The people of St. Catherine's seek to share in the love that Jesus Christ has for us and the world by welcoming, accepting, nurturing, and serving all people through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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The Newsletter of St. Catherine's Episcopal Church
Marietta, GA
April 4 - 17, 2005

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Calendar Highlights

April 2 - No 5:30 Worship
April 3 - 10:30 Worship Only, DST begins
April 3-9 - Youth Mission Trip
April 4 - Father Jim's Sabbatical begins
April 9 - Photo Makeup Day
April 11 - Men's Book Study
April 12 - Women's Reading Group
April 13 - WWW resumes, Spanish class begins
April 15-17 - Youth Happening
April 17 - Rite 13 Ceremony, Inquirer's Class begins, Newcomer Party
April 24 - Memorial Service


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Clergy Letter

A Glorious Easter

Holy Week and Easter were simply glorious as we journeyed together with our Lord from his entry into Jerusalem to the empty tomb. Certainly our new space was a major factor in our experience of the journey, but it seems to me that there is a powerful sense of joy in this congregation right now which provided (and will continue to provide) a solid foundation for the journey.

Another reason the week was as powerful as it was for me are the countless people who worked so hard to make it the experience it was. Many will thank them, but I want to take this space to thank all of the groups who worked so hard. The Altar Guild led by Pam Phillips and Nancy Denton put in countless hours making sure every detail was taken care of as we experienced the Holy Week liturgies in new space presenting new challenges. The Flower Guild led by Lynne Joynes and Lisa Cook worked before the week and throughout the week planning our Easter displays. Their work on Saturday transformed our worship space into a glorious celebration of the resurrection.

The Acolytes led by Marcia Markette and Ellis Kilgore were dedicated in their attendance and ready to find their way through new liturgies and new moves associated with the liturgies. With Jim Kareken's leadership the Ushers with lapels ablaze on Easter Day welcomed our many visitors and watched over the liturgy and seating so that things ran smoothly. The Greeters under Bettye Harris' leadership greeted our many visitors being sure they met the clergy, other parishioners, and attended receptions.

And, of course, the Youth Choir led by Martha Bowden and the Adult Choir led by Brian Williams offered their ministry of music to enrich our worship experience through their songs of wonder, love, and praise. Martha Bowden's singing of the Exultet on Saturday evening will long echo in my mind and soul. And they could not have done so without the skill of Jana Williams, our Organist. The preludes and postludes, the fanfares and organ interludes added a profound sense of peace and joy to our time together.

Our Lay Readers led by Steve Diffley tackled the many readings of the week reminding us that God's word is most often the spoken word. Their preparation and presentation made God's word manifest in our midst especially the evening of the Easter Vigil. A special thanks to Rachel Childs and Jan Potter for their presentation of the Passion on Friday evening.

I also want to thank the Fellowship Committee led by Joan Nixon for their wonderful receptions on Saturday evening and Sunday and, of course, the wonderful breakfast following the Sunrise Service. Of course, the Office Staff and volunteer folders made the hundreds of bulletins possible after Karen Manno worked so hard to produce them. And no thank yous would be complete without recognizing the Youth under the leadership of Susan Burkholder for the always successful Easter Egg hunt. Our Nursery managed by Susan Roberts put in long hours last week caring for our youngest members and visitors.

I'm sure I've forgotten someone, but their contribution is no less important to what was a faith-full week and glorious celebration of our Lord's resurrection. Thank you one and all.

Jim +

April 3 Service - 10:30 AM


No Worship Service on Saturday, April 2

Don't be late this date! Remember to set your clocks to SPRING FORWARD!!

April 3rd is Fr. Jim's last Sunday before he begins his time of Clergy Renewal. It is also the first Sunday of Spring Break and the second Sunday of Easter, which are traditionally low attendance Sundays. We have decided to combine services on this day and have only ONE SERVICE at 10:30 AM.

A continental breakfast will be served at 8 AM. During the service we will have a special liturgy in celebration of the beginning of Jim's sabbatical.

