The people of St. Catherine's seek to share in the love that Jesus Christ has for us and the world by welcoming, accepting, nurturing, and serving all people through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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The Newsletter of St. Catherine's Episcopal Church
Marietta, GA
September 6 - September 19, 2004

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Calendar Highlights

Sep. 6 -- Labor Day Holiday, Office closed

Sep. 7 -- Preschool begins

Sep. 8 -- Adult Choir begins

Sep. 12 -- Rally Day & Ministry Fair
Fall worship schedule begins

Sep. 13 -- Men's Book Study

Sep. 14 -- Women's Reading Group

Sep. 15 -- Catechesis Open House

Sep. 18 -- Foyers Kickoff Dinner

Sep. 19 -- Church School begins

Sep. 24-26 -- Men's Retreat

Sep. 25 -- Yard Sale/Bake Sale/Low Country Boil


Clergy Letter

Family Fun Day

Rally Day

Worship Schedule

Christian Ed Offerings

Building Update

New Keys

Habitat House?

Thanksgiving Gifts

Breakfast Angels

Janitorial RFP

Catechesis begins

Woman’s Reading Group

Men's Book Study

Foyer Groups Begin

Marriage Encounter

Yard & Bake Sale/Low Country Boil

Congratulations, Grad

Youth Choir

Adult Choir

Seen around

Cursillo Weekend

Stephen Ministry Fair

Lay Institute classes

Poll Workers

Thank Yous

Prayers of the People

Holy Baptism



Wheel Schedule

Clergy Letter

Communion of Saints

I enjoy Wednesday evenings at St. Catherine's. I've missed them and their vibrance since we suspended our gatherings starting last fall. Now that summer is over and we are progressing toward the completion of our buildings, I'm looking forward to their return. The pace, however, is already picking up and I enjoy watching the comings and the goings of people as the many and varied groups gather to do ministry, to play, to rehearse, or to simply enjoy some fellowship as they wait for youth or children. It seems to me that people enjoy coming here and they enjoy seeing one another, which in many ways is exactly why these evenings are called Wonderful Wacky Wednesdays.

Wonderful, because they bring us together in a kind of communion of saints because whatever other reasons we have for coming to [this place] we come also to give each other our love and to give God our love, in the words of Frederick Buechner. Wacky, because the evenings have a crazy edge to them as people swoop back forth between activities, small groups gather to laugh at the latest news, parents calculate whether they have enough time to return home, do some shopping, or grab a cup of coffee between activities, and simply the tone of the evening adds a festive note to the life of the community.

I'll be glad when construction is complete for many reasons. But I'll be ready for Wonderful Wacky Wednesdays to return to our life on December 1 with a new program in a new time and, praise God, in a new place.

Jim +

Family Day was fun at Red Top Mountain

Sunday, August 22, was a great day for a picnic, for fun on the lake or in the shade. Many thanks to Nancy Denton for organizing this relaxing note to the end of summer for our parish family, to Fred Massey and the Hogans for bringing along their boats, and to everyone who joined us!

Nat and Marilyn Whitlow enjoy
a break in the shade

Shade is a good idea!
Meg Boyd, Meg Ramsay, Allen Jablonski

Ready to go!
Jim Waddell, David Spence, Walt McGill, Steve Diffley, Larry Boyd, Scott Lummus

Meg Boyd with new puppy

Rally Day and Ministry Fair -- Sunday, September 12

Rejoice: Our Shepherd Finds Us!

Plans for Rally Day 2004 continue to take shape. There will be fun for old and young alike including special activities for our children and youth. There will be food and craft tables to delight the young and the young at heart. As always, there will be surprises both to those attending and to those planning.

Help Needed -- We do need some help on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon to set-up and clean-up. If you are willing to give an hour or so of your time please sign-up in the Opportunity for Ministry form on Sunday or call the office.

A letter has been sent to all ministries inviting you to have a table at our annual Ministry Fair. Please let us know not later than this Sunday, September 5, whether you are planning to host a table. We hope that each and every ministry will make plans to decorate a table and participate in the festivities of the morning. We will provide the tables, you provide the signs, food, take-aways, and sign up sheets as you invite new faces into the work of your ministry.

