The people of St. Catherine's seek to share in the love that Jesus Christ has for us and the world by welcoming, accepting, nurturing, and serving all people through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We Welcome You!

The Newsletter of St. Catherine's Episcopal Church
Marietta, GA
February 7 - 20, 2005

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Feb. 5 - Valentine Dinner/Auction
Feb. 6 - Vestry Installation, Photo Directory signups begin
Feb. 8 - Pancake Supper, Women's Book Study
Feb. 9 - Ash Wednesday
Feb. 12 - DOK Quiet Day
Feb. 13 - Preschool Registration, Tween Fellowship
Feb. 14 - Men's Book Study
Feb. 15 - Study/Eucharist
Feb. 16 - Dinner & Lenten Programs
Feb. 17 - Women's Bible Study
Feb. 18-21 - Youth Ski Trip


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Clergy Letter

As Lent Approaches

We arrive very early at Lent this year. Next week we'll celebrate Ash Wednesday and the forty days of Lent will begin. The hallways are abuzz with what this one or that one plans to give up for the coming season of penitence and self-reflection. I include myself in those discussions. Yet, when we read the prayer book and its invitation to observe a holy Lent, by self-examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self-denial; and by reading and meditating on God's holy Word it's pretty obvious that we all should be planning to add something to our lives--unless, of course, you are already doing these things as a regular part of your spiritual discipline. So the question is, what will you add to your spiritual journey during these coming forty days?

We hope that you will consider one of the many opportunities available through this community of faith. Let's look at a partial list of available opportunities:

  • We worship every weekend; indeed four times each weekend. Perhaps you might add a commitment to regular (every week) attendance at one of those services during Lent. You might find you want to continue the commitment into Easter and beyond.

  • We will have spiritual reading available for all members of the family. Perhaps you might add a commitment to daily spiritual reading including scripture.

  • We have church school for all ages every Sunday morning at 10:15 AM. Perhaps you might add a commitment to bring the entire family to Church School every Sunday morning in Lent (the bulletin lists the many opportunities available).

  • Daughters of the King will sponsor a Lenten Quiet Day on Saturday, February 12 from 8:30 AM to 12 Noon in the Parish Hall. This will be a time for fellowship and quiet reflection in response to several meditations. Perhaps you might add a commitment to a three-hour reflection time to begin your Lenten journey.

  • We have a mid-week worship and study opportunity (Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom) on Tuesday mornings at 7:00 AM. Perhaps you might add a commitment to attend this worship and/or study on the way to your office during Lent. Bring the kids before you drop them off for school and we'll find some entertainment for them.

  • We will continue our Wonderful Wacky Wednesday programs for adults, youth and children. Our adult program is entitled When It's Hard To Choose. Bring the family for a light supper and stay for a thought-provoking discussion about our values and our struggle to live them out. Perhaps you might add a commitment to weekly dinner together as a family at St. Catherine's and a mid-week education opportunity.

  • We will have service opportunities during the season of Lent. The Hunger Walk on March 13th; Elizabeth Inn Meal on February 28th, Elizabeth Inn Overnight on February 28th are just a few opportunities. Perhaps you might add a commitment as a family to reach beyond yourselves to help those who are less fortunate this Lent and throughout the year.

  • We have a Saturday morning Men's Bible Study group who meet at the church every Saturday morning at 8:30 AM. Perhaps you might add a commitment to join with some other men to look at the Scripture and what it means to you in contemporary society.

Well, the list could go on still further, but hopefully you get the point. St. Catherine's has at least one opportunity for you to add something this Lent to your spiritual journey. Lent really is a time to do more than give up. It is a time to take on. Won't you consider doing so?

Jim +

It's Here! Valentine's Dinner Dance and Silent Auction

Saturday, February 5

A reminder to those who may have taken a flyer/ticket from our signup table--we don't have your names! Please contact Brian West at the St. Catherine's office (770-971-2839) so we know you're coming. This is going to be a wonderful event with all the dancing your heart desires to the music of a great LIVE band, and includes two adult beverages, dinner and wine, and the auction event. The silent auction begins at 6 PM, and the seated dinner at 7:15. See you there!