A Bon Voyage reception will follow in the Parish Hall. We'll have punch and cake -- if you'd like to contribute a dish of finger foods, please drop them off in the kitchen prior to the service. Thank you! Please note--the nursery will not be available during the reception.

The Clergy Renewal Time Begins

We enter this Sunday into a joint time of renewal at St. Catherine's. Jim leaves for his four months away from St. Catherine's and the congregation begins its own journey under the leadership of Sherry. The Rev. George Alexander will be joining our staff for weekends beginning April 9 and 10.

The best way to keep up with the goings and comings of Jim and the congregation's own plans for renewal is to go to our Clergy Renewal Page where you will find all the latest and greatest news. Since this is a time for Jim to be away seeking his own rest, renewal and education, we will not be in communication with him so that he might focus his attention and the time he wants to spend at each of the major components of the renewal time.

Jim will return to St. Catherine's on August 7.

Nursery Worker Needed

We are in need of an additional nursery worker. Susan Roberts is currently managing the Nursery by herself with the aide of some loyal volunteers. However, until we can hire someone we need volunteers. If you are a parent of a small child, or the grandparent or prospective grandparent or lover of children we need your help! Please see Susan to volunteer to help her in this space. We need two workers in our nursery at all times to provide the safe and loving environment we all want. Please help out!

If you know of someone who can work especially on Sundays, is reliable, is willing to submit to a background check, and has their own transportation please approach them or give their name to Susan so that she might contact them.

Photo Directory Makeup Day

Saturday, April 9

If you missed getting your photo taken for our Pictorial Directory, we have scheduled a makeup day on Saturday, April 9. Please call Nancy & Allen Certain, 770-933-9277, for an appointment time right away! Remember there is no charge to you or St. Catherine's to be in the directory!

WWW returns April 13

Please join us for Wonderful Wacky Wednesdays during the Easter season. Dinner is at 6 PM with your family (please remember to make your dinner reservation by the Monday before each date), and programs for all ages at 7 PM.

"Nothing Goes Without Saying"

Rite 13 Ceremony April 17

How often do we think things like, "She knows I love her – it goes without saying" or "He knows how much I appreciate all his hard work – it goes without saying"? The truth is, words can be a powerful affirmation, and the absence of the right words can leave a void that really hurts. The truth is, very little goes without saying, and the important things should NEVER go without saying. There are things we know, but sometimes we still need to hear them loud and clear.

During the 8:45 AM service on April 17, we will have a chance to say some important things to some of our 7 th and 8 th Graders. We will celebrate an important rite of passage with them called "Rite-13" or "The Celebration of Manhood and Womanhood" with these teenagers:

Taylor Baumann
Riley Barrington
Rachel Bottoms
Alex Dillson
Ben Hilley
David Sherry

This ceremony gives us a way of saying to our young people those things we have meant to convey all along – things like: "We stand with you as you make your way on the journey; we're here if you need us; we think you are terrific; we love you." We often assume that our teens feel appreciated and accepted as a vital part of our congregation, but adolescence can be such a time of uncertainty, and some things just can't be said often enough. Please keep these teens in your prayers as they prepare for this significant event.

"Words of Wisdom" Needed

Please consider contributing your own Words of Wisdom to share with these young men and women as they embark on this significant stage of their journey with God. A box is located in the vestibule where you may deposit your words of wisdom. Thank you.

Prayer List for Active Service Men/Women

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue into their third years of the war in Iraq. While we pray for all of the service men and women each week in the prayers of the people, unfortunately, there are so many people on the list that we cannot pray individually for them in our services any longer. But the very fact that there are so many makes it all the more important that we pray for each of them, not just for all of them.