Our sanctuary will be open and available for touring and you'll see our pre-school space newly opened (September 7) for the 2004-05 academic year. Plan to join us for a fun-filled morning at St. Catherine's.

Fall Worship Schedule

Begins September 12


5:30 PM - Holy Eucharist


7:30 AM - Holy Eucharist

8:45 AM - Family Holy Eucharist

11:15 AM - Choral Holy Eucharist

Sunday School Classes at 10 AM
Beginning on September 19

Christian Education Offerings

You will find in your bulletin this Sunday, September 5, an insert telling you of the many educational opportunities available to your family this fall at St. Catherine's. I hope you will read it and find a way to be involved in Christian Education.

It takes many things for a Christian Education program to be effective in a congregation. Certainly one of those factors is the quality of the offerings. I believe we have a variety of educational offerings for most members of your household.

Our offerings would mean little without teachers who are in in-spirited with the love of Christ and want to share that with children, youth, and adults. We have many members of this congregation who are offering their time and talents to this ministry.

Our offerings and teachers would mean little without your presence on Sunday and a variety of days throughout the week. Parents who support the program and teachers by their words and deeds are invaluable to a successful education program. Bring your children, but bring yourself as well to be a part of the various educational offerings.

I look forward to the year. Look over the contents of this insert, talk with your family, come to Rally Day on September 12, and return on September 19 for the beginning of our classes together.

Building Update

We continue to move quickly towards occupancy of our new building. Finishes have started and will be complete in a couple of weeks. The bulk of our effort has been preparing the Education Building for the opening of the Preschool and Church School. It has come together nicely and the space is beautiful. I just spoke with someone who said he thought the parents of our preschoolers would think they'd arrived at the wrong place it is so different.

We ask your prayers for the next few weeks. The enormous number of details weighs heavily on the shoulders of the construction team. We need you to pray that together we'll find the grace of God in the midst of some tense conversations. We need you to pray that we will be faith-full in trusting God to help us discern the right direction when we have many choices. We need you to pray in thanksgiving for the gift of this glorious building.

As soon as we can establish a date in which we have confidence we'll let you know about our first service in the building.

New Keys for the New Building

We are in the process of creating a new key system for all parts of our facility. If you will want a key to any door, please be sure to contact Rosemary right away and tell her your needs.Your old keys will not work when the new system is installed. Please keep in mind that the new keys will not be reproducible and each key will be more expensive to make.

Are We Building a Habitat House?

The short answer is YES! Habitat has been developing to pieces of property in Cobb County. As we all know land is becoming not just scarce but very expensive. They were able to buy this land at a good price, but not in enough time to finish development for a building start in the usual time frame. We have been assured that our build will begin sometime during late September or early October with a completion date near Christmas. Hey, the good news is those hot summer days on the roof become cool (okay, you can always hope) fall days on the roof. Look for more details including sign-up sheets at the Habitat for Humanity table at the Ministry Fair on September 12.

Thanksgiving Gift Program

With the continued progress of the construction of our new church, we have the opportunity to give thanks for those loved ones who have shaped us as the people of God. The Thanksgiving Gift Program is an opportunity to donate gifts in several different areas including furnishings, vestments, linens, and decorative art. Everyone is invited to play a major role in helping us create the spiritual and reverent atmosphere of our new place of worship.

The fall of 2004 will mark a historic time in the life of St. Catherine's. We will dedicate our new worship space on November 21 at 4:00 PM and a celebration will mark this time in our life. After nearly a year of construction the fruits of the labor of so many faithful people will become a reality in our life together as the body of Christ.

Now that the construction of the new space is nearly complete, we have designed the major furnishings which we believe will create a space that is both reverent and spiritual. To make this possible, a number of parishioners have contacted us about making an additional gift over and above their gift to the Faith Builds! Campaign. These gifts also provide an opportunity to remember loved ones who have died or honor someone who is a significant and active part of our lives.