The proceeds benefit our J2A group and their pilgrimage this summer. Fred Massey, organizer of the event, would like to remind the St. Catherine's community to come with open hearts and open checkbooks. "It's important that people see this event not just as a party, but as a ministry," he said.

And, we'd love a few more auction items! Please contact Fred Massey (404-731-4466 or f_massey2 or Ellis Kilgore (770-928-7753 or elliskilgore Thank you!!

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

February 8, 6-7:30 PM in the Parish Hall

No reservations needed, your donations support our Youth Program

By Brian West

The Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper is a party, a pancake supper, and a tradition all in one. 'Course, not growing up Episcopalian, I didn't know anything about that. When you say church calendar to a Baptist, she thinks you're talking about the dates for Vacation Bible School and the menu for Wednesday night fellowship suppers. To illustrate: "Isn't Epiphany this Wednesday?" "No, I think it's Meatloaf this Wednesday. Maybe they're cooking Epiphany next week."

So I had to ask around to get the full story on Shrove Tuesday. I decided that the first task was to figure out the name.

"What's a shrove?" I asked one of my seminary friends. I was picturing a small, furry mammal. "Is it like a vole? A muskrat? Some kind of rodent, right?"

"I think you're thinking of a shrew," he said. "A shrove isn't an animal at all." He paused in thought. "I think it's prison slang for knife. You know, like don't come any closer, man, I've got a shrove and I'm not afraid to use it." He waved his Bible around like a weapon, looking menacing.

I nodded and thanked him, but mostly because I was afraid of getting stabbed by his King James Version. I was doubtful, though, since it didn't seem very Episcopalian to name a day on the liturgical calendar after a penal idiom. Finally I broke down and asked Father Jim.

"Traditionally, a household would clean out the larder before the lean days of Lent," he said. "People would eat all the rich, fatty foods before Ash Wednesday, so they wouldn't be tempted later."

"Oh," I said, and nodded sagely. I didn't mention muskrats or prison slang, figuring that might invite awkward questions. I think he could tell I was confused though, since he kept explaining (slowly, and using small words).

"That's why some call Shrove Tuesday Fat Tuesday. In the French tradition, it's Mardi Gras." I'm sure I goggled at him. It wasn't that the new information was so shocking really, it all made sense. I was just thinking how glad I was that I hadn't mentioned the famous New Orleans festivities to my seminary friend. One mention of imbibing or bead throwing might have gotten my gizzard skewered by one of the sharper proverbs. Lamentations, even. Sheesh.

So in summary, at 6 PM on February 8, be sure to come by the Parish Hall for some fine flapjacks. Donations benefit the Youth Ministry, and my understanding is that we'll have a special performer who'll lead the kids in a parade. And hey, if you have any non-Episcopalian friends, invite them too. They'll enjoy it, and it'll be an education for both of you. Just be sure to gently explain that there won't be any rodents or bead throwing, and that they have to check their Bibles at the door. The Youth Director's skittish.

Ash Wednesday -- February 9

7:00 AM -- Holy Eucharist + Imposition of Ashes
12:00 PM -- Holy Eucharist + Imposition of Ashes
7:30 PM -- Holy Eucharist + Imposition of Ashes


Wednesday Evenings in Lent Begin February 16

6:00 PM -- Supper in the Parish Hall
7:00 PM -- Lenten Program for all ages
8:00 pm -- Evening Liturgy: Compline and Taize Music in the Sanctuary

Adult Program -- "When It's Hard to Choose"

Our Wednesday evening (WWW) program for adults is entitled When It's Hard to Choose. Each Wednesday evening we will take some time to reflect on the moral and ethical choices facing us in everyday living. "Wrong is wrong... even if everybody's doing it. Right is right... even if nobody's doing it."-- This legend appeared on cards distributed in a state park campground. It reflects our desire for certitude about what is right and our suspicion that the values we were raised on have eroded. We know the issues are more complex even as we wish they weren't. In fact, as a noted ethicist points out, many ethical dilemmas rise not from right vs. wrong, but from right vs. right.