The Daughters of the King would like honor this anniversary by compiling a list of active duty service persons who are close to the hearts of St Catherine's parishioners and praying for them daily by name. A signup sheet is posted on the Outreach Bulletin Board in the Narthex. If you have a friend or relative on active duty, especially if they are in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other hot spot around the globe, please give us their name, and yours and your relationship [mother, cousin, friend, co-worker] -- in addition to praying for the service persons, we will pray for you, too, because the burden of service is not just born by the person in the military. You may also contact Chris Williams (770-973-0530 or to add your service person's name to the list.


Walking the Labyrinth

on the Daughters of the King Quiet Day February 12

Newcomers Party

Sunday, April 17, 6 PM
In the Parish Hall

The Parish Life and Fellowship Ministry Team through the Fellowship Committee will sponsor their spring Newcomer's Party on Sunday evening, April 17. Everyone new to St. Catherine's is invited to come for food and fellowship and an opportunity to meet the leaders of our congregation. All members of the Vestry, Staff, and Ministry Teams are invited, as well, to join us for a fun-filled evening.

Inquirer's Classes

Sundays at 4 PM, April 17 - May 22

What are inquirer s classes? Beginning April 17 and continuing through the end of May we will offer a series of Inquirer's classes for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Episcopal Church and St. Catherine's. These classes are for any adults who wish to learn more about the church, pose questions, understand customs and consider membership in the Episcopal Church. Through these informative sessions, we will look at the history of the church, what we believe as Episcopalians, the structure and leadership of the church, how Episcopalians approach Holy Scripture, and any questions that you might bring to us in these particular areas or any others that we might overlook.

The classes will meet each Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM for two hours and will be taught by a variety of leaders so that you will have a chance to get to know St. Catherine's as you're learning more about the Episcopal Church. At the end of the class you will be given the opportunity to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church at the Diocesan-wide Confirmation service at the Cathedral of St. Philip on Sunday, June 5 at 4:00 PM.

If you want to know more please sign up on the Opportunity for Ministry form in your bulletin or feel free to call our clergy.

Seniors on the Go

Thursday, April 21

Seniors on the Go will be on the go again soon. We are planning a trip to Callaway Gardens on April 21. We will leave the church at 9:30, have lunch and tour the Gardens, and return in the late afternoon. Details will be announced after we know how many are interested in participating. Please call Steve Diffley, 770-977-9482 or Lucy Hilley, 770-591-3329 as soon as possible, or see us in church.

Memorial Service

Sunday, April 24 at 6 PM

Our semi-annual Memorial Service will be held to celebrate the lives of those we have lost since our fall observance. We welcome everyone to join us at this beautiful service and support our parish members who have lost loved ones.

If you have a loved one you would like included in the service please call the church office as soon as possible so that we may send you a form. Forms are due back to Karen Manno by Sunday, April 17. Please use email to respond if possible, to her at

Pentecost Readers Needed!

Our custom is to have people read the Gospel on Pentecost in an many languages as possible. Pentecost is May 15 and we need readers for all services on Saturday (the 14th) and Sunday (the 15th). Please check your Sunday bulletin or contact the church office if you are willing to participate and we will mail the translation to you.

Prayer Partners For Our Teens

Our teens need your prayers. Won't you consider being a Prayer Partner? In just a minute of your time each day, you can pray for one particular teen in our church. For information, please contact Hale Sanders, 770-565-2719.

Spring Yard Sale!

Saturday, April 30

St. Catherine's 2nd annual Yard Sale! Your trash is someone else's treasure! And just think of all the space you'll find at home when you move those things out!

Your donations will be accepted at church each Sunday in April. If you have questions, contact Joan Nixon or any member of the Fellowship Committee.

Sunday School Picnic

Sunday, May 22

The men of St. Catherine's are throwing a picnic to celebrate the end of Sunday School. Donations will be accepted to cover the scholarships we give to our high school graduates as they go off to college and the cost of the picnic.

We need plenty of helpers for this event: to put up the shelter, tables, & chairs; prepare the onions, tomatoes, and lettuce; oversee the moonwalk; buy, cook, and assemble the food and set up the service lines; collect the donations; clean up the area at the end of the picnic. An overall coordinator is needed for the event. Any and all men are asked to volunteer. If you can help in any area, please contact Tom Snead at tom.snead with your name and phone number.