Below you will find a complete listing of the arts and furnishings being designed or need to be provided for our new worship space. In addition, the Vestry has committed monies to purchase a new organ. The income from an existing organ fund will be used and we invite additional gifts to this fund. All gifts except those designated for pews and chairs will be remembered on a special Thanksgiving Board designed to be permanently displayed in our new Church space. Gifts designated for pews and chairs will be remembered with a plaque on the pew(s) and/or chair(s) of your choice. Donations will be accepted in three ways:

  • One family may serve as a benefactor for a specific item.
  • More than one family may serve as benefactors for a specific item.
  • General gifts (those not made in memory or honor of someone) will be designated first towards the cost of the Pulpit.

Please note that gifts are to be paid in full or completed within a three-month period, unless otherwise arranged with the Church Office. Donors of new Hymnals, Prayer Books, and Renew will be acknowledged on the inside cover label. General gift donations in any amount will be gratefully accepted. If you have any questions or want to further explore your interest in any of these items, please contact Fr. Jim

Thanksgiving Gift Opportunities

  • Altar - committed
  • Altar Rail - $10,000
  • Altar Linens - 3 sets committed
  • Baptismal Font - committed
  • Cross over Altar - committed
  • Ambo (lectern/pulpit) - $4,200
  • Aumbry (reserved sacrament/oils) - committed
  • Bishop's Chair - committed
  • Altar Party Chairs (6) - $300/chair, 2 committed
  • Flower Stands (2) - committed
  • Credence Tables (3) - $950/each
  • Chancel Area Rug - $1,000
  • Kneeling Cushions at Altar Rail - $1,100
  • Pews (28) - $1,000/each 4 committed
  • Chairs (194) - $100/each, 10a committed
  • Blue, Red, White, Purple Vestments - $750/set
  • The Hymnal 1982 - $20/book
  • The Book of Common Prayer - $20/book
  • Renew Hymnal - $15/book
  • Organ Fund - $60,000

Trying out the new pulpit shortly after delivery --
Allen Jablonski, Paul Manno, Fr. Jim

Calling all Breakfast Angels

Our new kitchen is beginning to take shape as equipment begins to be installed this week. We anticipate that the kitchen will be fully functional and open at the same time our new parish hall and sanctuary are ready. The fellowship committee is already making plans to furnish the kitchen (our Yard Sale on September 25) and to orient the many users to the new and improved (and dramatically different) kitchen.

One of the ministries we want to revive with the opening of the new kitchen is our Breakfast Angel ministry. This ministry is made up of teams who provide a simple breakfast each Sunday morning between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. The breakfast menu is unique to each team and can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Donations are taken to cover the cost of supplies and each team submits its receipts for reimbursement. The teams are made up of families and/or friends or just a group that may come together through the grace of scheduling.

We invite all members of St. Catherine's to consider forming a Breakfast Angel team. An opportunity for ministry will appear soon in our Sunday bulletin, and of course you can always call the office to express interest. We anticipate Breakfast Angels beginning their work by mid-October. You can expect to be trained in the new kitchen, have basic supplies provided on a regular basis, and to be reimbursed for your expenses.

We are also seeking a person or persons who would be willing to act as coordinators of this ministry. The coordinator(s) schedule Breakfast Angel teams, ensure that basic supplies are maintained in the kitchen, and problem solve any particular issues that are raised in the offering of this ministry. If you are interested please contact Joan Nixon (joan0813 or 770-977-2525) or call the office and speak with Ginney.

Building Janitorial Service Request for Proposals

Hark! Do I hear the sound of mops and brooms swishing ever closer? Is it the sound of a cleaning company coming to the rescue of our cleaning teams?

The clergy and vestry are issuing a request for proposal (RFP) for cleaning services. The deadline for responding to the RFP is Friday, September 10. Anyone who wishes to respond to the RFP may pick up a copy from church.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd begins its year

Catechesis Open House and Information Meeting
Wednesday, September 15, 6:30-8:00 PM

Families of children 3 1/2 Years through 4th Grade! The Catechesis Open House and Information Meeting is for children 3 1/2 - 4th grade and their parents. Parents can come in and see the Level I and II atria and then attend a question and answer session with Karen Maxwell. During this time, children will have a brief introduction to Catechesis and then will spend the remainder of the time in their atrium with their catechist.