When it's not a matter of choosing right over wrong, or when right and wrong are not as clear as we would hope, where do we look? Over and over we hear that we need to recover our values. But which values? And what about those times when we have to choose which value to give priority? We value responsibility but we also value freedom, and sometimes responsibility means giving up some aspect of our freedom. We value truth-telling but what if telling a truth would cause needless pain to an innocent person? So even when we identify our values, we struggle sometimes with how to live them out in a world that seems more and more complicated.

This video series provides some learning from people who have spent their lives thinking about and talking about and consciously living our values, It is designed to evoke discussion and reflection. The values in this series were selected from several studies that attempted to discover values people not only think are important but hold in common across religious faiths. Are these the only values we should consider? Of course not. But it did seem to the producers that these six values, as reflected in a number of surveys, are widely held and also are at the heart of our faith.

The leaders of the series include: Tony Compolo, a well known as an out-spoken evangelist, dynamic preacher and author of many provocative books; Joan Chittister, widely known by Catholics and non-Catholics for her penetrating wisdom and limitless compassion; Monty Roberts, a world-renowned horse trainer, perhaps best known as the model for the hero of the novel The Horse Whisperer; and Renita J. Weems, a prominent preacher and respected biblical scholar. Our sessions will be as follows:

February 16 -- Compassion
February 23 -- Respect for Differences
March 2 -- Responsibility
March 9 --Truth-Telling
March 16 -- Non-Violence
March 23 -- Connectedness

Come for a light supper (soup and bread) at 6:00 PM and join us at 7:00 PM in the Parish Hall. Each week we will end our times together with Compline and Taize Music in the Sanctuary.


Tuesday Mornings in Lent Begin February 15

7:00 am -- Holy Eucharist
7:30 am -- Brief Study

We will meet each Tuesday morning in Lent for Eucharist and Study. This time is designed to meet your needs to have some mid-week worship and to do so at a time that fits with a hectic schedule. We meet for Eucharist at 7:00 AM and continue with a short study immediately following. The time is kept to an hour so that promptly at 8:00 AM you can be on your way to your day's obligations.

This Lent we will study The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. In this book Mitch Albom gives us an astoundingly original story that will change everything you've ever thought about the afterlife--and the meaning of our lives here on earth. With a timeless tale, appealing to all, this is a book that readers of fine fiction, and those who loved Tuesdays with Morrie, will treasure. The book is readily available in most local bookstores. An outline of the six weeks of study is available on the Lenten resource table in the church lobby.

Lenten Resources

  • Reflections by our Parish

    Our annual booklet of reflections on the season of Lent, written by our own St. Catherine's parishioners, will be available for you to pick up in the church lobby beginning next week. You'll be able to read the Reflection of the Day (and the whole booklet) on our website beginning on Ash Wednesday at Lenten Reflections .

  • Practicing Spirituality with Protestants -- A Daily E-Course for Lent 2005 led by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat announces a new 40-day e-course in their popular Practicing Spirituality series. "Practicing Spirituality with Protestants" will begin on Ash Wednesday, February 9, and continue through Easter Sunday, March 27. Participants will receive a daily email with a short, thought-provoking passage from a Protestant writer followed by a related practice to use during the day. There is a charge of $10 for this course. Short and to the point, and something that would be right before you -- don't most of us check email right away in the morning? This website and service is an off-shoot of the magazine Spirituality and Health and the work of Trinity-Wall Street. For information or to subscribe, go to Practicing Spirituality with Protestants

Vestry Retreat Escapes the Ice

Our Vestry met in retreat this past weekend, January 28-30, at Whispering Winds Retreat Center in Ellijay, Georgia. Besides saving us from the ice of Atlanta, the weekend was a productive time. We enjoyed one another's company and got to know each other much better, we were waited upon at meals by the excellent team of Joan Nixon and Ginny Lummus who lovingly prepared scrumptious (and fattening) meals for us, and we took a look to the future of our ministry together here at St. Catherine's.