News from St. Elizabeth's

Our Companion Parish in Whiterocks, Utah


Charles Denny takes 2nd place in World Hoop Dancing Contest!

The competition is held at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona the first week of February. The competition consists of 2 rounds. Six contestants advance to the 2nd round and 3 finalists advance to the 3rd and final round... The dancers are judged on Rhythm/Timing, Creativity and Speed and can earn up to 50 points per judge. The first round dancers were called out to the area by order of registration. Charles was 2nd in his division. He scored very high in the first round and advanced to the 2nd round. Charles did very well also in the 2nd round and advanced to the 3rd round and we were all happy and excited. In the middle of his routine, he had the singers change the song and he danced to a chicken dance song.

I believe I had chewed all my fingernails by the beginning of the 3rd round. My relatives suggested that next year I stay in the hotel room.

During the 3rd round the weather was overcast, Charles performance was great. About 4 minutes into his routine Charles' bell dropped off his regalia. Dropping part of the regalia is like dropping a hoop and the dancers are penalized. Charles placed 2nd in his competition. 7 points behind Nakota LaRance, a Hope/Tewa/Assiniboine from Flagstaff, AZ.

Charles got to visit with a lot of friends. He gets encouragement from the adult dancers who are a little afraid of Charles reaching 18 years old and competing against them. A big Thank You to our church family and relatives who have supported Charles. Your words of encouragement have helped him to succeed, continue to work hard, and share his great talent with all of us. Our family attended the event along with Madeleine Martinez, Amy Cesspooch, Andrew Jenks, Robert Reyos and Alodora Lee.

--Report by Lelilah Ossie Denny

Charlie Denny and family at St. Catherine's dedication in November


Vestry News

The new vestry met for the first time Wednesday February 23rd for supper followed by the meeting. The new Sr. Warden for this year is Maxine Dixie Redfoot and Jr. Warden is Amic Ridley.

March 31st - April 3rd Paths Crossing

This year's Paths Crossing Conference is being hosted by Mountains and Deserts of which St. Elizabeth's is a part. The conference will be held on the Piaute Reservation in Wadsworth, Nevada. Judy Pargeets and Amic Ridley represented us at a planning meeting and committed us to serving breakfast on Saturday morning of the conference.

Paige and Dale Schlenker and Carol Eskew will be attending from our partner church, St. Catherine's in Marietta. We will be spending some time planning Vacation Bible School and the week of June 11th-18th as we celebrate together our 100 th year as a worshipping community in Whiterocks.

These articles are from the March 2005 issue of Apahgteeket Whsee-ev "Prayer Feathers," the newsletter of St. Elizabeth's. Copies of their newsletters are available at St. Catherine's.

Noochu (the people) of St. Elizabeth's welcome you to Worship, share Hospitality and grow in God's love to better serve the Church and Community.

Stress-Proof Your Family!

Go on an Episcopal Marriage Encounter weekend! Marriage Encounter is 44 hours where married couples can get away from jobs, kids, chores, and phones - and focus only on each other. If you'd like greater depth, growth, and enrichment in your relationship, you'll like the difference an Episcopal Marriage Encounter weekend can make! The next weekend is May 6-8, 2005, at Amberly Suites, in NE Atlanta. Registration is limited so a quick response is encouraged. For more information or to register, please contact: Ron & Connie Bergeron, 3350 Turtle Lake Club Dr., Marietta, GA 30067-5025, 770-951-1411, or go to Atlanta Episcopal Marriage Encounter.

Coffee Time

Coffee volunteers are needed for 11:15 service. We only need about 20 minutes of your time to make sure the coffee is made and to clean off the coffee bar after everyone is done. If you stay after the service for a cup of coffee and fellowship, why not sign up to help? Our goal is to have enough people so you would only be scheduled once every 3 months. Many hands make light work. Thank you!