A light dinner will be available at 6:30 and the program begins at 7:00. We will gather in the new parlor and plan to be finished at 8:00. Please contact Ana Martin to let her that you will be there. 678-560-9177.

Catechesis Workshops Continue
Monday, Sept. 13 6-9 PM

Woodworkers, model railroaders, dollhouse makers, crafters, and those capable of using spray paint, laminating rolls, a paper cutter, or a hole punch!! Come to the Catechesis workshops on Monday evenings from 6-9 pm. We will be organizing materials, laminating stuff, cutting, hole punching, finishing maps, making some dioramas for Infancy Narratives, and painting, painting, painting. Please contact Ana Martin at 678-560-9177 and join us!

Is Catechesis for Older Children? Catechesis

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a liturgy- and scripture-focused religious formation for children 3 1/2 years old. It comprises three basic age levels: Level I (ages 3-6), Level II (7-9), and Level III (10-12) and provides age-appropriate materials, curricula, and learning modalities in keeping with the child's interests and receptiveness for each level. Generally, 6 to 12-year-olds have broader needs, capabilities, and interests than 3 to 6-year-olds. Taking into account this growth, the work of Level II is very different from that of Level I.

A quick look into the Level II atrium reveals different works, materials, and concepts. Gone is the work addressing the question, "what is that?" We've moved on to "why is that?" Our focus begins to broaden from themes presented at the earlier level. For example, the child still understands her relationship with Jesus in context of the Good Shepherd Parable. Then, in Level II, the child also begins to know Jesus, and who she is in relationship with Him, through the Parable of the True Vine. The older child's questions are also more global. We begin to explore the History of the Kingdom of God in all its unity and vastness. Several wonderfully visual timelines help Level II children begin to contemplate how God has made God's Self known since the beginning of time. In Level II moral parables, synthesis works, and developmentally appropriate sacraments are introduced. All of this work is specifically for the older child.

In Level III, there will be yet another new set of presentations. The work of Level I and Level II sets the stage for them. Particular to St. Catherine's this year is that third and fourth graders who have not yet had Catechesis will be preparing to enter Level III. Because of their maturity level, they will be able to work through a number of concepts from both Level I and Level II. By the end of the year they will all be prepared to move on to Level III proper. The following year all will rise into Rite-13 together having already spent two years as a group.

Although widespread through the Episcopal Church, Catechesis is relatively new to our parish. The best way for interested adults to become familiar with it is to attend information sessions, visit St. Catherine's website, make materials with us, and ask questions of the catechists. Give your child time. It will take about eight weeks for new children to get the hang of it. Let us know how your child responds. The more we know, the better able we will be to direct each child toward satisfying work. This is very important.

Catechesis is first and foremost about heart knowledge. Our goal is to give children the time, environment, and materials to fall in love with God, to deeply understand the sacraments and worship that are so central to our faith, and to grapple with and apply some of the teachings of Jesus to their own lives. The catechists have prepared carefully and with the loving and skillful participation of many members of our church, the materials and atria are ready. We all await the blessing of your precious children, the little ones and the older ones, in the atrium.

A detailed list of presentations for Young Lambs, Level I, and Level II can be found on our website (on our Education page) for the Catechesis program at St. Catherine's . The following are additional useful links about Catechesis of the Good Shepherd:
National Association of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Center for Children and Theology
Montessori method helps teach religion By Karen Vance

Woman’s Reading Group

Second Tuesdays each month at 7 PM, beginning Sept. 14

Back for its second year! We started last year as “The Woman’s Book Study Group”. I decided to change the name to “The Woman’s Reading Group.” Our main focus isn’t necessarily “study”, but reading, and casually discussing with each other how the themes, characters, etc. of the books we read relate to our everyday struggles and joys. Where does are Christian faith play a part? How is God with us in the everyday?