In Vestry business we elected Liz Rea as Junior Warden. She will serve with Barbara Perry, our Senior Warden for 2005. We also re-elected Chuck Zimmerman as our treasurer and welcomed (and elected) Rebecca Kiefer as our clerk. The officers of your Vestry meet as the Executive Committee each month prior to the Vestry Meeting and as needed or directed by the Vestry. They are:

Rector: The Rev. Jim Nixon
Senior Warden: Ms. Barbara Perry
Junior Warden: Ms. Liz Rea
Treasurer: Mr. Chuck Zimmerman
Clerk: Ms. Rebecca Kiefer

On Saturday we spent time looking at the work of the Emmaus Project and the Vestry's action of September 2000 as they adopted eight goals to focus our ministry. We first reflected on how well we are meeting those goals in general and our mission statement specifically. We thought you might like to be reminded of or perhaps see for the first time the eight goals that made up our strategic plan. These goals and the mission statement were the principal product of the Emmaus Project.

Mission Statement

We seek to share in the love Jesus Christ has for us and the world around us by welcoming, accepting, nurturing and encouraging all people. We welcome you.


  1. We will challenge, support, and encourage each one of us as members of St. Catherine s to grow in the maturity of our faith and to deepen our spirituality by emphasizing Christ-centered worship, prayer, study, and action, both individually and as a community.

  2. We will encourage intimacy and connectedness by expanding opportunities for people to interact in small groups through programs, ministries, and fellowship activities.

  3. We will acknowledge, respect, and celebrate the diversity of our parish community by raising our awareness and knowledge of diversity in its broadest sense. This goal will include:

    1. Developing a safe environment for expressing, listening to, and responding to each other's hopes, concerns and opinions.

    2. Increasing the diversity of our congregation by identifying who our neighbors are, both within our congregation and in the wider community, and what they want and need.

    3. Evaluating and implementing various forms of worship that meet the diverse needs of our congregation.

  4. We will establish a program of lay leadership development within the parish in order to identify, recruit, train, recognize, and encourage more leaders.

  5. We will broaden and deepen our congregational and individual commitment to outreach through increased awareness, opportunities, and involvement.

  6. We will establish a process to: 1) identify needs within our diverse and changing congregation and the larger community; 2) evaluate how well current programs meet those needs; and 3) develop and implement new programs to meet new needs. The process will also include identifying and developing the time, talent and treasure to provide these programs.

  7. We will develop and execute a comprehensive master plan of our staffing, buildings, and grounds, and financial resources to reflect and support our goals for St. Catherine's. The plan will include:

    1. Expanding our facilities to accommodate our needs for worship space, parish- wide activities, Christian education, and meetings, as well as to increase our role as a resource to the wider community.

    2. Encouraging the congregation to be better stewards of our facilities.

  8. We will welcome, accept, and build community among our children and youth as full members of the body of Christ.

The Vestry then spent time discerning what our focus will be for the coming year and how we might go about achieving it. We agreed to focus our attention on further developing goals 2 and 6. We also did some brainstorming about how we might focus our activities and energy on these two goals. We agreed to talk some more about this at our Quarterly Ministry Team Meeting on March 1 at 7 PM in the Parish Hall.

The fact that the Vestry chose these two goals to focus our energy does not mean that the other goals are to be ignored or the good and faithful work already happening on them should be abandoned. Choosing two goals to focus our attention is nothing more than an acknowledgement of the limitations of resources and agreement on how those resources might be focused. The Vestry feels strongly that when we speak of a process in goal 6, that process is the Ministry Teams and that role is best summarized in the three subsections of that goal. We assigned Vestry Liasons for each of the Ministry Teams:

Ministry Team Vestry Liasons

  • Christian Nurture and Development Ministry Team: Nancy Denton
  • Financial Resources Ministry Team: Joyce Hendricks & Chris Williams
  • Liturgy & Music Ministry Team: Gail McGill & Steve Diffley
  • Outreach Ministry Team: Barbara Perry & Carol Eskew
  • Parish Administration and Facilities Ministry Team: Scott Lummus & Kevin Hogan
  • Parish Life and Fellowship Ministry Team: Liz Rea & Jim Waddell
  • Pastoral Care Ministry Team: Ben Frost

Our time was fun and productive. We are excited about the year ahead and the opportunities and challenges facing us. We are confident both in the love of Christ that characterizes this community faith and your willingness to support our ministry together in whatever ways are needed. If you have any questions about our time together anyone of us would be delighted to speak with you.