St. Catherine's Golf Tournament & Dinner

Monday, July 25

Volunteers are needed to help with the annual Golf Tournament -- signup on Sundays, finding prizes, helping with the tournament itself. Any help is greatly appreciated. Questions? Call or email Scott and Ginny Lummus, 770-649-5391 or FORE!

Cursillo Weekend

April 28 - May 1

Cursillo Weekend #44 will be April 28 through May 1 in Hampton, Georgia, at Camp Fortson. If you are interested in attending, please contact Carla von Hoffmann at 404-213-7408. This is a renewal, retreat weekend that is a powerful spiritual learning experience.

Next Newcomers Coffee

Sunday, May 8, 10 AM

All newcomers at St. Catherine's: You are cordially invited to our next "get acquainted" coffee hour on May 8, during the Sunday School hour. This will be a social as well as informative gathering. Clergy and lay leaders will be present to answer any questions that you may have regarding our programs, services and ministries.

Please come for coffee and "goodies," and get acquainted with your parish family! You never know whether something special may be offered in recognition of Mother's Day!

April Ingathering

The Extension Residential Recovery Program and emergency winter shelter program-has an urgent need for sack lunches due to the expansion of their programs and extra cold weather days. Donations will help ensure that residents have a nourishing mid-day meal while they are at work and provide a much-appreciated evening meal for the guests of the winter shelter. Please consider contributing items from the following list and place them in the ingathering basket in the church lobby:

  • Small cans of beanie-weenies
  • Small boxes of raisins
  • Individually wrapped cereal/snack bars
  • Clear sandwich bags
  • Paper bags (to pack lunches in)
  • If you're looking for a "home" for the individually wrapped spoons and forks you've collected from fast food restaurants, you can bring those too!

Many thanks!

Student Harp Recital

April 17, 2:30 PM at St. Catherine's

You are cordially invited to the Georgia Chapter of the American Harp Society's annual student recital which will be at St. Catherine's on Sunday, April 17, at 2:30 PM. This is the first of what we hope will be a number of opportunities to host community music groups in our beautiful sanctuary.

Georgia Festival Chorus Spring Season

Mark your calendars to come hear this wonderful community chorus in a concert entitled "Musical Illuminations." Several members of our Adult Choir sing in this group. If you missed them last season, here is your chance. If you have heard them before, all the music is new this season, very exciting and uplifting. No admission is charged, a free will offering is taken. For complete information visit Georgia Festival Chorus.

  • Sunday, April 10 --5:00pm at Peachtree United Methodist Church
  • Sunday, April 17 --5:00pm at Clairmont Presbyterian Church, Decatur
  • Sunday, April 24 --3:30pm at Cathedral of St. Phillip
  • Sunday, May 1 --6:00pm at Mount Vernon Baptist Church
  • Sunday, May 15 --6:00pm at First Baptist Church, Marietta

Health Opportunities

Diabetes Expo
Saturday, April 23, 9 AM - 4 PM at the Cobb Galleria Center

Everything you ever wanted to know and more will be here at this year's Diabetes Expo. Learn from the experts the answers to your questions. Attend cooking demonstrations, free health screenings, and how-to product demonstrations -- all this and more for only $5.00 admission. If you visit Diabetes Expo Atlanta you will see the complete schedule of events and print a coupon for $1 off admission. For more information call Dani Dickson, 770-971-1141.


Free Cancer Screening
Saturday, April 30

Georgia Cancer Foundation and Georgia Cancer Coalition team up to host a FREE Cancer Screening Day for colon, prostate, breast, and skin cancers. Screenings will be held at 23 different locations throughout the state. Appointments will be accepted through April 22. The number to call is 770-396-7995 or you may pre-register online. For information visit Cancer Screening Day 2005. Give them a call, it may save your life. You may also contact Dani Dickson at 770-971-1141 for information.