Our first meeting on Tuesday, September 14 will be fun and informational, and will begin at 7:00 PM. We will meet in the main conference room. We will have a salad supper to begin our meeting, so please bring a salad, and I’ll supply the dessert (something chocolate, I promise). We will discuss what we will be reading this year, and the direction that the group would like to take. If you like to read, and are interested in friendship and building community with very interesting women, please join us!

The members of our group hope that you’ll prayerfully consider joining our group that meets only once a month, and will come and meet with us. If you would like to bring a friend along from outside of our parish family, please do so!

Look for our table at RALLY DAY on Sunday, September 12. I will announce the September book at that time!

Love and Peace,

Mary Koenig, Facilitator, Woman’s Reading Group

Men's Book Study

Second Mondays each month at 6:30 PM, beginning Sept. 13

The Men's Book Study will reconvene on the second Monday of each month on September 13 at 6:30 PM. We will meet at the church the first evening. Father Jim will provide a light supper. We'll then decide if we want to move around to individual homes as we did last year or simply meet at the church each month.

We will study two books this year. The first, this fall, will be Good News People: An Introduction to Evangelism for Tongue-Tied Christians by Harold Percy. This book is intended for people who want to know more about evangelism. It addresses the basic questions of what it is, why it is important, and how local congregations and individuals can share in this important and joyful ministry. There is a study guide in the book which helps groups and individuals reflect on their own experience and discover how they can, and do, share the Good News.

I chose the book because it is written by an Anglican layman and uniquely speaks to Anglicans. While it is not a how to on evangelism, it addresses the most basic of all evangelism questions; "Who is Jesus Christ to me and how has he changed my life." Before we can invite anyone else to experience the joys of know Christ and being a part of his church, we must know the answers to these questions. The book is for ordinary Christians who are looking for a clear, straight forward rationale for he work of evangelism in the church today. With patience and clarity, the author disarms the fears of reluctant would be evangelists, and show us how we can being molding and telling our own Christian story so that others may hear, receive, and respond to it.

The second book we'll use is Soul Brothers: Men in the Bible Speak to Men Today by Richard Rohr. Richard Rohr is a Franciscan who founded the New Jerusalem Community in Cincinnati, Ohio and the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The author takes the lives of men in the Bible such as Abraham, Moses, David, Peter, Paul, Timothy, Elijah and Jesus and relates the events of their lives to the modern day struggles and lives of men. The book is an invitation to let the souls of these great people touch our own souls. Through this book, I hope that men will find their spirituality enriched through these men in the Bible with whom we have all grown up but whom we perhaps have seldom taken to heart as imitable or even believable models.

Foyer Groups Begin

Kickoff Dinner -- Saturday, Sept. 18

“Foyers” (Dinner Groups) are a long standing tradition at Saint Catherine’s. They are an opportunity to get to know other parishioners in a social situation by having dinner together in a small group once a month. You can join a group whether you know anyone or not, whether you can host a meal in your home or not. Traditionally the month’s host provides the main course while other members provide the other dishes. Your group can be as creative as it wants to arrange its meals and settings. This is a great opportunity for new members, old members or visitors to get to know others in our parish family. Please fill out the Volunteer Opportunities in the Sunday Bulletin.

If you love the person you're married to...

... You'll love a Marriage Encounter Weekend! Episcopal Marriage Encounter weekend is 44 hours where married couples can get away from jobs, kids, chores, and phones - and focus only on each other. If you'd like greater depth, growth, and enrichment in your relationship, you'll like the difference an Episcopal Marriage Encounter weekend can make! The next weekend is November 5-7, 2004, at Amberly Suites, in NE Atlanta . Registration is limited so a quick response is encouraged. For more information or to register, please contact: Ron & Connie Bergeron, 3350 Turtle Lake Club Dr., Marietta, GA 30067-5025, 770-951-1411, atlantaeme or Atlanta Area Episcopal Marriage Encounter .

St. Cat’s Yard Sale

Saturday, Sept. 25 8 AM to 2 PM

Ingathering of items begins soon! Be looking around for things you’d like to donate. The proceeds will go toward equipment and supplies for our new kitchen. What will we take? How about: clothing, furniture, CDs, DVDs, record albums (remember those?), books, games, toys; videos, small appliances, tools, kitchen items, etc., etc.!