Photo Directory

Appointment Signups Begin This Weekend!

Do you ever see people in church and wonder what their names are? Have you ever heard an announcement regarding a member and wished you could put a face with a name? Are you new to the church and wish you had something to help you put names with faces? Well, help is on the way! We are producing a new pictorial directory for our church. There is no cost to you or the church to have your photographs taken, and you will receive a complimentary 8x10 portrait and directory for participating. You will be able to view your images electronically immediately after you are photographed. At that time, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits to share with family and friends, but you are under no obligation to purchase additional photos.

To make our directory a success we need volunteers. If you are interested in helping during our photography signups, telephoning our members, or serving as a host or hostess during the actual photography sessions, please contact Terri Hogan at 770-565-1840 or Nancy & Alan Certain at 770-933-9277. You may also volunteer by checking the box in the Opportunity for Ministry flyer in your bulletin.

Below are our photography dates and when we will begin making those appointments. Please check your calendars and plan on being part of our new Directory. Our goal is 100% participation! We look forward to "seeing you in pictures!"

Our photography appointments are as follows:

  • Monday, March 7 -- 2:00 pm - 8:40 pm
  • Tuesday, March 8 -- 2:00 pm - 8:40 pm
  • Thursday, March 10 -- 2:00 pm - 8:40 pm
  • Friday, March 11 -- 2:00 pm - 8:40 pm
  • Saturday, March 12 -- 10:00 am - 5:40 pm

We will schedule appointments on the following weekends - before and after services:

  • Saturday/Sunday, February 5 & 6
  • Saturday/Sunday, February 12 & 13
  • Saturday/Sunday, February 19 & 20

Preschool Registration Dates

Registration for St. Catherine's Preschool 2005-06 will be held at church for members of St. Catherine's not already in the preschool on Sunday, February 13, at 10 AM. Open registration for members of the community will be held Thursday, February 17, at 10:30 AM. Please visit the Preschool's webpage for information at St. Catherine's Preschool. Prospective parents may tour St. Catherine's this month on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10 AM - 12 PM. To schedule a tour and pick up a registration form please call the Preschool office at 770-971-2839.

Boxes From Home To Our Troops in Iraq

A project by the Cobb Faith Partnership, Inc.

Through the end of February, we will be gathering items to send to soldiers in Iraq who are not receiving "goodie" boxes from home. Please put donations in the Ingathering baskets located the church lobby. Because personal space is very limited, "snack size" containers of food items (if you donate food) would be most appreciated. Also, due to the extreme temperatures, please do not include chocolate. Thanks for your support!


  • Phone cards
  • Baby wipes (most popular item requested)
  • Pringles
  • Cookies
  • Gum
  • Liquid Hand Sanitizer
  • Twizzlers or red vines
  • Nuts
  • Mints
  • Peanut Butter Crackers
  • Cheez Whiz
  • Slim Jims
  • Letters and Cards (have many people show their support by signing a letter or card)

D.O.K. Quiet Day

Saturday, February 12

The Daughters of the King will be hosting a Quiet Day for Lent on February 12 at the St. Catherine's Parish Hall. A light breakfast will be served from 8:30 to 9, and the program will be from 9 AM to noon. Fr. Jim Nixon will be the guest speaker and leading the program. Please RSVP to Ellen Adams at 770-977-8924.

Sonshine Ministry Get-Together

Saturday, February 19, 10:30-2:00

The Sonshine Ministry delivers meals to our parishioners in times of special needs such as a new baby, home from the hospital, loss of a job, or a death in the family. The Sonshine Ministry will meet on February 19 from 10:30 AM until 2:00ish to prepare meals to freeze, share ideas and recipes, and get to know each other a little better. We will also prepare enough food for us to enjoy lunch together. We would love to have you join this wonderful ministry! For more information, please call Sue Snape, 770-971-0236, Rebecca Kiefer, 770-509-8929, or Nancy Denton, 770-428-6058.