Centennial Celebration of the Diocese of Atlanta

In anticipation of the Centennial Celebration of the Diocese of Atlanta in 2006, parishes are asked to submit names of those who would like to serve on sub-committees. If you would like to work with others in the Atlanta area and beyond, this would be a great opportunity to get to know other Episcopalians. If you have questions or would like to submit your name, you may contact Barbara Perry at 770-565-3514, or Angela Williamson, chairperson at 404-252-1280 or email

Sub-committees include:

  • Archives and History
  • Communications
  • Funding and Event Planning
  • Grants
  • Music
  • Outreach/Ministry

The Alleluia Fund for Mission

Alleluia FundThe AFM is an annual giving opportunity in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta to create a fund for the support of new parishes in the diocese. Historically, most of the increase in the size of our Church has been the result of planting new parishes. In our diocese, we have wonderful opportunities for growth, but we currently are not even keeping up with the growth in population. The Commission on Congregational Growth and Development has a plan for growth, and our Bishop is committed to growth, but new parishes often cost the Diocese $3-500,000. We need to establish a substantial dedicated fund for this urgent work.

The Diocese asks every person, no matter how much or little they can contribute, to have the opportunity to support this vital work of the Gospel. The AFM primarily focuses on the Easter season, but contributions are welcome year round. For full information or to make a contribution online, visit Alleluia Fund For Mission .

Help Us Help You

Please let the church know when you or a loved one has a medical procedure, an illness, a life transition, or other special need. We are here to serve you. Please allow us the opportunity to share your experience and offer our support. Simply contact the church office at 770-971-2839. Thank you.


SICK: Sharon Parisi, James, Julie Heath, Jean Pitts, Jean Shrader, Harry Beswick, Tommy Hill, Pres Shrader, Georgia Baumann, Karen Ann Mosso, Anne, Debbie Leonard, Barbara Perry, Lois Liverman & her family, Lisa Arnold, Lewis Reedy, Olivia McLeod & her family, Juliet Boutilier, Cotton Rogers, Georgina Johnson, Nancy Pratt, Val Pratt, Maddison Seamans, John Murray, Ann Lally, Aunt Nancy, McKenna, Bishop Alexander, Emma & Ella, Sylvia Franks, Gene Potter, John Clark, Isabell Blitch, Lola Diffley, Ann Lally, Dorothy Elway, Charlie Stewart, Giselle Galan, Carole Seim, Lisa Krebs, Armando Fiscal, Jim Pharr, Christopher Repotski, Linda Scales, Debbie Stokes, Tom Bryan, Amy Morris, Agnes Floyd, Bourne Wayland, Trenton Kindred

BEFORE SURGERY: Heather Manning, 3/31/05; Bob Schottle, 3/31/05.

FOR THE DECEASED: Linda Jones, added by Marion Cook; Jay Haack, Rick Davis's brother-in-law; Earl Liverman, Jerome Laux's stepfather.

SPECIAL PRAYERS: Defend all the men and women of our armed forces at home or abroad especially in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait that they will have a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be.
For All Saints' Church in Florence, South Carolina.


(4/10/05) -- Linda Smith; Pete & Gwen Smith; Rodney, Michele & Matthew Smith; Jason, Sue & Owen Snape; Tom & Ann Snead

(4/17/05) -- Peggy, Megan & Kelly Snook; Sallie Sompayrac; David & Susan Spence & Scott Albers; Phil, Lisa & Sydney Spessard; Lillian Stanton

Holy Baptism

Next Date -- May 15 (Pentecost)

Please check with the office for more information and to request the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.