An area will be available at church each Sunday in September for dropoffs of your clean, sale-able items. You may also bring items on Saturdays, Sept. 11 and 18, 8 AM to noon. The last chance date will be Friday, Sept. 24, starting at 9 AM. Please don't bring items on the day of the sale. Pickup service for larger items can be arranged by contacting either Jerome Laux, 770-973-7689, or Joan Nixon, 770-977-2525.

We will have two teams of "pricers" pricing items on Sept. 18 and 24. Here's how you can help them out:

  • If you know an approximate retail price of non-clothing items, please include this with your donated item.
  • Please segregate clean clothing items by type.
  • If you have expensive clothing items such as suits, "dressy" dresses, fur coats (just kidding), include an approximate retail price.
  • If you have working electrical items, please include the power cords and any manuals.
  • Please don't write directly on the items -- write on paper and tape it to the item, or write on masking tape.

Bake Sale!

The Youth Council will be staffing a Bake Sale with all proceeds to go to this year’s busy Youth calendar. They could use your help with donations of goodies! If you would like to put your Betty Crocker skills to good use, contact Youth Director Brian West.

Calling All Cooks -- A Low Country Boil !

After a grueling day of shopping at the Yard Sale, step on over to the Low Country Boil to fill that hole in your tummy. If you love seafood (not “SEEFOOD”!), you’ll love this meal. We'll be serving 2-4 PM. Stay tuned for more details. Call Natalie Whitlow, 770-998-1259, or check your Sunday bulletin, if you want to help. We need cooks, servers, setup, cleanup, and shoppers!

Congratulations, Graduate

We are pleased to recognize Jan Potter who graduated from Southern Tech on August 14 with a masters degree in Technical Communications. Congratulations, Jan!

Youth Choir Begins

The Youth Choir is starting up! If you love to sing, we would love to see you! The Youth Choir welcomes all young people (boys who still have treble voices and all girls) from 2nd to 10th Grade, inclusive. We sing every Sunday at the 8:45 service, and rehearse on Wednesdays from 6:45-8:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please call me, Martha Bowden (aka Ms. Martha) at 770-998-3953 (h) or 770-499-3219 (work) or email me at mbowden

"We're adding seats and there's one for you" -- In the Choir!

Rehearsals begin Wed., September 8

If you've ever considered singing with the Adult Choir, this fall is THE RIGHT TIME! All adults and youth who are past the age for Youth Choir are welcome. The parts we need most are soprano, alto, tenor, and bass!

Simply talk to Brian, our director, Jana, our organist, or any choir member to find out more. There is no audition and sight-reading ability is not required. We rehearse Wednesdays beginning Sept. 8, 7:45-9 PM. Nursery will be available if you have children needing supervision during our practice time (please let us know in advance). On Sundays we gather at 10:45 to warm up and run through the music for 11:15 service. Our first Sunday to sing will be September 12.

We care about presenting our best, and that's why you are needed. We find we always sing better the more members we have. You won't find a more caring, jovial, and fun-loving group anywhere. The new sanctuary has room for twice as many choir chairs as the old space, and we'd love for one to be yours!

Seen around St. Cat's!

Jim & Diane Danford, Ron & Connie Bergeron

Mike and Beth Ann Pickels with Sherry Coulter on their last day

On flower delivery with Ann Snead

Bruce and Barbara Perry caught on kitchen duty

Cursillo Weekend Coming Up

Sept. 30-Oct. 3

The next Cursillo weekend will be held at Camp Fortson in Hampton, Georgia, Sept. 30 - Oct. 3. If you are interested in participating or would like to know more about it, please contact Father Jim, or Carla von Hoffmann at 404-213-7408 or We would love to talk to you about this special event and how to apply. This weekend fills up fast, particularly for women, so if there is an interest please apply early. Check out the Atlanta Episcopal Cursillo website.