Theater Outing

"Incorruptible" on Sunday, February 20

We're putting together a group to see Theater on the Square's production of "Incorruptible" by Michael Hollinger, on Sunday, February 20, at 7 PM. This break-neck paced farce is set in a monastery in 1250 A.D. when a sack of sacred bones could cause one holy uproar. The dark ages setting is brightened by a wild assortment of monks and minstrels, a bumbling Abbot and a rampaging Abbess.

Our group ticket rate will be less than $25. Please sign up on your bulletin, or contact Gail McGill for information.

Companion Parish Trip

We're putting a team together now for our trip to St. Elizabeth's in Whiterocks, Utah, this summer. The trip dates are June 11-18. We will help with their annual Vacation Bible School for the children of Whiterocks, enjoy a celebration of Native American culture at a special "Bear Dance," and participate in festivities for the 100-year anniversary of the parish.

This is an intergenerational trip, youth (rising 6th grade and older) and adults are encouraged to consider this wonderful opportunity. If you have interest in the trip, or would simply like to learn more about Native American ministry, please check your bulletin or contact Paige and Dale Schlenker, 770-993-4507.

Where In The World Is Father Jim?

The new "Clergy Renewal" page of the St. Catherine's website is underway. Our intent is to keep everyone up to date with the latest news of Father Jim's sabbatical which begins in April. Read the first news installment now at Where In The World Is Father Jim.

Handling Requests For Assistance

It has come to our attention that on a couple of occasions people have come to the church during evening meetings seeking assistance for various reasons. We ask that if you are meeting here and are approached for assistance please suggest to them that they return during normal office hours (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday) and speak to one of our clergy. Please do not give them money. You need not feel obligated to engage them in conversation beyond giving them the above directions. Also, please let Rosemary Wolfe know when this happens.

Kairos Benefit Dinner

You are cordially invited to attend a Fund Raiser Dinner for Kairos of Georgia Prison Ministry. The event will take place on Saturday, February 19, at the Dunwoody Baptist Church. The church is located at 1445 Mt. Vernon Hwy., Atlanta. The event begins at 5:00 PM and will go until 8:00. The evening will be filled with music, good food, testimonial and fellowship. There will also be a silent auction. It is a good time to learn more about Kairos Prison Ministry. Please RSVP to Carla von Hoffmann, 404-213-7408, or Ann Armstrong, 770-365-4386. Hope to see you there!

Ministry Fair is for Everyone!

Saturday, March 5 -- Registration Due February 8

Join hundreds of fellow Episcopalians as we come together in worship and fellowship to connect, grow and transform our individual and parish ministries. The Diocese of Atlanta's annual Ministry Fair provides opportunities for clergy, lay leaders and other parishioners to gain knowledge, skills, increased interest and excitement in a variety of ministries. This year the Ministry Fair will be held at the Cathedral of St. Phillip in celebration of their new added education building and remodeling.

Plan to spend the day in this beautiful new space, attending workshops and events that take advantage of the many facilities the cathedral offers. We begin at 9 AM with the Gathering in the cathedral nave, full of music, special events and guests, followed by three workshop sessions and a lunch hour. The last workshop will end at 4 PM

Check at church or on the Atlanta Diocese website for brochures with complete listings of the day's activities. Workshops on liturgy and music will be offered, along with a wide variety of other topics such as congregational growth and development, outreach, stewardship, justice issues, Christian education and many more. The Gathering will feature a hymn festival celebrating the church year with the Glen Ellyn choirs from Illinois, and our special guest, The Most Rev. Njongonkulu Ndungane, Archbishop of Capetown, South Africa.

You may register online at the Diocese website using credit card or check. You may also register by mail-- registration forms may be printed from the website or are available in the St. Catherine's lobby.