St. Catherine's Calendar
Monday, 4/4 Monday, 4/11


Sherry's Day Off
Fr. Jim's Sabbatical

Youth Mission Trip
Cobb School Break
Boy Scouts #713
Sherry's Day Off
Men's Book Study
Stewardship Mtg.
Boy Scouts #713
Tuesday, 4/5 Tuesday, 4/12
10:00AM Staff Mtg. 10:00AM
Staff Meeting
Pilgrimage Meeting
Fellowship Mtg.
Women's Reading Group
Mothers & More
Wednesday, 4/6 Wednesday, 4/13
A.A. New Beginnings
WWW Dinner
Youth Choir
WWW Programs
A.A. New Beginnings
Spanish Lessons
Adult Choir
Thursday, 4/7 Thursday, 4/14
4:00PM Girl Scouts 4:00PM
Girl Scouts
Friday, 4/8 Friday, 4/15
Saturday, 4/9 Saturday, 4/16


Pictorial Makeup Day
Men's Bible Study
Century 2000
Holy Eucharist
Men's Bible Study
Finance Meeting
Holy Eucharist
Rite 13 Dinner
Sunday, 4/10 Sunday, 4/17
Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
Church School
Choral Holy Eucharist
Stephen Ministry

Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
  /Rite 13 Ceremony
Church School
Choral Holy Eucharist
GA Harp Concert
Inquirer's Class
Newcomer's Party


Keep up with everything at the St. Cat's Youth Webpage

Wednesday Nite Live

April 3 -- Spring Break, Mission Trip, no program
April 13 -- Dinner is at 6 PM with WWW, program at 7!


Mission Trip
Chicago 2005

Our group leaves from St. Catherine's for the Windy City on Sunday, April 3 and returns Saturday, April 9. Please remember our youth and leaders in your prayers during their important journey.


J2A PILGRIMAGE to England & Scotland

"Exploring our Celtic Spirituality" -- June 15-25
Final payment due April 15. See Brian for full details!

We begin in York, thought by many to be the most important sacred site in all of Europe, We will see York Minster, the Shambles, and Jorvik Viking Center. Next we head for Lindisfarne, known to many as Holy Island, where we plan to celebrate Eucharist at the Anglican church of St. Mary the Virgin. Next we hike between Jedburgh Abbey and Melrose Abbey along the border of England and Scotland. In Edinburgh we will attend services at St. Giles Anglican Cathedral, then tour the city including Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. We visit Stirling Castle and on to the coastal village of Oban. We travel by ferry to the Isle of Mull, then on to Iona where we will worship and visit Iona Abbey and the Heritage Center. We travel through Glen Coe and Trossachs to Loch Lomond for a cruise of the Loch. We take our leave in Glasgow.

Youth Confirmation Program Underway

Confirmation is a personal commitment and acknowledgment of the relationship between the confirmand and God.

-- Rev. Wendy Rozene

I Will With God's Help is a program that brings together the vital themes of belonging, community, prayer, repentance, Scripture, service, story and worship. This curriculum for Confirmation focuses on experience as the primary vehicle for learning in the Christian journey. By revisiting their baptismal vows, these young adults will begin to explore what it means to be a Christian in today's world and to hopefully begin to discern God's will for them and how to follow out that will.

At the end of the journey, each young adult will be invited to commit themselves to a new ministry in this congregation and the world. They will be invited to be confirmed. It can only be the individual decision of each young man and woman as to whether they accept this responsibility as a Christian. Confirmation is a commissioning for ministry, living into the vows each young person made or that were made for them at Baptism. It isn't an automatic thing. It's a choice they need to pray about during this journey, for it will be their decision as to whether they wish to be confirmed.

Why are they doing this? At the end of this journey they should be able to answer that question. They will think about that in the coming months. On the day of Confirmation, they will be deciding whom they choose to serve.

In the coming months, we hope you and their parents and leaders will pray for these young people. Parents, enter into conversation with your son or daughter. Explore what it means to be a Christian. We invite every member of the congregation to also explore your own baptismal vows and together to explore and grow into God's call as members of Christ's community. Finally, as parents and leaders you must be willing in the end to let your son or daughter say no or not yet. We ask you to trust the Holy Spirit's work and recognize that some baptized communicants may never be ready.


Happening #43 -- April 15-17 Happening Atlanta

It's almost here! Have a wonderful weekend!

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