a 223% increase in the project cost essentially all due to the fire. Our original contract with Dudley-Barrett for this project was $1,847,350. The vast majority of this difference is insurance money from GuideOne Insurance (our insurance) and Traveler's (Dudley-Barrett's insurance company).

Cleaning Crews Begin in July

Our new lay-led cleaning crews begin this weekend as the congregation assumes the cleaning of our buildings over the next few months. This is a cost savings move brought on by the tight budget to which we are managing this fiscal year. We hope this will not last long and that by early fall and the completion of significant new space we'll once again be able to hire a firm to clean the buildings. Until that time we want to thank the 30+ individuals who have volunteered for this ministry. You will be receiving cleaning schedules and checklists in the next few days. Thanks as well to Steve Diffley who has put all of this together on behalf of the Vestry.

Natalie Whitlow, representing the Vestry, has agreed to develop a request for proposal to be sent to various firms to get a price for cleaning our new facilities. If you would like to help her or have suggestions for names of firms or individuals who might be interested in such work please let her know.

Christian Education Team Meeting

Wednesday, July 7 at 6:30 PM in the Conference Room

Christian Education teachers and all involved in this ministry at St. Catherine's will meet to discuss our program and our offerings for the coming year. We are looking ahead to the move into our new Education Building facilities in the fall. We will also discuss the formation of a Christian Education Ministry Team to aid in development of our programs.

Musical at the Fox

Our trip to the Fox Theater to see “Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” will be Sunday, August 29, at 2 pm at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Tickets are $42 or $20.50. For information, contact Gail McGill at 770-971-8890 right away!

Tee Up for the Golf Tournament!

It's time for the annual St. Cat's Golf Tournament and Dinner, back again at Indian Hills Golf Club! Come join us for fellowship and to see the beautiful renovations made to the clubhouse and numerous course improvements. The tournament is Monday, August 2, with an Italian dinner to follow. The cost is $100 for golf and dinner, $25 for just dinner. If you are interested, please check your Sunday bulletin or contact Scott and Ginny Lummus, 770-649-5391, gslummus We hope to see you there!

Men’s Retreat

Sept. 24-27

Men of St. Catherine’s, mark your calendars and plan a on wonderful weekend in the North Georgia mountains for our annual Men’s Retreat, this year to be held at Whispering Winds in Ellijay. Check your Sunday bulletin or contact David Craig at 770-579-8374.

Gardening Group

Volunteers are needed to help maintain the flower beds at church. Responsibilities include weeding, planting, pruning, and feeding. Contact Gail McGill at 770-971-8890 if you are interested.

Parish-Wide Garage Sale

We’re thinking about having a parish-wide garage sale sometime this fall. Our idea is for people to donate items to the church, and all proceeds would be used to help furnish the new Parish Hall and kitchen. If you are interested, please check your Sunday bulletin or contact the church office.

Education for Ministry

EFM Logo

EFM is a 9-month course of study, reflection, and fellowship. Classes begin in September and tuition is $340 (limited scholarship funds are available). Are you interested in this worthwhile course? Please contact Gail McGill or check your Sunday bulletin.

Help Emmaus House kids at summer camp!

The collection box will be at church this Sunday!

We are gathering goods for the footlockers of some 50 kids as they prepare to go off to camp in New England and to Camp Mikell. Please bring new t-shirts, socks and underwear for kids 6 to 15 years old to the collection box at church now through July 11.

Don’t have time to shop? We can do that for you -- envelopes are available at the collection box for you to leave donations. On behalf of the children you will be helping, thank you!

Keep college students with the church

It's an unfortunate reality that young people who don't maintain a connection with the church during college are far less likely to come back to the church after college than those who do maintain a connection. The Diocese of Atlanta wants to keep that connection alive! You supply the name of the student and the college, and we will alert the campus ministry or nearby parish so they can welcome them to campus and let them know the Episcopal Church is here for them.

Please send your student's name, college they are attending, home and college contact information, and home parish to Campus Ministries, 1227 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30307. For questions about campus ministries in the Diocese of Atlanta, contact the Rev. Nancy Baxter at 404/377-0680 or nbaxter

Help us serve you

Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, or a life transition. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.


SICK: Sharon Parisi, Hazel Roberts, Terry Hall, Mary Koenig, Arlene Brooks, Allen Davis, Frances Greene, Lee Blackshear, Audrey Stevens, Sallie Sompayrac, Dorothy Hill, Tom Snook, Victoria Matthews, Lisa Arnold, Jim Nixon (Fr. Jim’s father) Betty Wilson, Warren Brevard, Winnie Spratlin, Matha Hall, Julia Washington, Nick Wolfe, Lupe Duncan, Fr. Hal Daniel, Deborah Guy, Anne Stone Martin, Jean Pitts, Michael Dirksen, John Brooks, Eileen Motter, Colleen Lambert, Alice Mooradian, Sheila Crowe, Doyle Henderson, Josh Pilcher, Dawn Houston, and Sally Biondo.

DECEASED: Mary Huddleston, June 22, mother of Sandra Weeks; Archbishop Ted Scott, June 21, died due to injuries from a car accident; Janice Moody, friend of Mary Koenig; Paul Acocella, Sr., June 29, father of Paul Acocella.

SPECIAL PRAYERS: Defend all the men and women of our armed forces at home or abroad especially in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait that they will have a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be. For Adele, health and safety.


David Bottoms/Kelly Beard & Rachel; Elaine Bourdeaux; Bill & Martha Bowden; David & Eve Bowman; and Larry, Meg, Andrew & Catherine Boyd

Ron & Julie Brannock; Kevin & Andrea Brantley; Frank & Pat Brent; John, Fran, Patrick & Addison Brent; and Lani Brooks

Holy Baptism

Next Dates -- July 11, November 7

Please check with the office for more information and to request the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.