EXPRESS Registration Deadline: Tuesday, February 8. You receive your registration confirmation in the mail prior to the Fair and insure your best chance of getting the workshops you want. Express check-in also means you walk in & pick up a folder -- no standing in long lines!

LATE Registration Deadline: Tuesday, February 22. You must pick up your registration materials the morning of the Fair; no confirmation materials will be mailed to you. Registrations received after February 22 are not guaranteed workshop availability or lunch.

Adult Inquirer's Class Scheduled

April 17-May 22

An Inquirer's Class is for adults who are interested in being confirmed, received, reaffirmed, or if you simply want to learn more about the Episcopal Church. Our annual class will be held Sunday afternoons at 4 PM, April 17 through May 22.

The diocesan service of confirmation/reaffirmation will be held at the Cathedral of St. Phillip on June 5. For information about the class please call the church office or speak with one of the clergy.

Serve at the Elizabeth Inn

Next Date: Monday, Feb. 28

A big thank you to our YA youth group which provided help at MUST in January. We have a Foyers Group which has volunteered to do the meal in March.

Are you looking for an opportunity to have a special night out? Why not sign up to spend a rewarding night at the Elizabeth Inn? Saint Catherine's volunteers staff the Inn and provide dinner for the guests on the 28th of each month. We are putting together a pool of volunteers to help. Training is included! Your name would be rotated with the goal of having enough volunteers to be called only once or twice per year. We'll even call your boss to get you the next day off! If you would like to help with dinner please call Tracy Buckalew (770-956-9606) or Connie Bergeron (770-951-1411). To volunteer to stay overnight call Carolyn Hilley (770-973-8636) or Fred Massey (404-731-4466). Both tasks are very rewarding.

"Work is love made visible." -- Kahil Gibran

The "Windsor Report" and the Anglican Communion

In a continuing desire to live in to our Vestry Statement concerning the actions of General Convention, 2003, you will find copies of a paper in our church lobby, "The Windsor Report and the Anglican Communion: Beginning the Conversation" by the Rt. Rev. Carolyn Irish, Bishop of Utah. It concerns the Windsor Report in general and the recent House of Bishops meeting in particular. We hope you find it worthy of reading and discussion.

Job Opportunity

Submitted by a St. Catherine's parishioner:
Job opportunity with small toy company in northeast Cobb County. Looking for part-time sales assistant to work with owner/traveling sales rep. Three person office. Flexible hours - Approximately 20 hours per week. Individual must be an organized self-starter, very detail oriented, have good computer skills and strong follow up and problem solving skills. Send resume and salary requirements to Job Opportunity, P.O. Box 669487, Marietta, GA 30066

"Class Act" Winner

Teacher and parishioner Carla VonHoffman was featured on 11Alive TV as their "Class Act" winner in January. Carla was lauded as offering a lesson for all in effective teaching skills. The report and interview with Donna Lowry can be seen at Class Act Excites Third Graders. Congratulations!

Community Service Award Winner

Parishioner Karen Manno received Wheeler High School's Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award for 2005 at a school-wide assembly on January 19. The school gives its awards annually to recognize service to the school and community. Karen was recognized for 12 years of producing newsletters and many publications for schools, and additional volunteer work including her service at St. Catherine's. Karen is editor of The Wheel, administrator of Parish Announcements email, and member of the Adult Choir.

Flu Shots Available to All

Cobb & Douglas Public Health are now offering flu shots to anyone, including those not in high risk priority groups. Influenza season can last as late as May and usually peaks in Georgia in January or February. Health officials recommend people who want a vaccination get one as soon as possible. It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to begin protection. Shots are given Monday through Friday, 8-11 am and 1-4 pm at the Cobb and Douglas Public Health Centers, first come first-served while supplies last. Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Medicare Part B are accepted.

Flower/Candle Schedule

A list of the dates remaining open on the schedule for 2005 Altar Flowers and Sanctuary Candles is in your bulletin. Please sign up in your bulletin or on the chart in the church office. Flowers are $40 and candles are $10.