Stephen Ministry Fair

Saturday, October 2 at First United Methodist, Smyrna

Saturday, Oct. 2, 9 AM to 4 PM, the First United Methodist Church of Smyrna is hosting a Stephen Ministry Fair featuring Dr. Kenneth Haugk, founder and Executive Director of Stephen Ministries in St. Louis. It is designed primarily for those already involved in Stephen Ministry, but it will be also be of great interest to anyone who may be thinking about becoming a Stephen Minister, or who would just like to hear what it is all about and enjoy some great fellowship!

If you have interest in attending please call David Moore at 770-977-8414, or contact Sherry at church or via email at sherryco bellsouth . The cost is $19 and you may bring a lunch or one will be provided at a nominal charge. Your check is needed by Sept. 19. We will provide directions and more information as the day approaches.

We hope you will take advantage of this wonderful learning experience and discover firsthand what this ministry is all about.

Enrich Your Life of Faith this Fall

The Lay Institute of Faith and Life offers a rich assortment of courses at the Columbia Seminary campus in Decatur. Study the Bible and explore pastoral, theological, and social issues with Columbia Seminary faculty, such as Walter Brueggemann, Julie Johnson, and George Stroup. Monday evening courses: Sept. 12-Oct. 4 and Oct. 18-Nov. 8. Thursday morning courses: Oct. 21-Nov. 18. Course cost is $50. For a detailed brochure or to register, call 404-687-4577 or email LayInstitute . Information about their programs can be found at Columbia Theological Seminary .

Poll Workers Needed

NEEDED -- Poll Workers for the November 2, 2004 General Election. Paid training is provided and the pay for Election Day work is $95.00. If you are interested in working this election, please contact Leonard Sandberg, Area Supervisor, Cobb County Board of Elections, (770) 977-8028.

Thank You Notes

Dear St. Cat's Family,

Thanks so much for all you've done for my family during this most trying of times. The altar flowers that have adorned our mantel remind me daily of the love shown to us during the illness and death of my brother, Terry, and the flowers you sent to the funeral were absolutely the most beautiful ones there.

Most importantly, however, the prayers, words of encouragement, and simple looks of understanding for Terry's situation as well as John's dad's illness and Livi's surgery, have warmed my heart more than you could know.

Much love,
Katha Stuart, on behalf of the Stuart Family and the Hall Family


Dear St. Catherine's

Thank you for your generous contribution towards my books for school. It is very much appreciated and will help out a great deal. I still cannot believe that I am off to college in less than two weeks; time sure does fly! St. Catherine's has been there through it all though, and for that I can't thank you enough. The tremendous support and love has carried me through countless struggles that I could not have made it through alone. The "extended family" at St. Catherine's is a gift that me and my family cherish greatly. We have been truly blessed. Now is a time for me to get a fresh start for a new life, and I ask that I remain in your thoughts and prayers as you too will be in mine. I am excited to meet my new "family" at St. Margaret's in Carrolton and build a support system as I begin a new life. It was a most pleasant surprise to hear that Hazel Glover would be close to me on this journey; just another one of those blessing in disguise!! Thank you again for all you have give me over the years, I am truly blessed!

Love always & forever,
M.E. Schnorf


SICK: Karen Dechert & her family, Benjamin Bagby, Jack Stuart, Kathleen Pompey, Leigh Elliott, Sharon Parisi, Mary Koenig, Arlene Brooks, Tom Snook, James, Dawn Houston, Alice Williamson, Hope Emerson, Gail Paonessa, Jean Pitts, Lisa Arnold, Ivell Bramblett, Olivia McLeod, Joan Talton, Bill McEliece, Opal Litton, Fred Lopez, Sr., Mit FitzSimons, Tom Stinson, Beverly Fambrough, Mervyn Morgan, Joe Smith, Missi Driussi, Adam Reeves, Jim LeBatard, Tyler Hewes, Maria Fernandez, Doris Barron, Libby Sobleskie, Toni Pruitt, Joyce Bramlett, Peggy Gudin, Katherine Rader, Rebecca West, Ross Emerson, Shari Blackshear, Molly Frost, Jan Turner, Patrick Brooks, Tabitha, Lenny, Sue, Jan Bender, and Randy Young, Joe, Fiona, Anne Rand

DECEASED: Bill Harrison, ex-husband of Judy Harrison; Red Bender, friend of Sharon Parisi; Linda Muller, friend of Sharon Parisi; Jim Dawson, Beverly Fambrough’s boss; Julia Washington, Bettye Harris’s sister-in-law’s mother; Kim Sanders, Hale Sander’s niece

SPECIAL PRAYERS: Defend all the men and women of our armed forces at home or abroad especially in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait that they will have a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be.
For Bob & Ruth Shaw; Reese & Margaret Ivey; and Sallie and her family.