St. Catherine's Calendar
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Catechesis workshop
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Staff Meeting
Fellowship Meeting
Wednesday, 7/7 Wednesday, 7/14
8:30AM Construction Team 8:30AM
Construction Team
Youth Council
Thursday, 7/8 Thursday, 7/15
7:00PM Whiterocks Meeting @ Eskew/Randell    
Friday, 7/9 Friday, 7/16
Office Closed, Staff Retreat
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Saturday, 7/10 Saturday, 7/17
Staff Retreat
Men's Bible Study
Holy Eucharist
Whiterocks Companion Parish Trip
Men's Bible Study
Holy Eucharist
Sunday, 7/11 Sunday, 7/18
Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist/Holy Baptism
Ice Cream Social
Stephen Ministers
Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist


Keep up with all the summer's doings at the St. Cat's Youth Webpage


Date: Saturday, August 28
Time: 1:30-ish
Where: Ocoee River
Who: J2A AND YA!
Come celebrate the end of summer by rafting down the Ocoee, and spend some get-to-know you time with Youth Director Brian West! Please contact Justin Baker or Ben Frost ASAP to let them know if you're interested.


Next meeting -- Wednesday, July 14 at 6 PM


Wednesday, July 21, at 6 PM in the Youth House.


Oct 15-17 -- Mark your calendar!


Apr 2-8, 2005 -- Save the date!


(Grades 6-9) - Oct 22-24 at Indian Springs State Park - A unique weekend especially designed to respond to the issues, concerns and needs of youth. Interested Youth can go to the Youth page of the Diocesan website for lots of good information on the program and to obtain downloadable copies of the applications for Youth, Team and Sponsors.


(Grades 10-12) - Nov 12-14 at Camp Mikell - A renewal weekend using the gifts of young people and adults from many parishes and missions. Applications are due October 1. For more information, go to the Diocesan website -- the link to Happenings info is located on their Youth page.



Excerpts from a review by Dr. Tom Snyder -- see the complete review at Faith n' Film

The best action movies are those which not only entertain but are also profound contemplations on issues of morality, and sometimes on the nature of heroism. They also have a great charismatic villain (sometimes two such villains), who presents a real physical and mental challenge to the hero. A little humor doesn’t hurt. SPIDER-MAN 2, the sequel to one of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time, has all these things and more besides. It’s an intelligent, passionate action movie with something for everyone, young and old alike.

The movie picks up where the first movie left off. Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, is still pining for M.J., even though he’s decided to give up his love for her in order to protect her from Spider-Man’s evil enemies. Peter’s life of fighting crime, however, is ruining his friendship with her, as well as his friendship with super-rich Harry Osborn. Harry gets Peter an interview with Dr. Otto Octavius, a kindly, but intense, scientist who’s working on a method of creating and marketing fusion power for the company Harry inherited from his late father, who happened to be the evil Green Goblin whom Spider-Man had to kill in the first movie. Peter has doubts about Otto’s experiment, and just as Peter suspects, Otto’s experiment goes awry. Long mechanical arms powered by fusion energy and attached to Otto’s back start going berserk. When people try to detach the arms, the arms strike back. Finally, the chip protecting Otto’s brain from the artificial intelligence of the mechanical arms breaks off, and only Spider-Man is able to shut down the experiment and turn off the deadly artificial arms. Eventually, Peter must decide whether to keep fighting evil criminals like Doc Ock or quit being Spider-Man forever and restore sanity to his private life, hopefully reuniting with the beautiful M.J. Moreover, Peter’s contradictory emotions are tearing him up inside and he seems to be losing his super spider powers because of it.

SPIDER-MAN 2 is terrifically entertaining, with lots of action and amazing special effects, plus a few unexpected plot twists. That doesn’t stop director Sam Raimi from stopping every once in a while to take stock of his complex characters and their personal situations. This heightens the emotional power of the story, which is often very poignant. Raimi also has a little fun with Peter Parker’s angst and the fantasy of being a superhero. All the actors do a super job portraying the relationships and emotional connections between their characters.

Like its predecessor, SPIDER-MAN 2 has a very strong Christian worldview. Although God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible are not specifically mentioned in the dialogue, the story wraps its theme of self-sacrifice and heroism in explicit visual Christian metaphors. There are visual references to Jesus Christ’s suffering on the Cross, His death and resurrection, the crown of thorns that the Romans placed on Christ’s head, and the biblical theme of moral and spiritual discipleship.

The last metaphor or allegory is very interesting, because both Peter and his nemesis, Doc Ock, are torn between their negative or sinful side and their better natures. Doc Ock is a kindly, intelligent scientist who is seduced into evil by his ambitious pride and the evil mechanical voices in his head. Peter is seduced by his own selfish desires. Both must learn how to overcome their sinful natures and walk in a spirit of light rather than darkness. In that way, SPIDER-MAN 2 reflects the biblical passages in the Christian New Testament that talk about the battle between the two natures at war in the human spirit when someone accepts Jesus Christ as his savior and is born again. In this movie, Peter Parker and Spider-Man are not just a Christ figure, they are a symbol for all of us who are trying to be imitators of Christ for the benefit of our fellow man and the good of society. The movie skillfully blends this redemptive symbolism into its provocative theme on the nature of, and need for, sacrificial heroism. If you like thrilling, redemptive action movies with lots of positive values and lots of heart, then SPIDER-MAN 2 is the best ticket to cinematic bliss so far this year. It stirringly raises the bar for what a summer action movie should be.

Please send news, photos and announcements to Youth Director Brian West at stcatsyouth, or to the Youth website Webmaster, Stuart Wallace at

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