Dear Friends,

Joan and I want to thank each and every one of you for your thoughtfulness and generosity during this holiday season past. The many gifts received from ornaments to books, from adult beverages to baked goods, from Starbucks cards to Bishop's Blend coffee, from pop-up books to preaching books we are truly grateful for your love and generosity. And of course the congregational gift on Christmas Eve is always deeply appreciated and honored in our home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Joan and Jim Nixon


Dear St. Catherine's,

You all have been so generous and supportive as Don, Oak, and I adjusted to having Ben with us. Your meals have been nourishing and have kept me out of Publix and the kitchen for a month now (!!) and we are so very thankful. I think Sonshine gives the marching order to provide lots and lots and lots of food! Also, your prayers were felt. Ben was born with healthy lungs and the ability to eat on his own. Answered prayers. Thank you for the flowers and the visit from Sherry--she was right there when he was born despite it being Christmas Day!--all of the beautiful gifts and phone calls and cards. I will get around to thanking everyone personally by June--don't you think??--but until then, many thanks. Your kindness has been sustaining.

Ana Martin


SICK: Sharon Parisi, Mary Koenig, James, Dawn Houston, Julie Heath, Barbara Perry, Jean Pitts, Jean Shrader, Ruth Shaw, Alice Hadley & Family, Bill Lewis, Steve Molina & Family, Harry Beswick, Susan Weeks, Sue O’Neil, Tommy Hill, Deborah Guy, Sue shamble, Andrew Harding,, Stan Dickson, Cathy, Pres Shrader, Todd Magill, Annabella Villacci, Gloria Few, Patricia Ordner, Georgia Baumann, Jim Nixon, Sr., Maury Newton, Karen Ann Mosso, Justin Motter, Ashley Townsend, Ed Glynn Ted Edwards, Jo Kelly, Katie, Marion Fox, Cheryl Jones, Bryan Edward Derry, Anna Grace Derry, Adam Jacob Derry & their Family, Libby Rouleau, Anne, Rosemary Wolfe.

BEFORE SURGERY: Bill Linstrom, 2/7/05.

FOR THE DECEASED: Tom Fahey, Ginny Acocella’s father; Bill Mateer, friend of Donna Patton; Allen Walton, Bettye Harris’s godfather; Nicholas David Derry (one of the quads born premature - grandson of Eileen Motter’s friend); Phyllis Dickenson, Jamie Harding’s sister-in-law’s mum.

SPECIAL PRAYERS:Defend all the men and women of our armed forces at home or abroad especially in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait that they will have a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be. For All Saints’ Church in Florence, South Carolina.


(2/13/05) -- Susan & Paul Partus; Ralph & Woodie Patrick; John, Donna & Will Patton; Bruce, Barbara, Justin & Courtney Perry; Rosemarie, Allison, & Tyler Perry

(2/20/05) -- Cary, Pam, Tate & Matthew Phillips; Judith Phillips; Christopher, Catherine & Brianna Pirtle; Ed, Tracey, Cody & Wyatt Pitts; Rod, Nadine & Zach Pope

Holy Baptism

Next Date -- March 26 (Easter Vigil)

Please check with the office for more information and to request the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.

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Wednesday Night Live!

Ash Wednesday services on February 8 (No additional program). Then, every Wednesday night in Lent.. Dinner with families at 6 PM -- Program revves up at 7:00. See you there!

Tween Fellowship Coming Up

Sunday, February 13, 2-3 PM


NEW BEGINNINGS #13 - February 25-27 at Camp Mikell

Deadline for registration is February 14! New Beginnings #14 will be October 14-16 at Indian Springs. New Beginnings is for grades 6 through 9. Get online registration forms and information at New Beginnings.

Happening #43 -- April 15-17

Go to Happening Atlanta and browse, check out the pictures and leave some comments. Applications are now available on the website! Applications for Candidates (10th - 12th graders who have never been to Happening) are due by March 10th (complete with all signatures).

Ski Trip!

Feb. 18-21 -- Valle Crucis, NC . Space is filled and it's going to be great!

Rite-13 Urban Plunge

March 11-13... Stay tuned for more details!

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