(9/12/04) -- Tom, Maureen, Kelly & Erin Donoghue; Chip, Julie, Evan & Nathan Doyle; Lourdes, Keith, Jillian & Mitch Dumke; Erica & Dale Edwards; Bill & Beverly Fambrough

(9/19//04) -- Alan, Carol & Kathy Fey; Louis & Joanna Fisher; Mit FitzSimons; Greg, Sera, Gregory & Chase Forbes;David, Connie, Elizabeth & Jack Forestner

Holy Baptism

Next Date -- November 7

Please check with the office for more information and to request the customary booklet about Holy Baptism.

St. Catherine's Calendar
Monday, 9/6 Monday, 9/13
  Office Closed -- Labor Day 13th-15th
Clergy Retreat
Men’s Book Study
Boy Scouts Troop 713
Tuesday, 9/7 Tuesday, 9/14
Preschool Begins
Staff Meeting
Staff Meeting
Executive Meeting
Fellowship Meeting
Women’s Reading Group
Wednesday, 9/8 Wednesday, 9/15
Construction Team
Youth Council
Youth Choir
Youth Weekly Meeting
Adult Choir
Construction Meeting
Catechesis Open House
Youth Choir
Youth Weekly Meeting
Adult Choir
Thursday, 9/9 Thursday, 9/16
Friday, 9/10 Friday, 9/17
Jim's Day Off
Jim's Day Off
Saturday, 9/11 Saturday, 9/18
Men's Bible Study
Century 2000
Holy Eucharist
Men’s Bible Study
Finance Meeting
Holy Eucharist
Foyer Group’s Kick-Off
Sunday, 9/12 Sunday, 9/19
Rally Day - Fall Schedule Begins
Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
Adult Choir
Choral Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist
Family Holy Eucharist
Church School
Adult Choir
Holy Eucharist
Stephen Ministers


Keep up with all the new doings at the St. Cat's Youth Webpage

Weekly Youth Meetings Every Wednesday

Join us on Wednesday nights for music, discussion and fun! You can meet us in the new youth rooms in the Education wing starting at 7:00, if you want to get some refreshments and hang out. The program starts at 7:30, plan to be out sometime before 8:45. See you there!

Get with the Band!

Anyone interested in a student band (a group of students who will lead music and singing at weekly meetings) - please email Brian at stcatsyouth ASAP.

Next Youth Council Meeting - September 8th @ 6:30pm.

Bake Sale!

The Youth council members will staff a bake sale at the St. Catherine's Garage sale, on Saturday September 25th.


Application deadline is October 7! There's a huge Diocesan-wide retreat coming up and you're all invited!! It's called New Beginnings, and it will be held October 22-24 at Indian Springs State Park. Go to our Youth Links page for the link to the Diocese of Atlanta's New Beginnings website -- lots of good information on the program and downloadable copies of the applications for Youth, Team, and Sponsors. Information and applications will also be available at church beginning in August.


Applications are due October 1! Happening #42 will be November 12-14 at Camp Mikell, and you're all invited! Happening is a renewal weekend using the gifts of young people and adults from many parishes and missions. Go to our Youth Links page for the link to the Diocese of Atlanta's Happening website -- a link to the candidate application is there!

Please send news, photos and announcements to Youth Director Brian West at stcatsyouth, or to the Youth website Webmaster, Stuart Wallace at

Wheel Schedule:

e-Wheel on the first Friday of the month (articles due the Wednesday before)
Print Wheel mailed on the third Friday of the month (articles due the Wednesday before)

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